The iTunes and App Store apps aren’t the only one to get a make over with the introduction of iOS 6. Next on the list is the Music app, which was in serious need of a redesign as well. Not that it was bad, but after 5 years, it just gets old.

The Music app now has a slick grey skin and the music player a black skin that could make jailbreak themers jealous. More screenshots below…

Artists Tab

Songs Tab

Albums Tab

Me likey mucho. What about you?

  • I saw a different one on another site, this doesn’t look so bad.

  • Yeah not bad at all. It looks more like that of an iPad

    • javierE186

      I wish it were the music app of the iPad, man is that thing GORGEOUS!!!!!!

      • Are you smoking crack? The iOS5 iPad music app is one of the worst pieces of software I’ve ever seen Apple release. It’s awful for browsing a large music collection, it’s laggy, the UI is abominable, and it lacks basic functionality that was in the iPod app for years.

      • javierE186

        And I’m guessing you’re a troll or you have used a fake iPad because on the iPad 2 and the “new” iPad the music app is like butter. It looks amazing and it is very easy to find music on it. I have no idea how youcan find music easily there you must be retarded or something. I know I am not the only one that things that because of the the people that have bought the iPad fro my job either love the app or like it.

      • Albert Rinaldi

        On the contrary i love it so very much, i never got problem browsing large amount of music on my iPad, i don’t know what’s your problem to not liking it

      • Albert, have you ever used the iOS 4 music app on the iPad? Then you would understand what all the complaints are about. I fully support Tragers statements above. This is the worst App Apple ever released under its name. Apple used to be the Champion of excellent User Interfaces. But now, they start to get sluggish and ignorant, the billions flow in anyway, who needs to care about clients. Sounds familiar?There was another company with this attitude and they learned it the hard way.
        Just a few examples what they removed.
        List view in Playlists
        Painfully slow in starting, no wonder if the app has to find and load all these useless cover pictures first.
        No alpha bar to jump to the Letter area of the playlist
        Artist view
        The same issues as in playlists. No list view, only cover view. At least they added the alpha bar (Bravo !)
        Album view
        Again, no list view
        Lyrics, they just removed lyrics with no good reason. Many users do not use Lyrics, but it is often used in training audio to explain the content and can be very helpful.
        There are also complaints from the Audio Books users. I am not one of them but again apple has removed useful functionality in this area. I is such a pain.
        I am really no asking a lot, that is just basic functionality. If they can’t fix it they should at least give us the choice to use the old iPod App.

      • Since I can’t respond to the responses (weird)… I’m not trolling in the least; the iOS 5 iPad app is so unusable for me that I no longer use my iPad for playing music unless my iPhone is out of juice.

        I can’t be the only one with a “new” iPad who gets lags constantly when switching between Playlists/Artists/etc. Yes, I have more music than most (18k songs in my iTunes Match collection), but that’s still a total pain when trying to find music quickly.

        As to the other issues — what’s with the bad skeuomorphic faux-wood lines on both sides? And the playlist display doesn’t differentiate between folders and actual playlists. Also, the playlist display is awful if you have more than a few lists — no option for a listing by name at all? It might be pretty, but combined with the lag issues, it’s unusable when you have 50-100 active playlists (and I’d prefer to have more than that, actually). If you use AirPlay, it’s ridiculous that there’s no visual indication about whether or not you’re actually connected to a speaker. Oh, and the placement and size of the play/reverse/forward controls are ridiculous. It goes against every principle of good UI design, which is doubly glaring for a touchscreen interface.

        For the TL->DR crowd: Pretty does not make an app useful. Good UI makes an app useful (and the iOS 5 iPad app has horrible UI).

      • This:
        I have 30k+ music tracks in my collection, all carefully catalogued according to artist, album and genre. So, when I want to listen to my music, I select one of the genres I’ve created, eg. “Rock – Progressive” or “Classical – Orchestral”, and then browse by Artist/Composer, or by Album name. Voila – quick and easy on my iPhone, on my iTunes Mac machines, and on my pre-IOS5 iPad.

        But not on iPad running iOS5! This new faux-wood UI might look pretty (to some), but it loses crucial basic browsing functionality that has existed since iTunes 1 and iPod 1.

        Another thing. On iOS5, the iPhone Music player app and the Remote app (that I use to control my iTunes Macs in the house for in-home music) have consistent UIs and functionality. Not so on the iPad! The Remote app on the iPad works exactly as expected, but the broken Music player app differs from it in every way, functionality and UI included. Why?

        For me, just as “trager” posted above, this has resulted in me no longer being able to use iPad’s music player app at all.

  • Very CHARMING!:)

  • iPad one please

  • iOS 1-5 iPod interface, you will be missed

  • ghettocowboy

    Dude, this is just a skin. What about the supported format? Does it support Flac??? No Flac support out of the box than no Thank you. I do not want to resort to 3rd party app such as Golden Ear or Flac Player.

    • Apple will never support Flac in the default player. If you really want lossless, then you can use the Apple lossless audio codec. Why in the world would you want to carry large FLAC files around on an iPhone or iPod anyway?!?

