Japanese blog Macotakara just posted an interesting video which seems to compare an alleged next-generation iPhone glass panel against the current iPhone model. The clip depicts a taller but wider glass panel, supporting the mounting evidence that the iPhone 5 will introduce a new display size measuring slightly above four inches diagonally…

Surprisingly, as seen in the above image, though the glass panel in question has the same width as the iPhone 4/4s, it measures 4.07 inches diagonally, or approximately 10.33cm, versus the 3.5-inch display on current iPhones.

As a result, the next iPhone sporting this display would be a bit taller than the current iPhone 4/4S models that are 4.54 inches tall, or 115.2 mm.

More precisely, the height difference between a 3.5-inch iPhone 4/4S and a 4.07-inch iPhone 5 would amount to approximately 10mm, or 0.39 inches.

Not too much, but notable nonetheless.

Macotakara explains (machine-translated):

If you look at just how long or than the iPhone 4S, is the feeling you move up to the length of the sensor bar from Lacey. However, I think this length is shorter than the liquid crystal display area was expanded.

Here’s the clip, courtesy of Macotakara.

And this is that glass panel on top of the iPhone 4S.

The glass panel Macotakara has gotten its hands on appears to be in line with the most recent leaks, specifically a metal backplate, a front panel and an alleged design schematic.

You may also be interested in likely CPU/GPU specs of the next iPhone.

The real thing or perhaps just someone who knows how to mold glass?

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  • Yikes, that may be a bit larger than I would like it to be.

    • That’s what I was thinking….

      • Yeah it’s kind of scary for sure. But I assume I will want it anyways!

      • I know the iPod Touch 4Gen is smaller then the iPhone, but jesus it’s like holding my keys compared to my 4.7″, haha. People say my phone is big, I say theirs are tiny. I say we go up to 4.5″ :D!

      • Ugh my gosh this may be a terrible ‘upgrade’, if you
        May call it that at all.

    • Anonymous

      That’s NOT what she said.

    • OMG are you freaking serious… the iphone’s dwarflike profile is probably the single biggest turn off to me aside from the crappy rigid OS that it runs..

      • I am very serious. Get a tablet if u want a big ass phone in your pocket.

  • Your video isn’t working.

  • fuck iphone 5 , this to much man.

  • taller but not wider??? This can’t be it…smh

    • David Villamizar

      A wider iPhone would make one handed tasks uncomfortable, just pickup your iPhone and feel how easy is to reach the corners and how hard it would be with a wider phone.

      • I’m going to back to my post … Shook my head , and here I was pre ordering the iPhone last night …lol smh at myself. From all the leaks it eventually grew on me lol

      • David Villamizar

        lol I guess you didn’t heard the processor specs back then, that’s the only reason I have to like this iPhone

  • This whole video is fake, it’s just someone who knows how to mold glass, it’s all based apon speculation, I know this because there are no wires or anything and if the other rumors hold true it will be an all-in-one glass panel

    • Anonymous

      Why would the glass panel have wires?

      • Falk M.

        “all-in-one glass panel” 🙂

  • It’s will maybe not be that too guyz.

  • Anonymous

    If it were an actual Apple part wouldn’t it have the mesh to cover the speaker hole? Seems like they could have easily faked this based on the leaked images.

    • Anonymous

      The speaker mesh would be part of a component not part of the glass

      • Anonymous

        On the screen assembly for the iPhone4 and iPhone4S the mesh is adhered directly to the back of the glass.

      • Anonymous

        but the glass wasnt made with the mesh on it. this is only the glass.

      • Anonymous

        I am aware. What I am saying is that if it was the official glass piece from Apple for the iPhone6 it would have the mesh on it. The only glass parts that come without the speaker mesh are ones that are manufactured by 3rd party companies.

  • And…what now? Will it be same design again but with bigger screen, that’s stupid

    • Anonymous

      My point exactly, I love my iPhone 4 but it’s so old now, a major facelift is needed.

      • I agree wid u for once…:o

      • I agree with you for the millionth time…:o

  • i hope this is fake or galaxy s3 it is

    • sn0wbaLL

      already went for the s3:) No regrets!

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks awful, ye, the iPhone 4/4S is still a nice looking phone but after what, 3 years? it needs an overhaul and as much as I love Apple products I 100% will not be buying the new iPhone if it is anything like the current model in shape and style and that picture looks exactly the same just bigger and that looks awful imo.

    The whole OS needs a facelift aswell from everything like widgets through to themes. I saw something the other day about people arguing the fact that the OS is fine and doesn’t need to look different and that’s all well and good if you like dull, boring Green and Grey, personally I don’t and would at least like the choice to change the style like on Android phones … The white on black style on Sony phones is very nice and looks so much better but that’s just me, a choice is what’s needed now and not just what Apple think looks good.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I really like apple products, but give us something new! Also, thank the good lord of jailbreaking. Without a jailbreak, an iphone is just another boring, uncustomizable phone.

