Those hoping that the default Mail app would get a major overhaul in iOS 6 will likely be disappointed. Despite a few new features, Mail is nearly identical to its predecessor.

But the few additions that did make the cut seem like they’re going to have quite an impact. The first is a new VIP inbox feature, which allows you to customize Mail notifications…

With VIP inbox, you can set up the Mail application to only send you notifications when certain contacts email you. That way you aren’t bothered with spam and other non-important stuff.

My favorite change, though, has to be the ability to attach media to your messages from within the Mail app. This means you no longer have to initiate emails with pictures or videos from the Photos app. Cool.

That’s pretty much it as far as major new features in iOS 6 Mail. There are a few other subtle changes — like the ability to swipe down to refresh your inbox, but otherwise, most folks won’t be able to tell a difference.

What do you think about the iOS 6 Mail improvements?

  • Pavelbure

    I just want to know if I can pick a group from my contacts list like I cxan on the desktop, and not have to click each address sepretetly.

    • Solublepeter

      I know you are saying you wish Apple had done this, but there is an app that already does it.

      A number of group email apps can send email to groups of contacts using their own app, but “MailShot Pro” creates special group contacts that work from INSIDE most of your favorite apps just like a regular contact. Just select the special contact using the blue “+” in the address line of your email.
      Theres a free version also available (limit 5 contacts) if you want to try it out first.
      PeterSoluble Apps
      Disclosure: I am the developer of MailShot and may benefit from its sale, but so may you 🙂

      • Glen Fernandes

        Can i use the mailshot groups with the new VIP feature for the mailbox

      • Hi Glen. At the moment Apple don’t expose this information to apps, but we will support it if they do.

      • Glen Fernandes

        Thanks for your response…I love your app..Makes my life a lot easier  🙂

  • Really what do Developers at Apple do?
    I mean this is like a mock up of ios 5…
    New maps app, siri support & fb integration, in a half year?
    Really… They fucked up! I mean i’m a young developer and the stuff they improved is not a work of 6months of a whole company!

  • You can add attachments to iMessages according to the developer notice. Does anyone think you’ll be able to attach more than pictures in iOS 6?

  • Jobran

    and these simple stuff wont be available on 3gs !!

  • anyone knows if siri in spanish is in the beta 1?

  • Well, I was holding out for some Sparrow like updates to iOS mail. Nothing really to write home about. Guess I’ll just get Sparrow now.

  • Idownloadblog, please bring the new MacBook with Retina display up! That was like really impressive for a MacBook !! I want details 😀

  • QuarterSwede

    The author forgot about multiple signatures as well.

  • Nice feature added, but disappointed in the upgrade.

  • Jex

    One of the best Feature.. VIP.. looks like in club

  • AMB_07

    Mail is fine really, yes it could use an overhaul in some areas but so far it’s doing its job well for me. Nothing that can replace a mail client on PC but still…

    • smtp25

      yeah but when your writing an email longer than a few sentances, the word wrap is non-existant.. Apple needs to steal androids way of word wrapping/text reflowing when you seem it re paginates the text

  • I am pretty sure that pull to refresh your inbox has been a present feature in iOS5. Check it out..

  • It would be nice to add hyperlinks so that sending web addresses doesn’t look nauseating. Or is there a way to do that now?

  • Alex

    I was hoping for the option of marking the mail important as that wasn’t possible in iOS5 but i guess apple dont use mails like that on their phones. As they do have activesync i would like some featuers to be a bit more close to Outlook.

  • Why can I only choose certain contacts? The ones I want to add to VIP, are grayed out. I do like the flag feature. Thanks!

  • Emilie St.Hilaire

    There is no longer an option to ‘get more messages’ it’s annoying.