I highly debated whether or not to post this, but after some going back and forth, I decided that it was for the best to shed some light on this subject in an attempt to cut down on confusion.

Apparently there is a new jailbreak tool “available” (you’ll see why I used quotes in a second) that allows you to perform an untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.1.1 for A4 devices.

The tool is called VulnDisco Mobile 1.7, and it is a commercial product that takes advantage of the existing RedSn0w 5.1.1 tethered jailbreak to install a custom bundle for an untethered jailbreak.

While I’ve yet to find any details on how much the jailbreak will cost in total, in all likelihood it will set you back much more than the cost of an iOS device itself. That’s because this jailbreak is not a standalone product, but it’s an add-on to a larger product created by a company named Immunity.

While the average user won’t have the necessary resources to access this jailbreak at all, there are still some lingering concerns surrounding its release. Check inside for the full story…

Above is the video of the commercial jailbreak that works for A4 devices. This is not the same as the free jailbreak that is coming soon, and works with nearly all devices.

First of all, let me lay out the path of this jailbreak. As I stated, it’s far from a standalone product, and is instead a part of a suite aimed at security professionals.

So who’s all involved with this? First you have Intevydis — a Russian vulnerability research firm that’s been in business since 2008. Intevydis is not at all new to the business of selling exploit packages, and they’ve uncovered many security holes in popular products in the past — their Flash player exploits uncovered late last year come to mind.

Intevydis offers a few products on their website, and VulnDisco Mobile is one of them. Understand that VulnDisco Mobile in itself is a toolset to test mobile related security, so the jailbreak that’s included with its latest release is far from a standalone jailbreak tool.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, you’d also need the aforementioned Immunity CANVAS software — a penetration testing application that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc — in order to put together the full product that makes the jailbreak a possibility. Who knows how much money we’re talking here in total, but believe me when I tell you that it’s probably definitely out of your price range.

Even if you had the money to blow, I’m not sure that they’d let any Tom, Joe, or Harry come waltzing in without some sort of security clearance or background check. It’s not something you can pay to download, you have to speak with real people before a transaction can ensue.

The primary issue that I can see stemming from this news is that multiple exploits are potentially being burned as MuscleNerd points out:

It also seems as if various members of the jailbreak community didn’t respect the fact that a certain someone tweeted this news out to their 100,000+ followers. Was this a legitimate attempt by that person to spread the news, or was this more of a attempt to one-up the hard working folks behind the upcoming untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1? I’m not going to try to decipher certain actions by certain people. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

In the short term, at least, none of this really matters to most people interested in jailbreaking. In a few days Absinthe 2.0 will be released, and many will enjoy the fruits of the hard work put in by pod2g, and many others.

Did I mention that this jailbreak works with nearly ALL devices, including A5 devices like the new iPad, iPhone 4S, etc? Did I mention that the jailbreak process is as simple as simple gets?

Did I mention that it’s free?

Be patient, it’s almost here.

  • Kok Hean

    I saw this post coming 🙂

  • sorry…but does 5.1 have anything i care about really? i’m still on 5.0.1, untethered JB and i’m good. i don’t see anything worth upgrading, JB again and reloading again.

    • Battery life on my iPhone 4S improved greatly, I updated over the weekend since the new jailbreak should be out soon and I can live without the minor tweaks I had.

    • It’s not just for people to be able to update to 5.1.x. The new jailbreak is also for people who have bought new devices or accidentally updated.

    • Anonymous

      If you:
      – Use iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) for iOS;
      – Use iMovie for iOS;
      – Use iPhoto for iOS;
      – Use iCloud’s Photostream and care about being able to granular-delete photos;
      – Care about poor battery performance;
      – and so on
      Then, you should’ve see something worth upgrading.
      If you not, at least you should have known that there are plenty of people eagerly – and rightfully – waiting for this…

      • i’m not trying to be a dick about it…just asking. and yeah, i recognize others want it…especially new owners. i gotcha

  • I think its a shame. In the end Apple will fix this. No matter if they don’t sell it to avverage joe or not.
    Makes me mad. It should be at least available as a standalon 20-50 Dollar jailbreak tool for people willing to pai for things like this.

  • and also, is it me, or is that “certain someone” on the outside looking in now? seems he does more complaining now days than anything on how he thinks most of us JB’ers are thieves and how he hates the scene.

