Zephyr is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks available on Cydia, and for good reason — it’s a marvelous tweak that brings multitouch gestures to your iPhone.

The developer of the tweak, Chpwn, has consistently updated Zephyr with new and improved features, and this latest update is no exception…

Zephyr version 1.3 contains two main improvements alongside obligatory bug fixes and performance increases. The first major improvement is the ability to switch apps via gestures while in landscape mode. The landscape switching works as advertised, but the fact still remains that there are many apps in existence that flat out don’t support landscape mode.

The next addition is the ability to “peak” at your Notification Center widgets and notifications. This is done by swiping down as if you were going to invoke Notification Center. Instead of the Notification Center pane appearing, the current app will shift down to reveal an incremental portion of the Notification Center. Doing this allows you to steal a peak at a certain widget or notification instead of displaying the entire Notification Center.

All in all this is another great update to an already awesome jailbreak tweak. If you missed our first walkthrough of Zephyr, be sure to check that out as well.

Zephyr 1.3 is a free update for existing users. New users can purchase Zephyr for $2.99 via Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

What do you think about the two new features?

  • I saw its $4.99

    • Indeed. This happened some time ago. I went to purchase it awhile back, noted the new price, and said no thanks. Yeah, it’s $2… but I just don’t need the tweak bad enough to justify $5.

  • Great video as always Jeff, thanks 🙂

    PS. Springtomize 2 has an option for landscape app switching, which works perfect with the new Zephyr update!

    • Actually the landscape switching is enabled through Zephyr on its own now, even if the Springtomize landscape option is disabled. Neither incorporates landscape rotation locking though. They’re both still worth buying!

  • Zephyr is just pure magic.

  • Typo.. 5th paragraph.. the word “great” is miss spelled

  • nice, this is amazing

  • Eric Morgan

    Not a lot apps support landscape??? Is he serious? He says so,e moronic shit but this one might take the cake.

  • Zephyr is a super great tweak. I love it so much. The new update doesn’t play nice on notification center on your idevice. “Swipe down the app to open” doesn’t work if you have Weeroll tweak.

  • This may push me to jailbreak again!

  • jjk

    The “NC Peak” looks cool, but doesn’t work with Springboard widgets activated in Winterboard. The wallpaper just disappears and the icons slowly move down. If I uncheck the widget in Winterboard it works great though.

  • So i had zephyr for like a year and it totally fucked my jailbreak!!!!!!!!!! I had to update to fuckin 5.1.1 to get rid of the bullshit glitch. Still pissed, but thanks to pod2g (if he ever drops the jailbreak) ill have my nuts back.

  • Battery is looking low there Jeff

  • Jeff your iPhone always seems to be below 20%, what’s up with that?

  • This app is awesome! fully recomend, this Tweak shoud be native in IOS

  • This app is awesome! fully recomend, this Tweak shoud be native in IOS

  • Lupius


  • Anonymous

    Unfold is out on Cydia, just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    Unfold is not compatible with Bulletin, just sayin again.

  • WARNING! Unfold does not work with Android Lock, it freezes your apps so unable to open anything. Its a good job I had SBSettings installed so I could reboot in safe mode and uninstall. just sayin

    • You could have pressed plus on boot up to boot in safe mode from the beginning. Just sayin. 😀

    • Unfold also doesn’t work with Stride, now I can’t draw my password

    • Anonymous

      Yeah usually a bad idea to have 2 different lock screen tweaks installed like that….I mean they will both try to change the same thing so there is bound to be conflicts.

  • Anonymous

    I can do almost everything Zephyr does with QuickDo except without the animation and the NC peaking. Move to right app, left app, quit app, swipe of from screen bottom to activate the app switcher with also a variation of slide gestures from the bottom to use. Which I like much more because with Zephyr you can slide up from the bottom to view the switcher, but thats it. With QuickDo I can assign just slide from screen bottom right, and use “slide from screen bottom left”, “slide from screen bottom left to right short slide”, “Slide from screen bottom from left to right long slide”, and vise verse. QuickDo is just like Activator……..Except like 100Xs better in pretty much every way and the slide in gesture’s ACTUALLY WORK………Unlike the latest Activator’s, which basically activates any button your finger may slide over while performing the gesture, which is extremely annoying, and almost makes Activator’s slide in gestures useless. But the Dev made it like that, wants it like that, and wont change it……Thank GOD I discovered QuickDo.lol. There should really be a post about how awesome QuickDo is, it needs to be more recognized for it’s “perfect” gestures.lol

  • Spoilt what was a great tweak with the peak bit works horrible buggy laggy and doesn’t work well with other tweaks

  • whats the name of that sbsettings theme?

  • disqusted

    All this Zephyr d-sucking is making me curious to try it. Damn it’s expensive though. What is the resource usage like with it? I’m worried this and Auxo combined will bring my iphone 4 to its knees. And not to suck Zeph-cock. I’m tempted. What to do. Last thing I need is more resource usage and this seems pretty robust. That worries me.