The Rocky Racoon 5.1.1 Untether was just updated to version 1.0-2, and is now available for download in Cydia. This is the package that is installed on iOS devices that utilize the 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak, whether you obtained it via Absinthe, or via the Rocky Racoon installation on a 5.1.1 tethered jailbreak.

This update brings support to the iPhone 4 (GSM) 5.1.1/9B208 build that was recently released by Apple.

All that this means is that you can now gain untethered status using the latest version of Rocky Racoon. If your iPhone 4 is running this firmware build, and it is currently jailbroken using a tethered jailbreak, you can install Rocky Racoon to gain untethered status.

Special thanks to iH8sn0w for the clarification:

Even if you don’t fit the criteria to benefit from the update, it is still advisable that you update in order to be on the absolute latest build of Rocky Racoon. Have you updated yet?

  • Yup. Was just about to say I didn’t see any change log. Although I have noticed things are running a little bit smoother/quicker, but maybe that’s just me?

  • I wanna know what change in this version

  • I guess according to iH8sn0w ‏ “It just adds the 5.1.1/9B208 iPhone 4 (GSM) untether payload. :)”

  • seems odd. the jailbreak worked on the new build before hand anyway?

  • The bug with the iPad Camera Connection Kit not working has been fixed in this version 🙂

  • Done & i have 5.1.1/9B206 iPhone 4 (GSM) untether but why the update it shows up?!

  • My GSM iPhone 4 is still the old iOS 5.1.1 build, nevertheless I’ll update Rocky Racoon. Tho does anyone know what differences there are between the “old” and the “new” iOS 5.1.1 build for GSM iPhone 4?

  • I did:)

  • They should fix the music app. It has been skipping and playing other songs that I don’t want to play

    • i got that too, weird.

    • From what I’ve seen, syncing with iTunes fixes this


  • Stephfon Greene

    i updated to 1.0-2 and my phones multitasking is not working properly and it did not change the version too 9B208 it is still on 9B206

  • I’m experiencing somes bugs when I’m playing some musics.

    • Andy Brown Jr

      i see all my music, but it won’t play… says it’s playing but nothing is happening!! pandora works fine.. weird

  • Andy Brown Jr

    so can i turn my phone off after jailbreaking with absinthe?

  • done & i have 5.1.1( 9B206) Iphone 3gs untether and why no cydia?????
    so what can i do please tell me