    • “Certain someone” has decided his path to glory on the internet is to be the antagonist.

    • Tom

      Let’s stop beating around the bush here, that certain person is i0n1c. The guy is a massive attention whore. The people who were threatening him were out of line but if he hates the jailbreak community so much why dosen’t he let go completely? Oh that’s right because he LOVES attention.

  • mordechai eliyahu


  • I will wait until p0d2g release the Absinthe…i think it will be better tool for JB!

    • he doesnt have a JB tool for latest firmware thats why he is upset someone beat him to it

      • Who are you talking about? Pod2g does have a real jailbreak for the latest firmware

  • Scrap, that’s all what this scarp should be described… Thanks for pod2g and others who’s making the best of the best for their followers.

  • שמואל רביב

    How long will it take to release the Absinthe for windows after the mac version ?

    • mordechai eliyahu

      ask pod2g he is the one making it

  • i0n1c is being such a doosh lately IMO
    Surely MuscleNerd should do something since they using his product to do the jailbreak and selling it? like he should get a cut/royalties (”,)

    • mordechai eliyahu

      lol it will never happen

    • they are not selling his JB lol its a tool that uses his JB his JB is still free idiots

  • Waiting over here.. Great work pod2g!!

    • pod is upset someone beat him to the JB

  • Anonymous

    I feel like no matter how many time Apple updates, the software will never be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect, that’s the reason why people like Pod2g and many others find exploits and vulnerabilities in a lot of the updates.

    All in all, I appreciate all the hard work put into this and I have hope that there will be some sort of breakthrough for iOS6

  • I saw this post coming as well. In my opinion i0n1c is being an ass lately. Why, on earth, he would advertise something like that? For a guy who says that he couldn’t care less for the Jailbreak community, he’s sounds really jealous to me!

    Nothing explains his actions… Why would he try to sell an unsellable jailbreak tool? What’s his purpose? I think he’s too jealous that other people can too come up with great tools and now he’s trying to discredit the real people working for the JB community, such as MuscleNerd and pod2g.

  • I would never go anywhere except to the place that POD2G or MUSCLENERD or IDB points me to. I will donate to them and make sure they know who I am and that I appreciate EVERYTHING and MOST OF ALL, what they do for us.. I would never go to some punk trying to ruin something what they did. A watered down version of what they do. I pledge allegiance to POD2G and MUSCLENERD and those associated to them. CHRONICDEVTEAM. I will always be true and donate. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU and I will wait for you. Ever so eagerly. I check the site at least 90-100 times an hour. AT least. Lol

  • LMAO@ Paying for a JB..these cause..SERIOUS..lmao..i’ve ALWAYS..waited for JBs..so why change it now.

  • And btw Jeff, you did right by posting this. I was expecting to see this post in other iOS blogs/sites and you – again – come up first.

    People need to know who is really doing something significative and whos being an ass lately.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4 Untethered Jailbreak with this will be the art of a mad man, nothing more……… If Pod2g, MuscleNerd, i0nic, Saurik, Planetbeing other Dev Team and Chronic Team Members are here for us then we should deeply respect them for their Precious Hard work and Free Jailbreaks. I realy Love these Great Personalities.

  • Tom

    “It also seems as if various members of the jailbreak community didn’t respect the fact that a certain someone tweeted this news out to their 100,000+ followers”

    By certain someone he means i0n1c right ? The guy who hates the jailbreak scene so much that he tweets about it all day everyday? Can we all agree the guy is a attention whore? The people who harassed him are bad but this guy just can’t let it go can he.

  • Well. I don’t think this is real. He could be running on IOS 5.0.1 with a lock screen tweak and change a playlist that i will not say now that even tricks itunes, cydia and setting to think your on that IOS. And true jailbreaks are always free 🙂

    • That is not the case this time. It’s as real as it gets.

  • i still don’t get it , whats the point of this jailbreak tool jeff ?

  • Developer point of view:
    Why work my ass off to create exploits for my high end research tool if everyone knows that there will be better exploits and tools in a few days from now. They will be fixed in the next update and also barrely touched by users since there is no point in using that piece of the software.

    Version with common sense would be to wait for a new iOS version which is not jailbroken in 2-3 days. But well… released is released.

    • It’s not that easy. Apple might not be able to capture the exploit.

