Apple Store app updated with new Express Checkout feature

By , Jun 13, 2012

On the heels of several big name app updates today, Apple has pushed out a new version of its Apple Store application with a new “quick buy” feature and other enhancements.

The app’s new Express Checkout option is fairly similar to Amazon’s 1-click ordering. Once enabled, it will allow users to order products from Apple with a single tap. Awesome…

In version 2.2 of the Apple Store app, users will find the Express Checkout feature in the Account Settings menu. You’ll initially have to enter a credit card number and preferred method of shipping. But after that it’s smooth sailing.

With it enabled, users will see a “Buy Now” option next to products instead of the usual “Add to Cart” invitation. And once tapped, the user can order the product by typing in their Apple ID password, instead of having to go through multiple checkout screens.

The update also includes a handy new geolocation-based pickup feature (iPhone 4S only). Now when picking up an order from your local Apple Store, the app will alert store employees that you’re approaching their building and what items you’re coming to get. Cool.

While the Express Checkout feature makes us nervous (how’d we manage to spend $4,000 in a couple of taps?), we think that overall, the update really helps streamline the purchase process. Download the new Apple Store app from, where else, the App Store, for free.

Any thoughts on the new update?


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  • Scott Curry

    Happy to say I’ve never used the Apple Store, and don’t plan to let them make it easier for me to spend my money either…

    • Simche Apple Konstantinovic

      In some country we don’t even have a REAL Apple store… I guess we save more money because of that (Thank God…)

  • JamesR624

    So, STILL no update for the app on iPad? Wow, so what happened to apple being about constancy. Between updates and now iOS 6. Im seeing actively LESS constancy as time goes on.

  • Ben Tindall

    STILL NO IPAD SUPPORT? C’mon Apple, really?

    This is for iPhone 4/4S only:
    Also, on the change-log, i’m sure it said something about being able to pay for items by scanning the barcode of the item in the Apple Stores and being able to pay through your Apple ID, without having to get an Apple Genius to do it. So you can just walk in, scan the item on your iPhone 4 / 4S and pay for it, on your phone, and just walk out. Am I right?

    • Melvco

      yes sir, this was a new feature added in a previous update.

  • Carlos Briones

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  • Andreas van Haren

    I wish there was a way to use pay-pall on the app store here in Sweden, would make it so much easier. 

  • Mobile Application Development

    This really funny that how this is said as a “new” feature. It is already in Android and the Turn by turn navigation is already is on the WP 7.5.  Sad, apple used to be the innovator, but actually it is copycat. If Apple says this is an invention then I must say keep it up Apple !