In late 2011, OnLive announced that it would be bringing its over-the-air console gaming platform to iOS. It promised that users, wielding its dedicated controller, would have access to a library of tens of thousands of popular games on their iOS devices.

But as cool as it sounded, the magic soon wore off as the app’s ETA went from “imminent” to “your guess is as good as ours.” It’s now been 6 months since the OnLive team submitted its iOS client to the App Store. And it’s still awaiting Apple’s approval…

TouchArcade recently spoke to OnLive at the ongoing E3 gaming conference. And here’s what it had to say:

“It’s not much of a surprise that Apple might have issues with the OnLive app, as it’s offering a complete platform that Apple doesn’t have control over, promotes a gamepad, and provides content purchased outside of the App store ecosystem. So, here’s to keeping our fingers crossed to OnLive and Apple coming to some sort of middle ground to get the app out.”

It’s pretty much common knowledge these days that if Apple doesn’t understand or like what your app is doing, it won’t see the inside of the App Store. We’ve seen evidence of this as recent as the whole Airfoil Speakers Touch debacle, where Apple pulled an app that wasn’t technically breaking any of its guidelines.

But you have to admit that this would be a difficult decision. Would you approve an application that would surely negatively impact your App Store revenue? Because not only would OnLive sell its service outside of the App Store (and Apple’s 30% cut), but it would also likely cause a noticeable drop in App Store (game) downloads.

That’s a tough call. And you can bet that all eyes in the industry are on Apple right now awaiting its decision. If it shoots down the gaming client, then everyone will likely say “figures,” and move on. But if it approves it, it could unlock a whole new world of possibilities for developers.

What do you think Apple should do?


  • Approve, goddammit!!

  • Anonymous

    I really want to see this approved primarily because of the psychical pad and then for the big title games!

  • Anonymous

    Its only a tough call if you don’t give a sh*t about your customers.
    The only reason for this not being approved is Apple’s greed.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much. Meanwhile, on ICS tablets, you can already get and use this. WITH any keyboard, mouse or gamepad you want. So, are you apple fanboys sick of waiting yet. Sick of waiting for an announcement that isn’t incremental and disappointing? Sick of waiting for feature that have been in phones since 2005 to come to the iPhone? Sick of waiting for every new app to take months and months and months to come out? Sick of waiting months and months to jailbreak every time theres a new version of your mobile OS just to do what you want with it?
      I have to hand it to you guys, you guys have the patience of saints. Its very impressive.
      Meanwhile the rest of us are moving on.

      • Anonymous

        I see your point but (from someone with a 4S and a Galaxy Nexus), in general the iPhone apps are still better. (Also, if I compare apps I use on both platforms, the iphone app almost always has better functionality and aesthetics.)

        And that’s what counts for me.

      • Anonymous

        Yep. Those of you that have ICS. And I’ll take having something run faster, smoother and better looking. Than something that’s rushed, half baked and something that looks like a 5 year old designed it. Every dev goes to the iOS first and android as an after thought. So who’s waiting for apps? As far as jailbreak goes. The only reason people on ios are jailbreaking is for 1 maybe 2 things. There isn’t much to jailbreak for anymore. I’m not even gonna get into android hardware.

  • One word: Cydia.


    • In a dream world yes! But come back down to reality and they would never risk loosing the huge market called the app store. Like it or not they would not make enough money to support there back end. There are not enough “jailbreakers”

  • I’m guessing the delay could be because Apple is considering releasing their own controller. Apple approved Netflix and I don’t believe that ate into their itunes movie biz much.I don’t really see another reason, because the games Onlive is offering is more for the hardcore gamer, something that the app store doesn’t really cater to much, when compared to console gaming which is what Onlive is bringing.

  • Of this happened I wouldn’t get an xBos like I’m planning on doing, I’d be contend with my iPad.

  • Danny McDonald

    I’m not even sure it would impact Apple’s revenue, as the games OnLive offers are full price, and even the discounted ones are on a par with iOS’s high-end prices. It’d more likely be an extension of OnLive’s existing experience than a chunk out of Apple’s.

    • David Villamizar

      But you can think in that as a competition for the app store, plus onlive won’t pay apple for any game purchase or rent since they are done via the online account, yet that can be some kind of in app purchase.

  • they should make a new rule for apps like this(they get 40% or more of what the app makes a month)

  • It’s a hard decision for Apple to make

  • Hyr3m

    *cough* apple douchebags *cough*

  • TheRealWallyrus

    I think Apple should buy OnLive.