The new Maps app is the premier new feature in iOS 6. Although I was a bit skeptical at first after seeing some early screenshots, I’m a definite believer after giving it some hands-on time. It is rightfully so that the new Maps app is Apple’s most compelling upgrade to iOS.

Maps is leaps and bounds above anything offered in the previous Google powered Maps app. With 3D views, turn by turn navigation, and full integration with Siri, Maps is a truly amazing package. What do you think about it?

  • The new app is really cool and all that but here’s the thing
    They have like 100 million points of interest
    How many goes google maps have?
    I would assume way way way more than that
    Also google maps covers the smallest towns
    Smallest holiday islands(which is when you’re in desperate need of a reliable map)….I seriously hope google makes a maps app!…..

    • SERIOUSLY hope Apple doesn’t do their standard thing and totally reject Google’s likely native app

      • javierE186

        Seeing how Apple has been, get used to not seeing that Google map app anymore, there is almost no way Apple would allow that. Only way I can see you getting that app if you want it, is via Cydia.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Hmmm, what does “seeing how Apple has been” mean? There’s even Yandex maps/search apps in Appstore.

        I’d believe, Google would be the one to keep their app out.

        Btw, having POI information from Google implemented over to iOS maps is technically easy to implement… Have they done it or would/will they is another question…

    • javierE186

      Truth be told I do not think it will take apple that long to catch you to Google on the point of interest locations because they are using multiple companies, Tom Tom being the big one, for their GPS service, so I would say that by the time iOS 6 is out that 100 million would easily be multiplied ten fold or more.

      • But I’ve observed no mapping solution is as detailed as google maps….they cover every country and every town in each country(countries in which Tom tom doesn’t even exist)…despite all this assuming that apple can beat google and have more places of interest there’s still the question of apple maps in remote holiday islands and hill stations(places where you really Desperately need a map)…..every single island in the seychelles, Maldives and bora bora and hillstations like munnar mapped accurately(yes google has mapped it) with all hotels and places of interest…..I doubt apple can pull that off……

      • carolinamic

        Get for real bro, if you can buy a iPhone there or if a iPhone works in the area your in I’m pretty sure they’ll have a map and some points of interest for the place.

  • This feature is amazing, i hope that this work fine in brazil….nice vid!

  • No turn by turn on iPhone 4. Guess I’ll just have to wait for a jailbreak tweak that let’s me.

    • yes there is

      • Nope, there isn’t. Only for 4S.

      • Where did you read that? Just because its Siris voice doesn’t mean you don’t have turn by turn. You most definitely will have turn by turn on the 3gs and 4. MARK MY WORDS!!!

      • Tom

        No there isn’t. It says so on Apple’s page for Maps. Bottom footnote.

    • unlikely. It’s integrated with Siri, hence why it’s not included.

      • javierE186

        No it’s not integrated only with Siri because the iPad 2 isn’t going to get Siri only the latest one will. Yet the iPad 2 will get the turn by turn and Flyover mode. Apple just wanted to cut off the iPhone 4, it could be for specs reason or just because they want you to upgrade/get the new iPhone, who knows (even though it is most likely the latter).

      • ExRoot

        Yep that was my thought. It’s about the upgrade. Gives an AT&T sales, Apple rep etc an upsale. When someone bounces in to plop down their $99 for an iPhone with that new ‘built in gps’ the reps got that 4s or 5 upsale link.

      • ExRoot

        Yep that was my thought. It’s about the upgrade. Gives an AT&T sales, Apple rep etc an upsale. When someone bounces in to plop down their $99 for an iPhone with that new ‘built in gps’ the reps got that 4s or 5 upsale link.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        I also believe so…

        Similarly, there’s another story that people seem to forget with the new buzz around iOS 6: iPad-1 is gone, it’s not supported. But, infact it has higher specs than the 3GS, which is supported for iOS 6…

        Weird, but understandable. Apple doesn’t want to maintain a lot of devices. And they want people to upgrade, keep loyal, keep paying etc.

  • Let’s see it on an iPhone.

  • Does this Maps is the perfect rival for Google Maps?

  • I think we can all agree this is better than google maps!!!

    • Maybe better than previous IOS Google Maps app. But Google maps has had 3d buildings and terrain for over a year even in satellite mode. It also has street view and local photo view and tons of more points of interest data as well as local POI review data available from the app. This is in both the web version as well as the currently available Android version. Not to mention real time traffic data because I’m not sure if this new IOS Maps has that or not.

      • Yeah but not in the stunning clarity like apple’s maps

        Plus its apple it must be better 🙂

  • kumar714

    hey jeff, can u get me ipsw file for ios 6 Beta 1 for iphone 4S, please

    • Try Google. Just did and there were all kinds of downloads.

  • does it work with ipod touch 4, iphone 4?

    • YEP!!! I don’t care what D Bag above says. You will have it on all iOS 6 supported devices.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Maps will work. Turn-by-turn navigation and flyover mode (3d mode) will only be available on the iPhone 4S (and iPhone 5, by that time) and iPad 2 / iPad 3 (yeah, I call it that way, no matter how Apple tries to remove numbering… it’s the 3rd gen iPad!)…

        There will probably be a jailbreak tweak to enable those features for the officially not-supported devices as well..

