A whole bunch of technical drawings of Apple’s spectacular all-glass Campus 2 building got released earlier today by City of Cupertino. We’ve already shown you a 4,300-car underground parking lot plus an insanely massive auditorium designed for theatrical product unveils and exhibitions.

As the four released PDF documents containing these drawings weigh in at nearly 70 megabytes, we did our homework, extracting high-quality renders for your viewing pleasure.

Let me tell you, these look absolutely gorgeous on your iPad 3…

I first extracted the images from PDF files available on the City of Cupertino’s website and saved each in lossless PNG format.

Next, I used Pixelmator, my go-to image editing program for the Mac, to crop out everything but the renders.

Then I rescaled the resulting images to the Retina-friendly 2,048-pixel width (the originals were just a few pixels wider) and saved each as a JPG file compressed for 80 percent quality.

Hope you enjoy these beautiful shots on your brand spanking “new” iPad 3 as much as I do. Just tup on each image to load its Retina-optimized version.

Let me know what you think down in the comments.

  • it’s a joke right? why are all the pictures in fields of grain? looks like the end of gladiator for god sakes…

  • That is what the hills above Cupertino Look like.

    Does anyone else notice the 6 lane entrance to a underground car park too?

  • Who else thinks they should build the ‘UFO’ in the shape of the Apple Logo ?

  • Whoa! As a former builder, and son of a very popular contractor in NYC this is amazing.

  • Aric Bolf

    Rendered drawings always look “perfect”. Reality is always slightly different.

    Notice the near lack of traffic on the roads?

  • sasan akbari

    It really looks like to Arena where gladiators fight there!!! 😀

  • Illuminati