MacRumors spotlights an interesting new iPhone accessory from Grove, a well-known iDevice case-maker, called the SkateBack. As the name implies, the SkateBack is an iPhone case made from recycled skateboard scraps.

The company has teamed up with MapleXO — an outfit known for its recycled skateboard jewelry — to produce the covers, which work with both iPhone 4 and 4S models, and are constructed of 100% waste materials…

“The SkateBack makes a short journey from raw skateboard waste at skateboard factory PS Stix, to eye-catching ply with Lindsay at Maple XO, to cell phone accessory at Grove. PS Stix owner Paul Schmitt, of Costa Mesa, CA, has been designing and producing skateboards for nearly three decades. A skateboarder himself, his products are known worldwide for their quality, performance, and durability. PS Stix makes more than 4,000 skateboards every day, 200 per hour, almost three per minute! Thanks to Paul and Lindsay, we’re repurposing those scraps.”

While the wooden cover might not be the most protective case on the market, it’s certainly one of the most unique. And whether you’re into skateboarding, or decreasing mankind’s negative impact on the environment, it looks like a solid buy.

You can grab your own SkateBack, available in multiple color schemes, from Grove’s website for $49.

What do you think of the recycled cover?

  • 49 is a bit steep for a case…

  • That’s probably the dumbest and ugliest case I’ve ever seen.

  • that is beautiful. shame about the price tag. :/

  • Anonymous

    Not bad, way to much though.

  • Not really a case.

  • Anonymous

    That is pretty cool. My 2 most favorite hobbies I have ever known. Skateboarding and

    I would totally buy this case……if it was cheaper.

    Seriously…nothing I love more than skateboarding and my iPhone…but $50!?!??

    That’s how much a new deck costs…id rather spend the 50 on an actual

    Maybe I’ll be able to grab one on Amazon for $10….cuz I seriously wouldn’t pay more then

  • chilts

    that’s pretty sweet. I like that it’s actually made from recycled skateboards. It’s not really a case but more of a backing that you stick on.

    I’m currently rocking a ghetto blaster case on my iphone that I picked up from Rocketcases.