Our friend and former iDB writer Alex Heath points us to a short clip highlighting Google’s embarrassment at yesterday’s hastily organized press conference to announce “the next dimension in Maps”. Instead, as pointed out by MG Siegler, the search Goliath revealed anxiety over Apple Maps.

Be that as it may, the fact remains that Google put up a pretty boring show, rushing out a new version of Google Maps and looking foolish in the process…

Though Google showcased the upcoming version of the mobile Google Earth app on both Apple’s tablet and an Android slate, it crashed on the iPad – and more than once, too.


Other than the app crashing thing – which, by the way, Jobs experienced during his keynotes, too – yesterday’s event has brought out Google’s 3D mapping technology which admittedly looks pretty doggone good. Check out all the details in our liveblog article.

Here, enjoy.

Why didn’t he just bring up the app switcher and kill the program prior to launching it the second time?

Should you choose to speak out, we’re down in the comments.

[via Alex Heath’s blog]

  • “this isn’t a technology demonstration, so hm.”
    it’s not really a big deal, alot of apps crash, but the google maps is looking pretty good.

    Also, he could have also apologized for the crashing 😛

    • As a company you never want to be “sorry” as taught in college, in business communication/HR course

      • unfortunately, i’ve never been in a business communication/HR course, but I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!

  • tturner23

    I enjoy reading iDownloadBlog but this… Really guys?

    • maurid

      I agree… And after all, if we’re playing by the same rules, it is an iPad, isn’t it?

  • Has everything always worked perfectly at every keynote ever? Wow this was incredibly embarrassing -__-

  • He should have closed Google Earth the first time it crashed, so he wouldn’t have to try to open it like 50 times lol. it happens 😛

  • It must be iOS is ditching google api that’s why it hates the new google apps

  • Woo google is not using there tab but iPad !!!!

  • remember that even Steve Jobs experienced something like that? I see no reason for this post. Not all keynotes go as planned

  • I love apple and have almost every product, but really do you have to do this to google, it took them long enough to make this amazing app

  • its about demonstration of demo application of future technology so i think that its not big deal for app crashing. embarrassing is only cause he using apple products instead of google (android) products… it would be the same as director of coca-cola company drinks pepsi (which, i believe, is doing that 🙂

  • It… CRASHED?! All the embarrassment…
    And hey, in the meantime, GROW UP!

  • Crashes happen….and yes, it never looks good. But what is very clear is that Google felt the need to get to market the fact that they too are working on 3D maps. Google had a choice, do as they did, or wait and present a very fluid and complete post apple event. This event unfortunately presented very forced….allowing time filler content like the Dir. of Eng.talking about his work history….not relevant to anyone present, the boring details on how airplanes capture the footage. Again, to the user, this is background noise. As for Google, we all expect great stuff from them. However, the execution yesterday was disappointing.

  • awwwww…. Facepalm!

  • makedonii

    he didnt use the app switcher and kill the app since hes not used to using a jailbroken iphone 😉 we know how important is to KillAll apps with one button 😉 my first instinct when the app crasher is to kill it the relounch it 🙂

  • Oh Man! What a newb!

  • forumiphone

    volvo’s car crashed when they showcased their safety tech
    mercedes crashed another merc when they showcased new tech system but it isnt embarrassmed moment it just happens WHEN YOU TRY SOMETHİNG NEW ALWAYS HAPPEN NO ONE İS PERFECT and even imovie on my ipad crashed sometimes

    I am embarrassmed for Christian Zibreg fanboy word’s

    they give us new 3d maps and they show ıt on ipad this mean they respect the power of ipad versus adroıd tab and you just this word to thme is disrespectfull

  • Loopthree


  • Nothing else to say other than LOL!

  • That was Steve Jobs saying “Google don’t touch my iPad”

  • This isn’t a big deal. Remember when Jobs couldn’t get signal on the iPhone 4 during that keynote? Unexpected things happen.

    • freediverx

      Well, the difference there was that the issue was due to an incredibly overwhelmed wifi network, not a buggy device or app. Meanwhile I can easily reproduce the Google Earth crashing problem at home without any connection issues to blame.

      • A buggy device? So the iPad they were using then. Kudos 🙂

  • FAIL lol

  • Eh, fuck off

  • Kempi

    I swore i heard “Crickets” in the background when that happen lol

  • Hyr3m

    Need more proof the iPad sucks ?
    Weak mid-range devices sold for more than high-end ones.

  • A bit like apple with the Internet failure at their presentation.

  • planetcoalition

    It crashed. So? I think he handled it well.
    Posting this as a gesture to tease Google just because it’s been Apple’s enemy seems juvenile to me.