It’s true, MuscleNerd has successfully jailbroken iOS 6 on an iPod Touch 4th generation device. Unfortunately, that jailbreak isn’t publicly available, and in its current form it’s hardly what we’d expect anyway. While it’s been technically jailbroken by the defacto leader of the iPhone Dev Team, essential items like Cydia still lack functionality, and it’s just a tethered jailbreak.

Hence, it’ll probably be a while before we see an official iOS 6 beta jailbreak from the Dev Team. It’s just nice to know that they’ve already started tinkering around with the possibilities…

What do you think? You can’t tell me you’re surprised that they did it this fast, can you?

  • aadil.3001

    Are you serious? That was QUICK!
    ….He shouldn’t have said anything until the final (public) release of iOS 6

    But hey ho 😉

    • He is saying it’s not really a Jailbreak because of broken prefs.

    • They’re probably using the hardware exploit in A4 devices. It’s the A5 devices that are gonna take forever to jailbreak.

      • At least one person who understands all that, not like tons of idiots that think it is an amazing job to tethered jailbreak an A4 device…

      • haha lol

  • wow…

  • Paul Maniscalchi

    All A4 devices are jailbroken for life (tethered atleast) due to GeoHots limera1n bootrom exploit. . . hopefully he will be impressed when the new iphone is released and get us another bootrom exploit for A5X/A6 devices . . . Fingers crossed 😀

  • o wat the fuck congratulations musclenerd now this news is going to go to apple and there going to fix the exploit congratz u r the best

    • How? They don’t know where the Exploit is and it seems to me that he just used the limera1n Exploit.

    • jose castro

      you don’t know what your talking about Ali Aledany…. lol

    • He did not release the jailbreak so Apple is not going to find out what exploits he used etc.

  • Where did you get this kind of information, when he says that MANY thinks are broken (He means that they are not working)? And for your information, it is not successfully, since nothing is working as expected…

    • you dont get it.

    • Your comment makes no sense… obviously if he’s shared the output of ioreg, a command line program, then some things do work.


      • Yes, some thinks do work, but not all… So, he is only making progress, that doesn’t mean that he successfully jailbroke it.

    • When you jailbreak, you get root access. MuscleNerd here has gotten root access, meaning he has successfully jailbroken his device. Cydia is an application that you can get though jailbreaking.

  • W.T.F. This is so awesome!

  • billypuntove

    I agreed that he shouldn’t have announced anything. Imagine now, every single article you guys post is going to have comments about jailbreak haha good job though! Things may change when iOS 6 has its final release.

  • wow, it was quick 🙂

  • Guys, I have a question and I’d be thankful if someone could help me. I’ve got an iPhone 4 GSM (untethered jailbroken) and I wanna know if I can downgrade to iOS 5.x.x once it’s updated to iOS 6. I’ve saved SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella and used iFaith to create customs .ipsw as well. At this point, that’s what I need to know. Thanks a lot !

    • You can go back to any Firmware, if you have your SHSH Blobs

    • I want to know the same thing with my iPad 2.

      • Tes, you can still downgrade since apple is still singing 5.1.1. You’ll be able to downgrade without any problem.

      • Hi.. Can you tell me how to downgrade without any problems? Cuz i cant.. Downgraded iTunes to 10.6.1 and Recovered with the 5.1.1 package.. “this device isnt eligible for the requested build”


        Answer: Put the thing i DFU mode and here you go 😉

    • You can downgrade to 5.1.1, even without SHSHes. Older versions still require them though.


      • Hm, that’s a great notice ! Actually I thought it would be possible to downgrade only if the SHSHes were saved once I’m running iOS 6. Thanks a lot Adam D !

    • stitch your ios version blobs to same version ipsw using RS
      never will u need to use other apps

    • You dont need to save your SHSH blobs since apple is still signing for iOS 5.1.1 your good ive done it a bunch of times on my ipod all without SHSH blobs

  • Hopefully they don’t release the jailbreak till after iOS 6 launches.