    • Tom

      It does not, sorry. From Apple’s own website.

  • This is a MASSIVE issue for those of us in Japan. The only two quoted data sources, Yelp and TomTom simply DO NOT HAVE local or street info for places in Japan. I was SO frustrated when you didn’t zoom in closer to street level in Tokyo… I really have no way of finding out if iOS6 will be the first iteration of the OS I don’t upgrade to simply based on the maps, which I live and die by. I would greatly appreciate if you did a quick check and saw if walking/driving navigation data in city-level Japan, and if it forces you into Japanese mode, or has English like Google Maps.

    • I live in Japan and upgraded to the iOS 6 beta this morning. My iPhone is set to English, but all place names on the maps are in Japanese. Since I have an iPhone 4, I can’t test if the turn-by-turn directions are in English or Japanese.

      Also, the maps themselves are, in my opinion, much worse than what Google offers. Tokyo has a lot of tiny streets which don’t show up at all unless you zoom in very closely. The indicators for nearby convenience stores are now gone as well, as are building names, outlines of buildings, etc. And since most places in Japan don’t have street names, the maps have become completely baren, making it very difficult to orient yourself in unfamiliar places.

      I really hope that Apple improves this before the public release.

      • What is WRONG with Apple? Don’t they realize the world doesn’t stop at the US borders? I don’t need Japanese map labels and I really DO need Google’s data because while I live here, it takes decades to really “learn” Japanese… and place names are some of the hardest things. Seriously, if Google doesn’t release a native maps app and it doesn’t get approved, I’m dumping the iPhone and I think it will take a nosedive in Japan, given that’s one of its primary uses among Japanese users.

      • Chill out guys, it’s barely beta one.. Don’t expect much YET.

      • But it’s AMAZING. I think we can all agree.

      • I just tried the turn by turn directions as well, and all street names show up in Japanese. Since most streets don’t have names, it simply says things like “at the end of the road, turn left” and “continue along this road” for most directions.

      • Streets generally don’t have names, but intersections do. I have lived here for decades and can honestly say the iPhone will take a massive nosedive if apple does not partner with a major Japanese map based company. 

        Pako, It may just be beta but it is a lot to worry about, iPhone is the biggest selling smart phone in Japan and little things like this cause people the move on, and a country where people change phones like underwear and can change carriers in a hour and keep their same phones it’s something apple needs to watch.

      • Paul D.

        Does the directions feature integrate all the Japanese train and subway schedules like the current app does? I rely heavily on this feature.

      • I just tried and it provides driving and walking directions but choosing public transport redirects me to a “Routing apps” page. It seems like we’ll need to install an app from the App Store to provide public transport directions, but the list is currently empty. The problem is all of the train and subway apps I know of are in Japanese, which will be a problem for some…

  • Hans Rosenthal

    Great demonstration.
    When will the new Map App be available.

  • Nice aesthetically, but I see absolutely no functional use for 3D maps. Jeff wasn’t even able to say much about the 3D feature beyond it ‘looking cool’. Am I missing something?

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      If it works while navigation, it would be very (read: VERY) convenient… It’s one thing to know where to go, and another thing to know where you are and what you’re actually passing by (or going to pass by in a few seconds).

  • this is only going to be for america and some parts of europe, is it not?

  • Anders Koh

    3D view does not work in Singapore and it does not show our apartments in any view (which in Singapore at least 90% stay in apartments) Very bad implementation especially if you cant use it to see what are the apartments around you

    • it will in time I’m sure.

      • For someone who needs this as a practical reality, that’s no answer at all I’m afraid. Just because it works in the US does not mean Apple ever pays attention to how it works elsewhere. It took until ios5.1 for Japanese users to even GET Siri, and it’s hugely crippled.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        LOL, street view still doesn’t work in my area, even though the city I live in is far greater (in population and area) than Rome itself…

        So, it’s a matter of time for everybody. You’re getting something for free… That will always have limitations. If that’s not enough, one can go buy iGO Navigon or TomTom for that particular area any time…

      • Emre, for some reason I can’t answer you but NO you can’t buy TomTom or Navigon for Japan. They are not available. At all. Only native Japanese providers which suck, or GOOGLE MAPS

    • smtp25

      Yeah apple is being pretty racist of late. 100% siri functionality only available in the US, this new Map feature been not as fully featured in other countries

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        You know, Apple IS an american company, right? Their biggest (and possibly first) market is US.

        I would like to have all those functions here, where I live, though…

      • WE HAD THIS FUNCTIONALITY IN IOS5!! This is not a case of giving us limited functionality, it’s about robbing us of what we had when we’re forced to restore (cause I sure as HELL am not upgrading.)

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Chill man…

        Forced version upgrades are really evil for the end user, I agree. But this is really not the topic to discuss that.

        I believe that by the time they release the new version, their database would be possibly at par with the basic service you get with Google backend outside of US. It’s too early for those harsh words.