      • Anonymous

        True mate, a standard iPhone without jailbreaking is not good at all, I know the fanboys might disagree but the truth is that Apple wouldn’t be half as successful as they are if it wasn’t for jailbreaking … I personally wouldn’t buy an iPhone if it wasn’t jailbreakable because without that it’s a really boring phone, it might do the job and the OS is decent but the look and feel is so old now.

      • Aahil Shah

        android has more customization than iphone without jailbreak

      • That’s not true. The majority of iOS users have never jailbroken a device or owned a jailbroken device. I’m actually the only one I know who has jailbroken, and that’s like out of 25 people. Android isn’t famous for it’s customization.. It’s famous for being cheaper, not better or anything, cheaper.

      • We love jailbreak !!

  • people will still buy it…

  • Am I the only one who actually really likes both the current aspect ratio AND screen size?

  • That is so fake. People just have way too much time on their hands so they can get hits on the internet.

  • Polysyllabic Pseudonym

    That’s UGLY!!!

    If it turns out to be true, I will stick to iPhone4 for another year and spend my money on Sony NEX-7 🙂

  • They need to make it wider, not just longer or what you call it. It will just makes typing harder and how will it improve anything?? Longer menubar in landscape, lol.

  • they need to leave the screen size alone!!!!

    • LEAVE SCREEN SIZE ALONE!! *sob sob* You’re lucky it even performed for you!! *sob* What has it ever done to you!? *sob sob** sorry, i couldn’t help myself.

  • Hahaha compared to the 4S it looks huge. Compare it to some galaxy trash it’s still small. I’m still going to buy the next iPhone no matter what it looks like.

  • FAKE FAKE FAKE no one knows anything about the next iphone its top secret

  • In a word…..Noooooooooo

  • “Fake, Ugly, Not going going to buy it” same thing everyone said when the iPhone 4 prototype was shown on Gizmodo. Then it comes out and everyone goes apeshit and loves the thing. Bunch of hypocrites. I bet if this was the real thing everyone would get it anyways once it actually comes out.

    • Anonymous

      Not everybody, just the pathetic little fanboys … Saying that, most Apple users seem to be fanboys, not unbiased users of a phone they prefer or what suits their needs, just fanboys who think the sun shines out of Apple’s arse and won’t hear anything bad about them or their products … The same people who also don’t acknowledge anything good about Android or any other OS.

      Narrow minded, naive, angry is all I picked up from your rant but whatever, if it looks like the images then i won’t be buying it, regardless of what your opinion is of “every” user.

      • Of course that’s who I’m talking about. This is an Apple fan site. And im not angry and certainly not naive. I witnessed it first hand, someone say they hated the iPhone 4 prototype and they were one of those people that waited in line to get it day one. I stand by what I said. It this is the real thing and I find out you get this iPhone you better come back here and delete your comment.

      • You wrong man…you wrong!! I love android….I work with Android and iOS of course… before the iphone 4 I didn’t like Apple’s products, simply I was not interested…I started in 2011…I was right it!!.. was the best choice….they are on another level, I would say 2 years in the future compare to android…
        The little robot is getting there, it needs a better eco-system, better graphics moreover needs to clean all sh*@t around in android market ( Google Play) whatever you want call it….On the other hand the iPhone 4S just works!!! is a perfect machine with a Jailbreak of course is more then perfect …IT’S AMAZING!!!!….that’s my opinion anyway…

  • Does anyone remember the size of the rumored backs? If anything this is just the next iPod Touch. It has the ff camera in the middle.

  • Anonymous

    It’s probably either an ugly prototype or a production front panel for the (new) iPhake (5/6), available only in Shenzhen.

  • PLEASE ! WIDER ! this is not a real upgrade :'(((((

  • “Usually people use the spoon to eat a cup of soup not a ladle ?!.”…I can use my iPhone 4S with one hand… it’s perfect!.What we need now is a bigger screen which will get 16:9 ratio for video.
    My opinion is that a 4 inches screen is fine….more than 4.3 is to big. I have an Htc Sensation Xe too..it’s Ok but I prefer the iPhone… is more comfortable…End of the story!!

    • CANF800SL CANF800SL

      Agreed… Apple should keep the 3.5 inch screen and make it slightly wider so that we can get 16:9 ratio for videos.


    If its only gonna be taller and not wider the iPhone 5 will look like a TV remote a clown would use. I really hope the video is a fake. Wider please… my iPhone 4 needs to be upgraded soon.

  • What’s with christian posting almost every article?

  • Anonymous

    i love my 4S but HOPEFULLY is doesnt have the same form factor and look of the 4/S…a much needed facelift is required….3 years with the same design would not be good =

  • The length seems so Japanese 😛

    …interesting :>

  • looooooooooooooool
    c ést incroyabl