      • ghettocowboy

        Because it simplifies thing. I still carry around iPod classic 5.5 generation (iMod and rockbox loaded) because of its Wolfson audio quality. And rockbox for easy file transfer. I listen to music when I go to the gym and my Lexus Mark Levinson audio system has USB dock and I listen to music when I drive to work (one hour drive one way daily) and Flac files are readily available for download. Why bother to convert to Apple Lossless audio. And iPhone slowly increase storage capacity. What would you do with your 64gb iPhone if not loading lossless audio? The only biggest app I have on the phone is Navigon, which is around 2gb, the rest of other apps are a few hundreds KBs. My Flac music collection is around 40 gb. So still plenty of space left on the phone

      • i have a 64 gig iPhone and use it for my music. Not one song in lossless and its almost full. Pretty much all mp3. Of course there are the many apps photos and movies I have on there too. but my 32 gig did not cut the mustard. I only have about 2600 songs and that takes up a good 28 gigs of memory. Im not knocking FlAC but mp3 is easy and a good mp3 file sounds fine to me. I don’t think I’m a nut job audio file like some either so I can see the argument.

      • Reyn Yonashiro

        Your car has an audiophile setup? Shouldn’t you be paying less attention the your high-quality music and more attention to, I don’t know, driving?

  • I like it!

  • is it just me or are the timeline for the comments out of order? and i have noticed that some of my comments are deleted.

  • not bad (:

  • Wow thats nice!! i love it! but hey do you like latin music? what about Aventura?? excelente! hehe btw the first screen with Bob it’s like a “catch a fire” 🙂

    • I love Aventura. Obsecion! I’m French so Latin music isn’t much of a stretch for me. What about Manu Chao?

      • Hey that is great! and Manu Chao is awesome too. Clandestino-welcome to Tijuana (live)-me gustas tu. great singer also Mano Negra!

  • Tony the Tiger

    Would it look better if the status bar was silver instead of black? Like if you open the Settings app it’s silver.

  • I like it better but its not a huge change.

  • Daniel

    I don’t like all the silver

  • sasan akbari

    I don’t like this silver task bar.
    Both background and task bar are in the same color.

  • Looks good. I have seen other screenshots that leads me to believe the grey theme isn’t very consistent across the board in iOS 6, though, and that kind of sucks.

    • SimonReidy

      Exactly. Just posted the same concern in another thread here. Apple’s UI design has always been acclaimed for being very consistent. Now it seems they are taking a leaf out of Android’s book, by theming all their apps differently.

      The biggest disappointment for me, is that the default ugly “shiny blue UI” that we’ve had since 2007, is still there! I was expecting a complete UI overhaul. Not just a touch up of a few native apps.

      I’d love it if the dark UI for the new music app was the default UI across the entire OS.

    • Yeah I wonder why the inconsistency was involved this time around. It doesn’t look bad necessarily, but I wonder if Jobs would have approved?
      Like the blueish status bar in some apps, this grey interface in others, the black in the app store, they all look nice, just different.

  • Yuck! I really dislike the first part with the ugly bar and buttons look bad too. I like the old for the player. As for the music list that looks quite nice

  • A few questions:

    1) what about the Playlist view? How does it handle playlist folders?
    2) How about the in progress version of the song view? Does it have that horrible AM-radio looking line thing like the iOS5 iPad app?
    3) Does the Airplay icon indicate when you’re connected to a set of speakers, or is it like iOS5 iPad’s app and doesn’t change?
    4) I can’t help but notice you don’t have any iCloud indications. Is that because you keep all your music locally, or did they get rid of those?

  • BAD RELIGION!!!!!! <3

  • ScorpionGeorge

    I really dislike this. It’s so monotonous! I don’t know where to click for anything on the music app because it all looks the same color.

  • horrible D:

  • Sergio Cabrera

    Mine looks better anyways but nice for stock.

  • It looks awesome

    • Its awesome???how can you say such a thing ….it’s the worst music interface from apple I have ever seen…I don’t understand what was the reason for changing the music interface …..the old music interface was gorgeous …probably they should focus on improving sound quality not music interface….

      • Well I think it’s awesome and i have tried it not just judging on pics up there..and yeah they should focus on the music quality but focusing on the interface isn’t a sin! Frankly i got bored from the old interface.

  • patstar5

    Yuck! Hated my IPad Music app! Now it’s on Iphone! Wish they would let you change the color or something. Always use Iphone for music. It’s the best thing it does! Stayed the same since I got my first iPod touch 2g.

  • Nate

    You’d have thought with a new setup they would actually have created a music queue Where you can move songs in and out of rotation without starting your shuffle over again. I dont want to have to start the shuffle over again to hear song #512 and I’m on #330 nor do I want all 329 I just listened to put back in the mix!!

  • shinx2ran

    well, I prefer black than silver. Silver is just annoying color

  • Stephen Daniels

    Smart playlists still don’t work properly.

  • Lee

    BEFORE i06 I COULD shuffle songs and play only one genre at a time. Is it possible to do the same in i06?

    • Lee

      figured it out – choose genres: all album – all songs – pull down shows shuffle button

  • BobSaget

    It looks extremely cheap
    No props for Apple -.-

  • If its such a great update, why can’t I re-order my playlists any more? Things just snap back to where they were.