One of the more notable changes we’ve come across in iOS 6 is a new sharing menu screen offered up in the Photos app.

Not only has Apple switched from text to icons here, but there are a few new choices to pick from as well…

The ability to share photos and videos via Facebook/Weibo wasn’t present in iOS 5 (for those wondering what Weibo is, it’s essentially a Chinese version of Twitter). And the option to ‘Copy’ media is new as well.

Once again, nothing groundbreaking here. But surely this enhancement will make life easier for some folks.

  • I think that’s ugly, android alike.

  • Weibo icon ruined it all

  • Awesome but I just wonder one thing about the uploading of a picture to Facebook… Is there a way to set the uploading picture, to a specific album which your have created on your Facebook account? Just Wondering , don’t have the beta so I can’t try it out myself :/

  • First thing I’ve seen that I don’t like. Bring the text back!

    • quietstorms

      They ran out of room. What else do you want?

  • How do you get pass developer activation?

    • Aleksander Azizi

      you should check out “ios6betaactivation (dot) blogspot (dot) com” 😉

      • 3rd party activation for UDID’s are illegal and very unreliable. Most likely to lose your UDID by apple verification servers within 24-48 hours of attempting this method

  • Mohd Syazwan Zainal

    It is already looked like app icons. Some misunderstanding may occur for the new users.

  • SimonReidy

    This might be a stupid question, but why is the photo sharing menu overlaid on the settings app?

    • DarekSlaby

      That’s a screenshot of the settings menu. He’s actually in the photo’s app.

      • SimonReidy

        Doh! Of course. Thanks. Told you it was a stupid question! 😉

  • Well, I’m just happy you can apparently access Photo Stream from the web, at least in some fashion. Sharing to Facebook is nice as well, no more need for 3rd party apps to post to Facebook, and hopefully better integration for those apps that do.

    The Facebook API is often times a nightmare to work with. They love to break things without any documentation, hence why your favorite app has so many Facebook API bug-fix updates.