Finally. There is now a Clock app included with iOS 6 on the iPad. I guess having Siri on the iPad forced Apple’s hand. But this isn’t just any old ordinary Clock app, Apple went the extra mile and created a downright beautiful interface that puts the iPhone Clock app to shame.

Even the icon on the iPad version of the Clock app looks much better. Check inside for a handful of new images showcasing the Clock app and all of its various features…

What do you think about finally having a Clock app on the iPad, with a new beautiful interface no less?

  • Looks awsome

  • Is that the temp, on the top right hand corner??

  • Battery percentage?

  • Leo Sack

    How do you install iOS 6!?! I keep getting the 1394 error.

    • AMB_07

      If you are not a developer stop doing what you’re doing right now because you’re not supposed to have iOS6 at all. If you are a developer then sorry I can’t answer your question, try google.

  • veda99

    Awesome…Wondering how to use passbook!!! It’s not working in my phone!

  • Jex

    Looks Awesome

  • What about weather?

  • Wow it looks gorgeous 😀

  • AMB_07

    Damn that took long enough, for something so freakin’ simple :/

  • Thats bad-A haha
    Its nice that it shows the weather too

  • Beautiful!

  • Looks great and all, but once again.. WHERE IS THE WEATHER APP? Could care less about a stocks app. But a weather app would be really useful on the iPad..

    • Oliver_Cooksey

      Looks like its built in to the clock app…did you even look at the images?

      • forumiphone

        no look at them agaın there is just cloud and sun it does not native iphone app lıke uı,it just for look good but not lıke real weather app.ı thınk ios 7 with weather ios 8 with calc ios 9 random steals from cydia

  • sasan akbari

    Looks great!

  • Does anyone know if the original iPad will get this? Or are they just done with it?

    • DilbertAsended


  • maybe all the other stock apps? (weather, calculator, stocks, etc)

  • So does the timer have the ability to “stop playing” Music like the iPhone and iPod?

  • Logan Roach

    Hey new app, still have the day light savings problems? how about the ‘New Year’ problem?

  • Wael Abdo

    now thats a cool app.

  • W3PYF

    I sure hope someone at Apple has a licensing agreement with Mondaine, the creators of the Swiss Railways clock. The gorgeous analog display is theirs, globally recognized – and I’d hate to think of my company (I’m a shareholder) paying unexpected royalties for 100 million unauthorized uses.

    • the most important feature for me is being able to use the ‘Timer’ as a sleep-timer – i.e. upon completion, sleep iPad.

  • Now that’s nice!

  • I am proud that Apple copied from my SwissRailwayClock iApp that mimics the beautiful Hilfiker Swiss Railway SBB Clock of the national Swiss Railway Federation 🙂

    • pz0

      Maybe they didn’t copy you but the original? Maybe the SBB will also ask you for royalties.

  • DilbertAsended


  • P4thetic

    LOL this is the clock of FFS (Swiss Federal Railways)…
    complaint coming xD

  • Peter

    The clock design is stolen from the Swiss Federal Railways company (SBB).