  • im just gonna wait for the new jb and i update my ios last night to 5.1.1 because my iphone was jb before but got lost so i had to get a new one that had came with 5.1 already so i updated anyway cant wait to jb it again and anyway my ipad 2 is already jb from jan jb so i can wait alil

  • i really wouldnt buy a jailbreak tool.a Jailbreak tool must be for all people and not only a few.the developers of cydia apps also need the jailbreak to update their apps and i dont think they would buy a jailbreak tool.only to update their tools first.It should remain free.

    • You don’t get it. It was never intended for an end user.

  • and i also wanted to say thanks jeff for all your info i follow everyday and read all of your work great job and thanks

  • good news, but not worth it’s weight in gold. the real and true dev teams got it all under control. these guys can go enjoy their vodka. i’ll enjoy some absinthe when it’s ready.

  • Yeah I’m disappointed in “Certain people” lOl… “Certain people” has a lot of brains and much more of arrogance… He just can’t accept others opinion. Anyways, who am I to say so, right?

  • David Saltares

    I just want to say thanks to @pod2g, @musclenerd, the Dev Team and everyone that was involved with making this upcoming jailbreak possible. These guys work really hard to provide us with a tool that makes our devices so much better, then after all their hard work, they don’t even try to sell the tool. They just ask for simple donations. From the first day the iphone was jailbroken, it has always been a free tool for everyone who wishes to jailbreak. There are some people out there that are very skilled hackers but they don’t care about our jailbreak community. They only care about how much they can make off of us. Jailbreaking is going to continue to get more and more difficult in the future. I say lets enjoy the good times and thank the people that have made this possible.

  • Luis Finke

    its things like this that annoy me. these developers work countless hours finding and packaging jailbreak exploits, and these people take all that work, and make people pay for it.

    • Not quite, it added an exploit. And that problem has been around since day one on various shady websites, in worse forms.

  • Who THE FUCK gonna use this shitty compicated method just a couple days before the FREE and MOST SIMPLE AND STABLE jailbreak tool ever get released?

    i0n1c is trying to break the jailbreak community because of his thoughts about it (he’s the one who published @legerov’s commercial JB)
    Not all jailbreakers are pirates!

    And if someone will indeed buy this thing he’s ridiculous or gullible and i have nothing but pity on him…
    Be patient folks, it’s worth the wait! 🙂

    • Yeah, I quote.

    • This JB is not for you or me. It’s for security professionals.

      • then again, if you have free exploits support ALL devices, why should they pay money when they can just wait?
        And if those professionals are alredy aware of the larger product, why sould i0n1c publish it and confuse the public? Makes no sense to me

      • It’s a exploit pack. The one you refer to is only one of them. They pay because only a limited number of people have the exploits and they are not shared. It’s different exploits (pod2g’s and these), all of them are of interest for pro’s. They are not exploiting their own phones to install some tweaks. It’s for research.

        Regarding i0n1c… If you read his twitter and expect to get anything else than a laugh, you’re in for a treat (tweet?).

  • Wow what the fuck are they thinking? Who the fuck would pay for this when a free jailbreak that supports more devices will be out really soon. That’s just stupid and Sonia anyone who pays for this shit.

    • This is getting old. The answer to your question is a lot of people. But not to install tweaks from cydia.

  • Milad Khahil

    I just upgraded my iphone 4S to 5.1.1 to get ready for the new coming jailbreak and to my surprise
    The battery life improved soooo much i can’t believe it , i am very glad ….. 🙂
    Can’t wait to jailbreak it again , thank you guys for all the hard work , i will definitely donate….

  • pod2g ; I’m supporting u !! ; and I’ll hold on 5.0.1 till u give us the untethered JB for 5.1.1 .. just don’t be mad .. I am a patient person .. ;D

    • I think he is mad cus he has no 5.1.1 or 5.1 JB untethered

  • Thanks Jeff for all this inside info. I strongly believe hardly anyone is thinking about making a GO for this kinda Weird new “JB ToolSet”.
    For all the posts i have read for the past month, basically everyone is supporting @pod2g and all the other members behind the curtains of JB 5.1.1.
    I wait is almost over, so i guess we should all give a huge “Cheer” for @pod2g and all the others!

