Though it’s too early to tell if it’s any good until we get our hands on it, iOS 6 was definitely the star of the show at Apple’s WWDC keynote that just got wrapped up. While we’re still digesting the announcements ourselves, iOS 6 definitely seems to be another worthwhile upgrade.

Granted, it’s an evolution of the world’s most popular mobile operating system rather than a revolution, but no one said it would be in the first place.

We also noticed that Apple really stick it to Google with the new Maps app which comes fully loaded with all the features one would expect from a mapping app.

So what about you, did you like the announcements? Please take a few second of your time to cast a vote in our poll, should be fun…

So we’re asking whether today’s announcements got blood pumping through your veins?

Feeling a bit underwhelmed, are we?

Here, cast your vote.

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  • YujinNY

    By the way, people commenting here are techies…historically, what we like and don’t like always misses on the actual opinion of the “people”. Remember how we trash the iPad as a big ipod touch? Techies usually have a different way of thinking since we want more and more and dont see the big idea behind it just the technology.

  • I was hoping for a new grey skin. I’m kind of growing tired of this current one…

  • where is Cydia? I guees Apple forgot again!!!

  • The new features in iOS 6 are nice, but not the knock out punch like 5 was. I could probably wait until the jailbreak comes out for it. For me, it wouldn’t be worth losing everything else I have now…

  • does the maps app have street view?!? Otherwise its a fair upgrade, and for everyone else theres Absynth!

  • If they allowed for the notification center to appear on the lockscreen like IntelliscreenX it would have been perfect. Otherwise, pretty good.

  • piqueporque

    I use google maps on a daily basis for the walking directions and street view (I’m a cycling instructor), losing those is a very big minus that might prevent me updating unless there’s a workaround.

  • Needs a quick reply for texting.

  • What a waste. I have an iPhone 4 – this update is essentially useles, new maps, who cares – and an iPad 1 which doesn’t get a mention even though it’s 2 years old and there isn’t support although the older 3GS gets it!? Lucky nothing is note worthy and worth an upgrade, so I won’t be throwing down $1000 on a new iPad like I’m sure they would’ve hoped. A lot of my friends have started to use Android and I have always been, for the last decade a staunch supporter of Apple but lately I can see the freedom of the other side that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. Apple are the richest tech company in the world yet their greed is disgusting and their innovation boring. 

    • I too took a break from apple and tried the android side and I HATED it. It had the feel of going from a mac to a pc naturally. Bugs, didn’t run right, felt unfinished, etc etc. needless to say they have us by the balls unless you’re willing to also trash the likely $100s of dollars you’ve spent on apps.

  • I would love it if they weren’t throwing my perfectly capable iPhone 4 to the trash bin already.