  • ticky13

    I’m presuming there is no transit feature with the new Maps app, which is basically what I use Google Maps for 95% of the time. No iOS 6 for me then.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      I believe you still can use the web-app for that? (I’ve never used it, so I don’t really know. Just trying to point out a possible alternative)

      • the web app is a joke. try it.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Yep, I have tried it (way before).

        But there are only a few options here…
        1) Google releases a dedicated iOS app for maps with all the functionality they provide for Android
        2) People that love Google Maps database and services use the existing solution (the damned web app)

        I see no other way out, and it’s not Apple’s fault when their partner choose to become their biggest opposition and kicked them in the groins in a key feature (maps).

        People should be angry with Google for forcing things this way, IMHO…

        The restoring and all those signing etc. are bad… That should and could be discussed. But this is not the right topic.

        Overall, I believe Apple’s move on creating their own mapping solution is not a bad thing. As with all things Apple did, it will probably start with missing parts, but be VERY good at some key functions. Then, it will evolve.

  • yader jurado

    I also want to know whether it has the ability to drop a pushpin anywhere and get directions to there, That was the only reason at one point why I chose ios instead of android.

  • I’ll miss streetview the most. hope Google adds that feature in their updated google earth app. Aside from missing something like streetview, the new maps app is perfect.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Streetview? In maps app of iOS 5(.x)?

      What? Am I missing something? 🙂

      • tturner23

        Drop a pin on Google Maps, the information bubble will pop up, then tap the orange circle onthe left. Streetview in Maps on iOS5.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Hmmm, nice… I really didn’t even know it was there, and don’t think about using it any time soon, but good to know 🙂


  • chjode

    Jeff, does the 3D extend out to smaller cities like Lima, OH or Walla Walla, WA? Or is it just in a few large cities?

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Nice question

  • I used google maps to get around NYC now that it doesn’t have transit yet says “Routing Apps: From the App Store” ??? I hope Google Releases an Google Maps App! Thats the only thing i dont like about the new Maps app other then that its amazing!

  • Loopthree

    What a strange review. How about telling us how widespread the 3D view is, instead of just focussing on one US city. How about a run down of the other features, such as bookmarking.

    Or is it enough just to look at the pretty pictures? Come on guys. Pros AND cons would be nice.

    • It’s not a review, it’s just a demo to showcase some of the capabilities. It’s still in beta, so of course there are still issues.

      • Loopthree

        Sorry, my bad. It does look awesome, I just think it sucks when something is showcased as having a fantastic feature, and then you find that the feature is so limited that you hardly use it. With Apple’s (and Google’s) track record, I can imagine the 3D feature to be limited within the US, and VERY limited outside the US – turning it into a gimmick (like Siri).

  • amazing!!!!

  • cant wait to try this app for myself!

  • Google had maps and navigation way before the US put of the GPS system in orbit. I think Google had all this functionality in the mid 70s.

  • Is good but come on apple no turn by turn in iphone 4??? Waste of time !!!


    Amazing 🙂 Now, let’s see how it works outside US 🙂 If it can outperform my TomTom/iGO, I’d really be thrilled :)))

  • For me question is: does it works (turn-by-turn navigation) in off-line mode (when you don’t have or you don’t want to use 3G connection-roaming)?

    If it works that way, than this is THE MOST IMPORTANT upgrade in iOS6, if doesn’t, it’s completely useless out of USA and some small parts of Europe and Australia.

    • rob ramsdaro

      thats not possible

  • If you guys aren’t happy with the Maps app, just stay on 5.1.1. Simple as that, it is still beta one, it has a lot more to go through. Just wait till this fall and quit complaining.

  • Now the questions remains, will Apple allow Google to release their own Maps app for iOS???? Anyone know????

    I want that new Google Maps app with offline maps!

    • In Google’s showcase last week they said they will be bringing 3D maps to Android AND iOS so i am guessing there will be a gmaps app soon and probably before iOS6 hits as they would want want to get in there 1st!

  • This new maps application uses their own maps technology (not Tom Tom), built upon the work of Placebase, the mapping company Apple acquired a few years ago. Tom Tom just provides navigation.

  • Anoush Khan

    This is AWESOME!!!!!

  • Prasanth Bijjam

    Apple… Always going for simplicity!

  • Alan Garcia

    Street view =(, Hope tom tom accelerates it’s street view like, or google can be downloadable as stand alone app for ios, New maps Looks better but I will miss street view a lot

  • Will the turn-by-turn navigation work on an iPad 3 Wifi-only model? (Tethered to and iPhone 4S when on the road).

  • Why do you keep repeating old tweets so much recently?


    Maps is not for i4S only… It’s supported on all iOS 6 devices… Only 3D view is 4S and iPad3 specific…

  • Pretty obvious, that Google stopped innovating in 2005, now with 50.000 employees they are mostly concerned about themselves (like any big corporate). About time that somebody takes them on. By the way, also interesting, that since Google’s acquisition of keyhole, they have never figured out a way to make money with mapping. I bet 6 bottles of champagne, that Apple will find it.

  • Would not have upgraded if we had known that we were going to lose Street View. Never used for navigation – just checking out friends and properties and airplaying them out a large TV. Lets hope Google puts out that App quickly and that it
    seamlessly integrates.