    • Tethered, they probably will, as it’s the same bootrom exploit that’s always used to tether A4 (limera1n). Untethered would definitely be after it’s released.


  • Muhammad Faisal Muaz

    Whoooaaa….that was fast!! Splendid!!

  • yea this i dont get why they always announce what they do on the jailbreaks

  • Andre Grey

    ios6 is cool but a bit buggy if u ask me…. i just wanted to try it and the thing i didnt need a developers account lol…but ill be going back to 5.1.1 today

  • Adrian Pulido

    My iPhone 4 is also jailbroken already on iOS 6… Its not hard on a A4 device, A5 is the challenge!

    • How? they don’t even have exploits yet lmao you fail sir.

      • Adrian Pulido

        Using a custom ramdisk.

        I can’t launch apps yet, have to figure out a way to bypass the code signing enforcement.

        But I have full access on the file system.

        A4 devices have exploits forever *justsayin* (limera1n).
        YOU fail sir.

        Just because you don’t know how its done it doesn’t mean its not possible.

      • Cool……………………..can i install ios 6 without udid registration…………………………..

      • How did you run your Ramdisk if you can’t bypass Code Signing? Did you use a 5.x Kernel for the Ramdisk or what?

      • Applefreak555

        How did you get the custom ramdisk?

      • Adrian Pulido

        @Rudolf Yes, I just took msftguy’s creation tool which uses iOS 5 files.

      • Kok Hean

        Please, A4 devices or lower can always be jailbroken.

  • Good 🙂 m/

  • M Last

    like as usual, day after releasing
    let’s see how long they will play with people , & tweet every day about untethered jailbreak coming soon
    pod2g is working on it :)LOL donate him 🙂
    really I don’t care about jailbreak. and always keep update my device 🙂

  • Thats really crazy, someone should help him out to get cydia to work

  • leebug

    These people are brilliant.

  • leebug

    They are called hackers because what they do is hack, not because they’re smarter. But they are very smart people though. 😛

  • i just managed to install ios6 without a dev account or UDID register. hit me up if ya wanna know how i did it. and i did not use a hack or jailbreak and i can prove it.

  • Thats why we told them don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

  • I requested him to make a one click Jailbreak+Unlock tool… ; )

  • Leo Sack

    Does anyone remember SHAtter!?!

  • agreed, but apple is the one who helped by making these hackers by making things to hack.

    • I’ve gotta say, it’s basically impossible to stop jailbreaking, because of Apple covers up the exploit in one OS, they would have to lose some stuff. That made jailbreak possible:)

  • Robert Crews

    Come on guys, We all want the newest iOS 6 on our phones with an untetherd jailbreak but honestly do you think Apple would release the BETA without a agenda. They want us on these forums talking about certain exploits that are rumored to be used so they can patch them for the final release. The JBing Devs are very smart but Apple has their own hackers from the community as well. So I wouldn’t expect any solid JB tool yet, just install iOS 6 and check out the new features, then downgrade and re-jailbreak. I am currently running iOS 6 on an iPhone 4S and I have to admit, Apple finally did something right, the new features is exactly what the iPhone has been missing. Turn-by-turn Nav, better iPod GUI, and the colors, menus, and other subtle things all seem to be a good thing.

    P.S. Willie, all Dev teams are considered hackers, it only means one with complete knowledge of a computer system or security system. If it’s done in a way to obtain illegal info or if using the internet to bypass a secure sites firewall then they are called crackers. Just wanted to clear that up because “Hacker” is used improperly all the time and it’s not fair to the dev teams who give their stuff away for free.

  • Mike Reed

    I am running ios6 beta jail broken with redsn0w 0.9.13dev2 and also ssh maps 3d turn by turn. Everything is working better than expected except the native weather app and youtube crash when launched…any thoughts

  • Help….New to jailbreak – I am on iPhone 4s ios 5.1 not 5.1.1 and i would like to go to 5.1.1

  • pkd123

    i have unlocked iphone4 with ios 6.0.1 do i jailbreak it now?plz help me