Can’t wait to get your hands on iOS 6 and its new awesome features? The good news is that if you are a developer, it is available for download right now from the Dev Center.

Get your downloading on and let us know if you find something cool in iOS 6.


  • no new iphone. makes me sad.

    • wait until september 😛

    • everyone knew there was no new iphone now. that will come in september or october.

      • yea but it would have been nice to have a new iphone for my upcoming b-day but ill just have to live with my 4S for now lol

  • Is it possible for registered Apple software developers to try out the beta for iOS6, then revert back to a jailbroken version of iOS5? I’m still not super clear on how all that iOS-release-signing stuff works now.

    • yea u can just make sure u have the shshblobs for ios 5

    • iOS will STILL be signed even if you are on iOS 6.0 betas, until iOS 6 is officially released. Although make sure to have your blobs saved in case Apple release a new iOS 5 update.

    • It is possible but and it’s a big BUT .. Betas can be big battery’s drainers and there is time limits on them so you have to update again and again… You can lose pictures and email (Sometimes ) they can be buggy as hell and can drive you mad.. But you can always downgrade back.. To be honest it’s not worth the hassle .. But you do get to try the new features out ..

    • Not a huge deal since, just about every feature announced in iOS 6 is already available in iOS5 via jailbreaks. Turn-by-turn directions is the killer feature, imo. And by killer, I mean: life-saving.

      Anyways, thanks guys. I do have my blobs saved, so i’ll give it a go.

      Saving blobs is always a good idea, whether you’re talking jailbreaking, or playing World of Goo.

    • YES, as ios5.1.1 is still being signed at the moment it is possible to easily downgrade back to it without the need for any shsh blobs or what ever.

    • Jared, I was wondering the same thing. It sounds like you already took the leap. Can you try going back to jailbroken 5.1.1 and let me know if it works? I just want to be certain before I decide to do the same.

  • jose castro

    and the jailbreaking begins

  • not sure if ios 6 is enough to make me upgrade and forgo my jailbreak.

  • CashDolla83

    Besides the improved phone app & I guess the new maps (which I don’t need)…everything else was just disappointing,anyone else feel this way?

    • Yea totaly, they could atleast change the ui or integrate some fancy widgets.
      Or upgrade the stock apps…

      • iOS6 overall for me is no upgrade. Time to go to a better platform unless they come out with some amazing iPhone

      • what u need is a toy simple go get your self an android phone

  • sutiam

    That’s it for all the new features of iOS6? I don’t know what to say, disappointment is an understatement.

  • Not impressed Apple. Maps is nice. Facebook doesn’t matter for me personally because I can’t stand the sight so I deleted almost a year ago. I knew they wouldn’t announce a new phone either. I’ll keep my 4 to use for some things but already pre-ordered my GS3. I really love the new Macbook though. Def going to pick one up.

  • 3GS to iPhone 4s , iPod 4th gen and iPad 2-3.. Dropped the first iPad.. Which is just the same (A4 chip) as the iPhone 4.. Now that’s dumb…

    • FinnGoDo

      It’s not dumb. That same chip uses a lot more energy to power an iPad 1 display vs the 3GS phone. They’re different devices.

      • And the iPad has a bigger battery …

      • FinnGoDo

        Not battery power. Chip power. Big difference.

      • The 3GS doesn’t getting all the new toys it’s a striped down iOS …so what’s stopping apple doing the same with the iPad 1 ? I’ve just sent a email to Tim cook asking why they carn’t surpport it like the 3GS .. Heres hopping for a reply !

      • Bollocks… This is just Apple trying to get people to update yet again…. 3GS get iOS 6 …what about the 3rd gen iPod then.. There the same..
        1st gen iPad should get a striped down version like the 3GS has got. Even the i4 iOS is striped down.. The A4 chip in the iPad will work it no probs…

      • FinnGoDo

        Perhaps. I guess this means the next time you upgrade tablets you’ll go with a xoom or galaxy tab, huh?

      • NOT FUCKING LIGHTLEY… I’ll stick with Apple thanks…lol..

  • CashDolla83

    They should have just named it IOS 5.2 or something like that because I really don’t see anything worth while here

    • what is wrong with everyone. what do you expect the phone to do? new navigation and more siri features and everything else. not to mention a few things could be added before the it is final. i just think everyones expectations are insanely high. i thought it was a great show by apple. i had an android phone (galaxy s ii epic 4g) and android is garbage. battery life is poor as hell, keyboard is junk, all the keyboards are junk, and it just doesnt work like an iphone does. apps arent as good either. your all crazy by expecting the world, the show did not disappoint.

      • CashDolla83

        For starters you bringing android up was completely pointless to my original comment and secondly they could have at least polished the OS up a bit more…they are still some simple features that other phones have had since 2008 that apple has yet to catch up on. I didn’t expect the world I just expected more…At the end of the day its just my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

      • such as?

      • CashDolla83

        Widgets,allowing the contact’s photo to be shown in the text/Imessage app,updated stock apps,updated UI,font options,themes,allowing safari to download files..that’s just a few of the basic stuff that other phones had for the longest.Little things like that could have polished up the OS,people shouldn’t have to jailbreak just for simple stuff like that

      • Relax, it’s still in the betas. They still have plenty of time to introduce new features. Remember, iOS 5 had over 200 features that iOS 4 didn’t. They couldn’t possibly have addressed all of them at the conference.

      • CashDolla83

        I’m quite relaxed,if you didn’t notice I was only answering someones question not complaining. THE END!

