Looks like Apple is pushing Samsung’s buttons by asking the court to put the Galaxy S III smartphone on the list of devices eligible for a preliminary sales injunction in the United States.

So, what’s Sammy gonna do? Summon its legal sharks to go after the iPhone 5, of course…

Apple is leveraging its Siri patent to seek a sales ban on Samsung’s latest device which has a similar feature called S-Voice with the user interface that resembles Apple’s digital secretary a lot, as seen below.

Now, according to patent blogger Florian Müeller, interviewed by The Korea Times, the South Korean conglomerate will get even with Apple and is definitely going to target the next iPhone, expected to be unveiled at WWDC next Monday.

Müeller said:

There’s no question that Samsung will pay back in kind, and the iPhone 5 will definitely be a priority target.

Apple is thought to be concerned about the nine million preorders for the S III, which was launched in 28 countries in Europe and the Middle East in May and about to launch in the United States on June 21.

Müeller observes that Samsung’s product cycles are “way faster than the U.S. legal system”, adding:

Apple filed for an injunction against the Nexus phone in February but by now the Galaxy SIII looks like a much hotter product. Apple is well aware of the incredibly high levels of pre-launch orders around the globe and mentions those numbers in its filing.

The S III was not designed by lawyers, Samsung argues.

Speculating that the S III will probably be “the most exciting and best-selling Android-based product ever”, Müeller concluded that Apple wants to at least delay the handset in the U.S. and reduce its appeal to consumers by enforcing software changes in order to make things easier for its next iPhone.

And the latest from the courtroom: Samsung just sued Australian patent office to force judicial four Apple patents, seeking to declare them invalid.

Now, it’s been suggested that a recent executive reshuffling at Samsung could improve relationship with Apple because the new CEO Kwon Oh-hyun has deep relationships with Apple.

However, the speculation has no merit as KDB Daewoo Securities analyst James Song opined in a Reuters interview “there’ll be no major changes in overall strategy”.

What do you think should Apple do?

Did they make a mistake by seeking a US sales ban on the S III?

  • quietstorms

    I’m getting really sick of people pretending Apple has an ulterior motive. Could it not just be that Apple didn’t like that Samsung ripped off Siri?

    • Siri and much much more…

    • willie_walk

      True, because that’s exactly what Samsung did. But some of the other lawsuites are a little rediculous.

  • it’s really sad that apple wants to compensate their lack of quality with lawsuits and not with real upgrading their devices…just look at the first galaxy and compare it to this new one…this one looks like he is not from this planet….but if you compare 4s with, lets say 2 generations older 3gs, the diff isnt that big…just some,if i may say minor hardware upgrades…if there were no siri it would be almost the same…and one more thing…apple says that ui of s-voice is simillar to siri….wtf…analog to that they could sue every damn phone company for havein option to call somebody with their phones…last but not least, im apple customer since iphone 3g and now i have 4s but i cant wait to get rid of it and lay my hands on s3…just cuz apples arogancy and obvious lack of quality…

    • pegger1

      You can say you don’t like the iPhone, but you can’t use lack of quality as the reason. One thing the iPhone has is quality. Do you really think the 3G hardware compares to the 4S? The software will be the same because the older iPhones are able to get iOS updates. You can’t say that about all Androids.

      • sorry, maybe its bad choice of words…i dont doubt apple hardware quality….my 3g still works…thing that bothers me the most is relation between iphones overall progres and his (veeery, veery) high price….cuz upgrades that that make doesnt match very high price…for example, the screen on iphone is same from the begining….they had to make it bigger on iphone4 but i think they still dont plan to do that…there is so many stuff i could say but i dont wanna be boring…

      • too late, you were boring after your first sentence.

        samsung isn’t quality, it is plastic. Android isn’t revolutionary, it is a complete ripoff of iOS. the iPhone design destroys all of samsung’s designs…their build quality destroys samsung. the list goes on and on.

        the only similarity between a 3g and a 4 or 4s is the look of the front. the sides, back, top, bottom, internals…all COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. go hump your android and go away. ty

      • matthew childs..you sir are either stupid or brainwashed….im not in the mood to argue….it obvious that i need to paint something for you to understand…..cuz of naive guys like you apple every nine months relese new phone which is almost the same as last one and still have someone to stay in line whole night to buy it….

  • Make them burn! Why not, if I weren’t an iPhone user, I wouldn’t know how copycat they are. Well, they make a decently good copy after all.

  • The S III looks great. Finally they got it right with the design. Its size is bit big perhaps. But honestly, who cares who copies who?

    Jim Jarmusch says (and I totally agree) regarding movies:
    Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is nonexistent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery—celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from—it’s where you take them to.”

