With WWDC coming up on Monday, there’s only a few days left to speculate on what new goodies Apple will unveil. We know for sure that iOS 6 is on the menu, but what new features will the update bring?

The consensus seems to be that, other than a number of revamped applications, Apple’s mobile OS will remain largely unchanged from its predecessor. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t dream big…

MacStories points to an impressive new iOS concept from designer Joost van der Ree. The video is reminiscent of past works from Jan-Michael Cart, and includes tons of cool feature ideas. Check it out:

Overall, it’s a really well thought-out concept. It seems like some of the features, namely the Mission Control concept, would be better suited on the iPad. But we’re really digging the Dynamic Badges idea.

In the end, these features all seem more than a tad bit too ambitious for Apple — especially for iOS 6. But here’s hoping they’re at least taking notes for future iterations.

What do you think of the concept?

  • Joost does it again, simply amazing

  • Cool.

  • This would be amazing to see in iOS 6

  • If only, guess we can dream tho.

  • This is beautiful!

  • The quality everything is in makes me think that its already in iOS. The next question, what iPhones will be able to support it?

    • haha not 3gs. i believe 3gs will start losing support halfway through ios 6

      • That’s what I was thinking, I still have a 3GS, but i’m going to upgrade to the next generation when it comes out. I feel bad for all the people who bought that 3GS because it was free and cant even upgrade. Plus, iOS 5 is laggy right now and they’ll have to deal with it for 2 years.

  • Someone needs to make this into a tweak. NOW.

    • christodouluke

      ergh, no

  • really amazing amazing !!!!!!!

  • jose castro

    im sure this will be out soon just like all the other concept videos…………watch….

  • Someone should make dynamic badges! that looks really nice!

    • christodouluke

      Don’t be silly, dynamic badges is pointless

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Like if you always post here and never win the giveaways while some random chump does

    • Thanks for calling me some random chump…

      • MagicDrumSticks

        With the exception of you burge 🙂

  • Can we get a tweak for all of this? lol

  • christodouluke

    Dynamic badges is just notification centre with one app’s notifications, it even uses the same gesture! How is that an improvement?

    Mission Control would be nice to have. It’s the same as multifl0w but with safari tabs, maybe redesign it?

    Flip icons is just plain pointless.

    • QuarterSwede

      Those were my complaints and praises as well. Mission Control is the only thing that adds any value and would be nicely consistent with Lion/Mountain Lion.

      • christodouluke

        THANK YOU! Seems like everyone is too dazzled by the pretty animations to realise these additions would just be cruft.

      • RE: Dynamic badges: You can think of it as notification center filter for that specific app. Or simply another way of seeing notification right at the point where the badge caught your attention.

        Say, you’ve missed the incoming notification. You pick up your phone to do something and you see the badge on the Facebook icon that catches your eye. Instead of pulling down the notification center and potentially see the many other missed notification, and weeding through them, you can simply utilize dynamic badges to see only that notification for Facebook. Of course, I suspect clearing the notification there should clear in the Notification center as well. And vice versa.

        We all have different values and way of doing things. I can see how that fit into my daily use. It’s cool to have concepts like these and options should it be implemented.

  • I think it’s pretty cool

  • If Apple doesn’t buy this concept then hopefully a jail breaker will implement this, because this is AMAZING!

  • the icon to preview app before launching reminds me of PSVita’s UI but better xD awesome concept. Every app is a newstand app LOLOL

  • awesome

  • That just blew my mind, if apple does even one of those things then…..yeah!!! Thumbs up

  • It all makes so much sense… so basically that means that Apple won’t do any of it.

  • Ronald Weaver

    Thats the kind of overhaul IOS6 needs to bring! A widget for the springboard would be nice too!

  • If Apple doesn’t include the “flipcons” concept in iOS 6 (or at least the first beta), I’ll make a tweak for it.


    • Thank You! I will be there to buy it right when you release it. Good devs like This guy are why I JB!:)

  • Badass, clean and cool.

    Let’s see it Apple, it’s time.

    Bonus, no widgets in video! Woot. Also do mission control better, more like webos

  • On second look still super cool but unfortunately it duplicates notification center too much and doesn’t solve the view at a glance issue.

    Pull down icon should do something that is a very cool innovation almost like home screen settings did, a class act JB app.

    Wonderful safari implementation. Apple could really use some innovation on the UI

  • D.

    Make this concept come to life! Somebody! 😀

  • Bitch please, these “concepts” are all realities already on the far more superior Android operating system.

  • shaan sarode

    Does anyone know if any of these can be found as tweaks in the cydia store?

  • Imran Mitha

    Amazingg…Apple should hire this guy!

  • wow!

  • I don’t think the icons look better than the latest ayecon theme icons on cydia :/

  • sasan akbari

    Looks cool but I perfer widgets!
    I’ve installed dashboard X and I love it so much.

  • I like the dynamic apps and flip icons aspects, but the Safari tweak is already available via different apps and I’d prefer to keep my app switcher working the way it currently does (Zephyr and Switchy). Hopefully someone creates this tweak with the ability to select which settings, options are enabled.

  • Dynamic icon badges look awesome but basically kills the purpose of the notification center lol.

    • I was thinking the the same, originally. I was thinking this and dbx (dashboard X) would eliminate NC, but I’m looking at this tweak as more of a you missed notifications or hadn’t checked, but you are on springboard and notice a badge and decide to check it deal. NC will always alert you via banner or whatever means you have and you can check it from anywhere, while this one necessitates checking from springboard. But it and dbx are game changers, I believe.

      • Oh you are right the notification center would still allow you to view notifications from within an app. I think the dynamic icons thing was cool but when you think about it, when you have a lot of apps it would be a waste of time to have to go to the page the app is on and then look at its notifications instead of bringing up the notifications center from any page or app you are in. So notifications center wins lol.

      • I think for some people, they have to start thinking app management or organization a little bit better.

        The way I organize my iPhone, this concept will work very well with it. I have basically two pages of home screen. The apps that generally have the badges are all together, so I’ll see it right away.

  • Would be simply amazing!

  • Maybe they will put Rich Text in the Notes app for iOS 6

  • Thank you german GEMA -.- can’t watch this 🙁

  • This needs to be a tweask all of it! MissionControl, Dynamic Badges and all the rest!

  • such a good concept !!! soo good

  • Roni Isometsä

    Before I like Apple! NOW I love Apple because iOS 6 ! It’s amazaing ! =)

  • jay1029

    genius. can’t wait to see this implemented, either through jailbreak tweak(s) or official apple updates, im confident it will show up some time.

  • Holland 😀

  • nice 🙂 but i have to add that double tapping is a pain in the butt fot getting fullscreen surfing since zooming in on text or pictures imbedded in the site is using the double tapping gesture. trippel tapp for the fullscr. thing would be better!


  • MatteoMorlacchi

    Make this a tweak. Please

  • Love the Mission Control tweak!

  • No worries guys just chill.. If apple dosent then ‘Cydia just rocks’ I m sure that our JB team will do it.. And ALL THE BEST:-)

  • There’s a lot of gold in that video. Nice work Jan-Michael Cart.

  • Very well done. Apple, please hire these guys!

  • javierE186

    This just made me wet my pants :(, I WISH IT WOULD BE SOMETHING APPLE WOULD ACTUALLY DO.