We touched on this feature a bit earlier, and now we’re getting the chance to check it out for ourselves. Here it is, the new Do Not Disturb option in iOS 6.

As the name implies, the Do Not Disturb feature will silence all incoming phone calls and other alerts from pretty much anyone, or app, you tell it to…

The feature comes with a slew of customizable options, including scheduling, white list (contacts whose calls you don’t want silenced), and a toggle to allow repeated (possible emergency) calls to come through.

It’s nice because with Do Not Disturb enabled, your device won’t make any noise, vibrate or light up — which can really come in handy for blocking annoying late-night texts and push notifications.

We were hoping that Apple would finally implement customizable Profiles in iOS 6 . But hey, this is cool too.

What do you think of the new Do Not Disturb feature?

  • Wasn’t this originally a jailbreak tweak?:)

    • Maybe tomorrow.. or after.. You know how fast our developers are! ;D

    • you’re right. Apple took a lot of jailbreak tweaks and made them “of its own” and voila IOS 6. what a waste…

    • What tweak? I’ve been looking for something along these lines, and while I’ve found a few that are similar, they’re usually not quite right.

      Also, does anyone know if DND exceptions only allow calls? What about messages? (It would be nice if it could optionally allow Facebook or Twitter posts from people in your Favorites or other selected group, but that seems highly unlikely.)

  • Best feature in iOS 6

  • What’s up with the Share widget option?

  • nothing interest me about it it’s like they’ve just copied the bannerdisable tweak in cydia. the only major update is the maps in ios 6 nothing more for iphone users. ipad users will be the who’s gonna benefit for having siri on their devices.

  • nothing interest me about it it’s like they’ve just copied the bannerdisable tweak in cydia. the only major update is the maps in ios 6 nothing more for iphone users. ipad users will be the one who’s gonna benefit for having siri on their devices.

  • SimonReidy

    Now this is a great feature. I really like the ability to exclude favourites for emergency purposes while silencing everything else. Even though the idea is essentially copied from a jailbreak tweak, I like the way Apple have implemented this better.

  • Jex

    This is one of the best feature to restrict unwanted calls..

  • Wael Abdo

    that is what i liked the most. super nice.

  • Nestea80

    Would there be a way to block specific phone numbers? Like, instead of a whitelist, would there be a blacklist?

  • this will be great when you battery is close to dead and needs to make it till you get home but still want to allow calls..

  • Ya tocaba un sistema similar.

  • I installed the ios 6 yesterday and so far I have been unsuccessful in getting the “do not disturb” to work. I selected my favorites to allow those calls, have the feature enables but when I call my cell phone from my land line, the phone still rings even though I have not included the home number in favorites as I was testing this feature. So far it hasn’t worked for me.

  • I installed the ios 6 yesterday and tried the “do not disturb” feature a few minutes ago and it still allows calls to ring my phone. I set up my favorite and purposely left out our home phone number in order to test the feature. When I call the cell phone from home phone, it still rings. So far this feature isn’t working for me but would be great if I could get it to work.

    • Ɛ

      Did you get this feature to work? What iphone do you use? It’s not working for me either and I thought it was because I use a 3gs.

      • I am using an iPhone 4, and it is not working neither there

      • Jason Davies

        To test it make sure you phone is locked i.e. the screen is in standby (black) as this is when the system engages. Give it a try.

    • Same here, have you found a solution?

  • There’s no way this app works (unless they’re using unapproved API’s).

  • Hello everyone!
    Do you think that the i0s6 will allow us to also block individual numbers as apposed to making groups? Though I suppose that we could make a group for ‘blocked contacts’. Really excited about this feature!

  • Hi, I download the IOS 6 for my 4s, I put the feature no not disturb, what happend with the calls that appear as a blocked caller id if I have the number register in my contacts ??

  • Can anybody please tell me what the caller on the other end
    hears if my phone is on DND mode and voice mail is off in my phone… does he
    hear ringing tone or what??

    I have not yet updated my iphone-4 to iOS6 because I use
    iBlacklist n my phone.