      • i love apple i have iphone and ipad. but recently apple is dissapointing its customers! let’s admit it 4 years and apple didnt change the shape of the phone! we the customers can’t customize our phone as android phones! UNLESS U JAILBREAK!
        look at the SG3 itsssss way better than iphone UNLESS iphone 5 will be massive change im gonna go SG3!

  • ridiculous5

    I guess I have to hold on to my 3Gs for another year 🙁

  • jakeopp

    iOS 6 looks pretty lame IMO, don’t have siri on my device and don’t use FB. New Maps app is pretty cool though.

  • anyword on weather there there will be a download link to the IOS 6 beta for non developers? i dont mind using my ipad as a test tool i save all of my shsh blobs anyways.

  • Maps is essentially the only new feature — which we all knew was coming. FB integration serves little purpose, Siri improvements only benefit 4s owners and is simply natural progression of the service, not a “new feature”. The passbook app will most likely be similar to find my friends — if no one adopts it it will simply die. Where were all the revamped stock apps? The photo app adding 4 new buttons isn’t revolutionary or even significant. I know Apple will save 1 or 2 new things for the official iPhone 5/iOS6 presser, but this was beyond weak.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    The best part of wwdc was clearly the MacBook pro revamp…iOS 6?…some cool features here and there but not highly impressed

  • sasan akbari

    Will they release siri for other iDevices?
    I hope they do.

    • 4S and ipad3.. if you’re expecting others you are out of luck my friend.
      which is why the jailbreaks are AWESOME as they allow 3gs and 4 users to “enjoy” such things.

  • Good news is pod2g can test his reserved exploits

  • Applefreak555

    Is there anyway to downgrade from iOS6 betas? The readme says “Devices updated to iOS 6 beta can not be restored to earlier versions of iOS. Registered development devices will be able to upgrade to future beta releases and the final iOS 6 software.”

    So even though it is still being signed, you can’t downgrade….

    • They said that with iOS 5, but you can downgrade because Apple is still signing iOS 5.1.1

  • thats it im spending $99 and im gonna get it now its awesome 🙂

  • Anyone got mirror links? 🙂

  • Jobran

    from ios 6 page in apple site :

    Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later.

    Siri will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad (3rd generation) and requires Internet access.

    Shared Photo Streams requires iOS 6 on iPhone 4 or later or iPad 2 or later, or a Mac computer with OS X Mountain Lion. An up-to-date browser is required for accessing shared photo streams on the web.

    FaceTime over a cellular network requires iPhone 4 or later, or iPad 2 or later with cellular data capability.

    VIP list and VIP and Flagged smart mailboxes will be available on iPhone 4 or later and iPad 2 or later.

    Offline Reading List will be available on iPhone 4 or later and iPad 2 or later.

    whats wrong with 3gs to have offline or VIP ? do u need more power for VIP mail ? this is stupid
    and turn by turn ? why no Iphone 4 ? or 3gs ? i dont need siri to speak directions u can use any other voice system.. this is so stupid..

    time to get an android 🙁

  • I’m a registered developed, with the UDID added for my iPhone 4S. Trying to restore o upgrade to the specific .ipsw downloaded from the Developer Center. Using iTunes 10.6.3 and with my UDID added, and getting a message in iTunes: This Build is not compatible with your device. Anybody with the same problem?

    • For anybody with the same problem, it was my host file. Fixed it!

      • jezcarrick1

        What did you have to do?

  • Roni Isometsä

    How i get it? SOMEONE!!!

  • Chris Nieves

    Anyway i can get it free?

    • i found a torrent copy on iphone hack ios dev web site

      • THANK YOU!!!! I’ve been looking forever for these links. I either find ones that are slammed with traffic of links to the leaked links that are not valid anymore.

  • hi

  • if anybody interested to get their UDID registered for a year to play with ios 6 now! email me at akhalidy at gmail dot com

  • fai

    Hi Jeff, will Idownloadblog able to give us a copy of IOS 6 beta download link ?
    Thank you

  • Do you still have to pay the $99 to get the iOS Developer’s Kit, or is it just straight from the free Dev Center account?

  • Hmmm… I want to know if the $99 a year is worth the cost. Basically I’m asking for a trial, a simple check and conclusion. In other words, is there any method of putting iOS 6 onto the iDevice and activating it without a Developer Account?

  • The iOs 6 works on iPad 2 like Siri?

  • thx

  • new ipod?

  • If you’re not a developer and you’d like to use iOS 6 Beta all you have to do is:

    1. Download .ipsw
    2. (Option/Command + Upgrade) in iTunes 10.6.3

    Simple as that, you should now be on iOS 6.

    • alright then …. how do i get the .ipsw of the new iOS? apple page asks for log in

    • Have you update it???

  • A question that might be a little basic but im not a pro like the rest of you: if i dont have a developers account is it still possible for me to take the iOS 6 for a spin?!

  • Milana Yankilova

    how to download ios 6?

  • My sources say that “The new iPhone” will be released in October with new iOS.

  • if anybody interested to get their UDID registered for a year to play with ios 6 now! email me at ios6udid12 at gmail dot com

  • Just buy a UDID from a developer, maybe $10. I installed on new ipad, and seems to be working nice with Siri and Maps.

  • marcin slaczka

    Is this worth trying out?

  • I’m personally excited for iOS 6. I think that not only will it be a huge step over iOS 5, but a step for Apple as a whole. I’m a little shocked however at the amount of disappointment in other users. If you do not enjoy the new operating system, simply don’t upgrade, and keep your jailbreak. I for one will gladly restore my 4S and sacrifice my jailbreak for this.

    Also, look on the brightside iPad 1G users: if your jailbreak messes up, you’ll always be able to restore to iOS 5.1.1 and perform an untethered jailbreak.