    • Yes. I am really happy that the teams are working together now (Dream Team) just to help the community, not like that someone *cough*i0n1c*cough*, who at first says that he has a jailbreak, and won’t release, and now advertised that paid jailbreak.
      And pod2g is definitely the one who should get the most support, the fact that he still actively works with the jailbreak community.
      P.S. Good thing Jeff wrote this article, and actually gave a good thought about it, not like Christian Zibreg who just loves to let off steam in articles.

      • For the past few weeks i been reading the posts of i0nic and i found some of them kinda funny to be honest and had a good laugh.
        Regarding his decision to release (or not) his JB, well its up to him, and people just have to accept the fact his not releasing it…
        But right now i0nic is stepping into a new “limit”and its not funny anymore, i don´t think no one is actually enjoying his behavior at the present moment.
        It would be most better for him to support the guys having all the HARD WORK, instead of a freaky weird russian or whatever JB ToolSet…

      • My thoughts exactly

    • No one here would have been accepted to buy it. It’s not what you think. This is not for average joe.

  • There’s an elephant in the room and the elephant is that Apple could stop signing 5.1.1 ANYTIME. If for nothing more than to combat JBing. So most jbers still on 5.0.1 waiting on the absinthe 2.0 release will be trapped again. Then the others that were going to JB on 5.1.1 at least half will upgrade accidentally while syncing etc. In all respect they should release this to prevent all the hard work for nothing.

    • Apple don’t have any of the greenpois0n 2.0 exploits so that would not make a difference.

  • I decided to do a little research on this “jailbreak” on my own after reading this post, just the Immunity Canvas software seems a little fishy to me, the price is over $1000 and the company does not accept pay pal, not excluding the fact you have to meet someone in person to buy it, I would strongly advise everyone to stay far away from this

  • I have a Thetered JB on 5.1.1 on my iphone 4, and I can wait for the unthetered. In fact my battery life it’s better than ever. I uninstall lockinfo and exchange for Bulletin because lockinfo it was draining my battery.

  • Hmmmmm is i0nic is selling JB’s now? Lol

    • He’s been for some time now. But this time it’s not he who is selling the JB.

  • Screw these new guys! Dev team for life 😀

  • Damani Brown

    A paid jailbreak… that uses the free jailbreak… o_O what the hell..

  • What the heck who cares abt this russian JB tool when @pod2g and others made a jailbreak by their hard work.

    And i0nic should leave the JB community…. Its good for all of us

    Cheers to pod2g!!!

    • HE DOESNT HAVE THE JB that is why he is upset someone beat him to it

  • I’ll wait, of course! No doubts about it

  • Anonymous

    I taught the jailbreak was suppose to be release in days….
    Isn’t days 2 or 3 days?

    Today is the third day and still no news…………..

    • there is no jb he wasnt able to do it

  • Thank!

  • I don’t think there is a 5.1.1 or even a 5.1 untethered JB. I just think pod posted saying he has one to buy time from people. While he makes no money from doing this people the love attention and the followers. So why lie? simple keep more people following.

    • mordechai eliyahu

      u r just plain weired only u and i0n1c are stupid enought to do that

      • just saw “his picture” looks like a guy that would stab his own family in the back for fame. and for as smart as he is, really isnt that bright. also can we say douche bag

    • Ryan K.

      Yes there is a 5.1.1 untethered JB. The reason why it’s not released yet is because pod2g is still testing it on the fifteen different versions of iPods, iPhones, iPads, and AppleTVs now in active use to make sure it works on all of them.

      Besides, 5.1.1 came out less than three weeks ago. We’ve had to wait a lot longer in the past for jailbreaks, especially ones that support the A5 devices.

  • Stop putting bad comments of i0n1c. Developers spend months developing Jailbreaks and what do they get back? Nothing but donations. You’re lucky you still have so many Developers still in the JB Community.

    • just like yesterday i said he was “that kid” growing up that would take the ball home if anyone was better then him. I dont care if people like or dont like him but when someone sits there and constantly puts out there that he has a jb and constantly tweets pictures to a bunch of people that really want it is just wrong. He knows how bad people would love that jb and for months he would antagonize people with comments and pictures of what he had. that isnt right. he must of missed that in ethics class and that arrogance will only get him in trouble. Karma is a bitch and for him constantly doing what he does will come back 10 times harder then what he did.