    And I think it applies to everything.

    • Ask yourself that question again if it was your product and your money. I bet you turn a complete 180. GUARANTEED!

      • krzystoff_oz

        fair call, but as you and no-one here appears to be an Apple exec, even an Apple employee that’s moot — we are but consumers, so it makes no difference who stole whose ideas, they can deal with their own legal problems.  
        to reiterate Christoff’s response — ie steal designs that work and make something greater with it — exactly what Samsung is working to achieve.  as for the finish quality of Apple’s phones, we can only speculate about why that is the case, but Apple has a greater buying power with the number of identical handsets the ship each year that slashes their material costs; they also can afford to make their phones at a loss, using subsidies from telco kickbacks and iTunes unmatched profits; remember too, that earlier models of the iPhone weren’t quite as sleek as the current models, if Samsung ever reaches the same level of turnover per model, they will be able to do likewise. however, in every other way (Samsung/Google/&Co.) have both borrowed and more importantly, improved upon, what their competitors (including Apple) have done, leaving out as much of the crap that users don’t benefit from.  

    • Just remember the signs that Steve Jobs had at Apple during the early days. “Good artists create, but great artists steal.”

  • Barnaby Woods

    Wait! The next iPhone is going to be revealed at WWDC?!

    • willie_walk

      I certainly hope so!

      • pegger1

        I’d like it to be. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. Not if it’s a fall release

  • I hate samsung so much

  • To the readers, the way of our emerging world has been that Asian companies as in genral have historically trailed in innovation (Originality) to the rest of the world, I exclude Japan from this as they have been through what I describe…..With time, these smaller COPY philosophy style companies prospered as a result of cheap copy entry points to the market. Over time, they improved their designs and quality as their profits increase and their ability to invest in design and quality improves…..

    I believe Apple and others that innovate have a right to get a return on their upfront risk in investing millions to innovate. Take for example. Honda, Kia and Hyundai. How they started and where they are today. If you travel to Korea, you will find a “COPY” look alike of most every major well respected car design. Kia and or Hyundai copy the look and sell into their markets. After 10 years of this, Hyundai is king in the US and finally now creating unique styles.

    As a direct contrast to this….take Facebook, RIM and perhaps others that revolutionize how we do things……

    For those that value innovation and respect aggressive entrepreneurs who step across the line, risk profits to innovate, I encourage you to buy from those who deserve. For the rest of you who simply don’t appreciate this passion and drive………that’s you who fuels the companies that have no choice but to copy to succeed.

    If it looks, smells and tastes like it, then it probably was inspired to intentionally look smell and taste that way. No one can argue that Samsung’s products (Phones) up to perhaps the Galaxy SIII have had a “Strong inspiration” from Apple. Motorola and even RIM. I will argue that even Samsung’s recent style of marketing has been strongly inspired by Apple.

  • east to west apple is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What an irony. Company that had taken almost anything that is god on their phone from other companies is now suing Samsung just because they have better product than theyr phone.
    Apple is now to big corporation without fresh ideas, and they are trying to get top positions with any means they can… even dirty low ones.
    I have now iPhone 4, but I can’t wait for my contract with network ends, so that I can take S3. I rather have superior product for less money, then to pay more money for inferior product just because of the name!

    • You’ll soon return it for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. You’re saying S3 on a 2-year contract is going to be cheaper than iPhone on the same contract? GS3 is $199 for 16GB. Same for iPhone 4. I’m sure iPhone 5 16GB will be the same.

    • Im glad that you are changing to an android. Because only then you will know the difference and understand why apple is better.

      • Actually, I am beta testing mobile phone for 1 manufacturer (not Samsung), who have their smartphones with Android OS. And that is one of the reason I will switch. iOS is easy to use, but don’t have enough freedom to tweak it as I would like it. Never knew what iPhone can do till I had jailbreak it (and I lose all guaranties on phone for that in my country). And Android OS was complicate at first since I was used to iOS, but after some use I had gotten used to it, and is really easy to me now. And I really dislike Apples policy that they know better than users what users want, so that users can’t change anything important. That and most apps that I pay 1$ on iOS are free on android…

  • The world can only have do many ideas. Small things like similar UI should not be something that you can be sued for. Just sell your products fairly, everyone wants a profit. Apple needs to learn that they can’t monopolize things, that there will be competition. Samsung isn’t even denting Apple’s sales. That said, I’m switching to the SGS3 from an iPhone 4. iOS is too linear for me.

  • krzystoff_oz

    is that rust on the Apple charger ?  good thing Samsung didn’t copy that innovative feature!