Some jailbreak tweaks are immediately labeled as being worthless, and Black Icon Labels is one such tweak. I understand that there are a few users out there who will find this tweak handy, but most will probably claim otherwise.

Black Icon Labels changes the color of your app icon labels from white to black, and nothing more. If there’s one good thing that I can tell you about this tweak, it is that it doesn’t require WinterBoard to make the change. If you have a light colored wallpaper set on your iPhone’s Home screen, then Black Icon Labels might be something you want to check for…

Black Icon Labels can be downloaded for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • مصطفى اللامي

    that great jeff workin 100%

    jeff what about i downloadblog iphone its not working

    please help me

  • Anonymous

    Jeff are you a robot?

  • I tried this but couldnt get it to work….not sure whether it was an issue with springtomize or winterboard but the icons stayed white 🙁

    • Ernesto Carrillo

      In winterboard make sure u have white icon labels deselected. Otherwise winterboard overrides any other tweak.

  • lebronmark23


  • Anonymous

    This looks pretty damn ugly.

  • Brent Skylyrth

    Does it work with iPad?

  • Good idea but it should have more functionality. Like choose the color you want.

  • Dan

    I remove my labels entirely with springtomize

  • If it had an option to remain white when you open a folder it would be worth considering.

  • Anonymous

    i have a lighter wallpaper color on my homescreen so looks it looks good but it becomes virtually useless when i expand a folder

  • springtomize 2

  • It works for my iPad 2 …..nice