As of this post, at about 4:45AM EST, it is 10:45AM in Amsterdam where the Hack In The Box conference is currently taking place. Just as pod2g alluded to in a previous post on his blog, it looks like the iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak will be demonstrated live at the conference, along with its highly awaited released before the conference concludes.

The official Twitter account for the Hack In The Box Security Conference just sent out a tweet confirming “Jailbreak Live” will take place tomorrow, and they are offering special 1-day passes if you happen to be in the area and wish to watch history take place.

What time can you expect to see the untethered jailbreak released in your neck of the woods? We analyze the likely time for the release inside…


Since Amsterdam is 6 hours ahead of EST, and each day of the conference appears to be between 09:00~ and 18:00~ hours local time, the earliest we would see a release is at 3AM EST on Friday, May 25th. Interestingly enough, the official agenda for the conference lists actual times that members of the DevTeam and Chronic Dev Team are scheduled to present their work. The odd thing about the agenda, is that it lists the exploit as being for 5.0.1 instead of 5.1.1. This is likely a typo, unless the guys plan to talk about the exploits for the previous untethered jailbreak that happened back in January.

The agenda lists the following times for each presentation:

May 24th

  • 11:30: Evolution of iPhone Baseband Unlocks — MuscleNerd

May 25th

  • 11:30: Corona Jailbreak — Joshua Hill AKA @p0sixninja, Cyril AKA @pod2g, and Nikias Bassen AKA @pimskeks
  • 13:00: Absinthe — Joshua Hill AKA @p0sixninja, Cyril AKA @pod2g, David Wang AKA @planetbeing, and Nikias Bassen AKA @pimskeks

This means the Corona event will start at 5:30AM EST on Friday, May 25th, and the Absinthe event will follow shortly thereafter at 7:00 AM EST. It’s very possible that the jailbreak will be released sometime within that ballpark window. Basically, I’d definitely keep my eyes peeled on Friday morning if I were you.


  • Everyone, theres a fake one going around already! Don’t be fooled! :}

  • So this men who have a iPhone 4 basement 4.12.01 will probably unlock the iPhone 4??

  • Question: what time and day will it be in Singapore for the awesome jailbreak?

    • The time in Amsterdam now is 13:11, and Singapore now is 17:11.

  • Nice … I’m off tomorrow too. Looks like I’ll be going to Starbucks in the morning. I’m taking my macbook and enjoy a latte and jailbreaking my 4S.

  • lol its already evening here in perth 🙂 1 hour 2 go

  • lol i only just got my new ipad last night and updated to 5.1.1 hope jailbreak would work

    • Good one, nice to get ready. to upgrade to 5.1.1, you need to download about 1GB from Apple…

  • Nothing happen. Time is up

  • Anonymous

    We would appreciate some sort of update(s) on the situation, if at all possible, please.

  • Alvin Ma

    The Absinthe event ends in 2hrs….we can wait and see if sth happens….

  • Ok, is time to get it!
    Please update the status?

  • do you need an internet connection for your laptop to jailbreak?

    • Normally NO, but you need it for download the application to JB.

  • 7:45AM EST I’m hoping for an 8:00 release.

  • Anonymous

    I been restless all night kept checking the website thinking i was gonna miss something…. guess ill hook my iPhone up to iDjLive and waste some time…..

    • Just wait about half an hour, see if anything happens, then it would be a waste of time

  • Mohammad Mosleh

    Wasn’t it supposed to be released yesterday?
    Where is it?