Do you rarely use dictation on your iPhone? Would you prefer if there was a way to completely get rid of the dictation button without totally getting rid of Siri? Well, if you’re jailbroken, now you can.

Introducing: NoDictation — a simple jailbreak tweak that removes the dictation button on the iPhone keyboard once installed. The nice thing about NoDictation is that you can disable dictation on your iPhone, without having to totally disable Siri.

Take a look at our video walkthrough of NoDictation for more information on how it operates…

If you’re looking to disable dictation on the new iPad, you can install this tweak of course, but it would be more advisable to simply head to Settings > Keyboards and disabled the Dictation option.

NoDictation is a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you rarely find the need to use dictation on the iPhone, or you find yourself always accidentally invoking dictation, then I suggest you give it a look. What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    wont use

  • world be better if it was the other way round!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow this is useless, who would use this?!

  • Dan

    talk about pointless, I’d rather have dictation and get rid of siri

    • metromiami

      That’s fine but consider this. I never use Siri or dictation. I’m just not into them; I prefer to type.

      Now at night, I’m typing in bed, my wife is asleep next to me, it’s late, and my iPhone is on silent. If my thumb hits the space bar too far on the left, I get 3 purple dots and my phone goes DA DA DA really loudly, I hear my wife start to wake up, it’s not that good

  • Siv

    Regardless of how much utility this tweak holds toward you, I think it’s only customary to respect the developer’s work.

  • this is the best jailbreak tweak I had ever seen, this dictation was making me a lot of troubles.
    I can not imagine my life with it. thank a lot.

  • Dictation is one of my favorite things about my 4S and one of the main reasons that I opted for the iPad 3. Tried the JB version, and it’s nowhere near as good as the iOS version. I’m waiting for a tweak that removes the annoying keyboard that pops up every time I try to use dictation…

  • Anonymous

    Why not disable the retina display while you’re at it too, not many tweaks are useless, this is one.

  • ba tongxue


  • Dan

    Well, I’m in support of it. I previously disabled siri, because it wrecks the keyboard layout with the useless (to me) dictation icon. This lets me use siri without accidentally hitting dictation all the time.

  • eliac7

    I just find out this tweak, it saved my life because Dication sucks -_-