When Samsung introduced its third-generation Galaxy S smartphone earlier this month, folks immediately took to Twitter, opining how the handset was “designed by lawyers” in a nod at Samsung’s ongoing legal feud with Apple over alleged copying of the iPhone’s hardware design and software features.

Instead, the phone that was “inspired by nature” and “designed for humans”, as the tagline has it, fits in Samsung’s five-year redesign plan and went through hundreds of iterations before they settled on a final design….

The Verge points us to an iNews24 report based on a chat with Samsung design VP Chang Dong-hoon at the 2012 Seoul Digital Forum.

No, he argued, the Galaxy S III wasn’t designed by lawyers, as the popular meme has it.

Fielding questions from reporters, the designer said:

Our change in smartphone design is part of a five-year plan, not a sudden turn-around.

Backing up the claim, he pointed out the handset’s smooth overall curvature and, specifically, the curved shape as a proof that the design team conceived a uniquely-shaped product that has nothing to do with the look and feel of Apple’s iPhone.

Oh, he also said that Samsung has emerged as a market leader in design.

Back in March, Chang Dong-hoon told Reuters that for Samsung’s design team, Apple’s allegations are personal.

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphone lineup is “original from the beginning”, he told the news gathering organization, adding:

As a designer, there’s an issue of dignity. The Galaxy is original from the beginning, and I’m the one who made it. It’s a totally different product with a different design language and different technology infused.

To be completely honest, there are only that many ways one can design a smartphone and just because Samsung’s new darling has a shiny bezel doesn’t mean they ripped off the iPhone.

I owned a Galaxy S II (and now have both an iPhone 4S and a Galaxy Nexus).

In my opinion, the Galaxy S II indeed bears more than a few passing resemblances to Apple’s phone.

But the Galaxy S III looks different and I guess you could stay it stands out on its own as a distinctively designed smartphone.

On a final note, the designer is partially right: Samsung has vastly improved the look and feel of its high-end consumer electronics products (Smart TVs need some work, though).

Personally, I wouldn’t go as far as to call them “a market leader in design”, but they are in fact ahead of most gadget makers in the design department.

I guess you thought I’d never say that, huh?

Credit goes where credit is due, folks.

  • I think there are countless ways to design a smartphone, this lookalike trend is understandable. Everyone thinks that Apple success is superficial, only skin deep. So they try to copy that ‘with a twist’.
    Why didn’t apple make a Nokia Symbian look a like? Back then we all thought that was the only way a smartphone can look!

  • Obviously the lawyers didn’t design it
    They probably were consulted to ask if a particular design would create a conflict with apple…Especially since the galaxy was “designed for humans” unlike apple who designs for “sheep”(sarcasm intended)….that’s the stupidest tag line I’ve ever heard…..:P

  • in 2 years im going to design a circle phone its gong to hav 30gig ram 90.9 ghz processor and 9999terabytes it going to be the best fone ever XD

    • Lets hope that Apple doesn’t have anything remotely close to that. They will sue you for using a circle when they use circles in their products. Lol

  • Christian Zibreg, thanks for leaving out the ‘hate’ for anything not apple. this was a nice read 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Agreed…. I think this articles are no good for the blog…. Just in the 2nd paragraph you start degrading .

      Instead, the phone that was “inspired by nature” and “designed by humans”,

      making fun of samsung… just cause you don’t like it does not mean you need to do that. of course i have an ipod iphone and mac, so nobody can say that I don’t like apple … but I think that articles should be written with more objectivity. does not make the blog look good. have a nice day

      • Anonymous

        I sensed absolutely no sarcasm or degrading in that sentence. He simply named what they’re tagline was…….he didn’t make fun of it one bit. You were clearly looking for something that was not there.lol

      • Thanks for your comment.

        Just for the record here: I think the S III is the closes thing one can get to an iPhone in the Android world.

        I also think it’s superbly designed and has top-notch hardware, though it lags behind the iPhone in the software department obviously.

        And yes, I intend on getting one myself.

        Hope this clears things out a bit 🙂

      • Anonymous

        What the hell are you talking about? He’s clearly unbiased on this post.

        Try to keep up next time, ok?

  • The ugliness is overwhelming.

  • Ausome luk………

  • “Oh, he also said that Samsung has emerged as a market leader in design..”
    Where do these guys come up with this? How do you go about giving yourself this title? What kind of statistics back this up? Boy…these guys are stretching.

  • Isn’t it “designed for humans” in the second paragraph?

  • ” I guess you could stay it stands out on its own as a distinctively designed smartphone.”
    What are you talking about? It looks nothing like an iPhone! “I guess..” lol :facepalm:
    “In my opinion, the Galaxy S II indeed bears more than a few passing resemblances to Apple’s phone.”
    We know your opinion. You’ve stated it a trillion times. You’ve also mentioned you hate everything non apple. These articles are getting redundant. *sigh*

  • Siv

    Finally…an impartial article from Christian (hope you really mean all this).

    Good read.

  • Matt McKenzie

    Kudos to Christian for an article, mentioning Samsung, not covered in venom spit.

  • designed for humans….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……find this tagline v dumb n funny….is it direct from some kind of korean phrases translation or wat?……

  • Bobody took anybody to court when Apple copied Android’s notifications bar. Apple is mad that the Galaxy S3 was able to accomplish a unified design across all carriers and has generated a large amount of buzz and pre-orders. They need to just stay competing not complaining when somebody has something similar to them. Too bad it is too late for Google to take Apple to court over the notifications bar they copied…