As we reported earlier today, the iTunes and App Store apps now sport a much needed redesign. While it’s by no means groundbreaking or revolutionary, it does add some slickness to the whole experience.

We have a bunch of screenshot below for your eyes’ pleasure…

iTunes Movies Tab

iTunes TV Shows Tab

App Store Featured Tab

App Store Top Charts Tab

App Page in App Store

App Description in App Store

App Sharing Feature in App Store

So, what do you think of the redesign? It’s a “yeah” or a “meh”? Personally, I really like it.

  • Where did you get the IOS 6 update from?

    • You have to be a developer to get the beta/preview.

  • How is Genius? Do you think it warrants the center location on the bottom? I’ve never found it to be that helpful.

  • Andrew Morgan

    Looking amazing. Installing the beta right now…

  • Daniel

    Genius gets its own tab? What a useless tab for those who don’t use Genius! The App Store just got worse!

    • D.

      We think alike!
      And what’s up with the “Categories” been up there. It looks weird in my opinion.

    • SimonReidy

      Hopefully you can reorder the icons. Otherwise I totally agree. Genius sucks balls.

  • I tried to install IOS 6 but it didn’t work. Where did you get the beta from?

    • They’re most likely registered as developers. Are you? If not, I imagine that’s why you’re having problems.

    • You have have a developers account. $99/year.

  • D.

    Wait… no silver/white theme on beta?

  • Oh. My. God. Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave. I’ll be the first to admit that maybe the AppStore and iTunes store were due for a reboot but this is horrid. The use of black makes it bold but un-exciting…the way that some titles are cut off on the side of the screen…this is an aesthics nightmare.

    • Maybe that’s just because it’s only the beta…… But I don’t think it’s so bad I wouldn’t call it horrid very different but not horrid

    • KikaidaO1

      I think it’s actually a very smart idea to cut off the icons at the edge. It shows that there are more apps to be seen by swiping left or right.

      If the icons were uniformly spaced, like on the iPad, unless users know they can swipe left and right, they will never know that there are more apps to be seen.

      Currently the iPhone App Store only allows you to scroll up and down to see more apps. With this new layout, users can swipe up and down for different categories, and left to right for more app titles.

    • I disagree. The “cut-off” tiles/icons are a helpful visual cue signaling that there is more content the user can scroll to. It is a smoother navigation experience than the arrow buttons currently utilized in many areas of the the App Store. Plus, a swipe gesture is much more likely to encourage a user to explore the additional content (IE, buy things).

      • I think you can still have the swipe gesture without showing the additional content… a smooth built in animation when a user first opens the “new” AppStore would suffice to advise the user about the additional content. I’m sure whatever it is, it will undoubtly grow on me… as long as it’s not like Google’s Playroom or Store or whatever. I was tinkering with a co-workers HTC something the other day and what a mess to find something!

  • Loopthree

    Hope they’ve updated the way Genius works. It sucks at the moment.

  • So is there going to be more torrow or thats it is there no new iphone

  • I think it looks pretty cool, though not digging that the screenshot orientation is different

  • Heh. They’re still using the old Twitter logo.

  • loveit

  • SimonReidy

    I love the new matte dark colour scheme for bars and buttons. I really hope that design aesthetic carries over to the entire OS. I’m so sick of the ugly shiny blue!

  • pretty

  • Holy crap, the store doesn’t close when you install an app!!!! I think my heart is having irregular beats at the moment.

  • Why i cant see these changes on my iPod Touch 4G? GOt iOS 6 beta installed but i only see these changes on the top and bottom bar (new color…). The Content is still locking like on iOS 5…