MuscleNerd reveals more iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak info

By , May 21, 2012

MuscleNerd just tweeted out a whole host of interesting info about the upcoming iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak.

Inside, he confirms that it’s very likely that we will see the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 by the end of this week.

He also details some of the behind the scenes work that has taken place in order to make this a well supported jailbreak. iPod 3rd generation owners, and iPhone 3GS owners should take particular note…

* All info below is tentative and subject to last minute refinements
* @pod2g’s 5.1.1 jailbreak+untether is working out great. All devices are covered except for AppleTV3,1, which currently has no path for jailbreaking.
– the initial 5.1.1 plan used a kernel exploit from @westbaer which unfortunately precluded use in iPod3,1 and iPhone2,1
– @planetbeing stepped up and provided a kernel exploit that covers both of those. Those two JBers are the bomb!
* The 5.1.1 A5 JB is very similar to the A5 5.0.1 JB. @pimskeks has done a tremendous job supporting both 5.0.1 and 5.1.1 in absinthe
* Similar to 5.0.1, there will also be a 5.1.1 CLI “cinject” binary and redsn0w version of the 5.1.1 JB+untether. Absinthe, cinject, and redsn0w will all provide the same JB in different fashions.
– timing is indeterminate. Plans are for this week, but a number of factors can influence that.
* For those wishing to donate, we’ve set up a new 5.1.1 paypal URL:
* Please don’t pirate AppStore apps (seriously, please do not).

This info fleshes out our earlier confirmation that we received from MuscleNerd regarding the future of RedSn0w, and the command line interface. Very similar to what we saw with the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak, we will see multiple tools that provide the jailbreak in various fashions: i.e. cinject, RedSn0w, and Absinthe.

The iOS hacker also pleads with the community not to pirate AppStore apps, which is pretty much a no-brainer. Hopefully everyone will rethink their stance on piracy this go round.

By the way, what’s your favorite jailbreak tool? Absinthe, the CLI, or RedSn0w? If you could pick from either of those three on the first day that the jailbreak was available, which would you choose?

Update: pod2g has also created a blog post reiterating the comments from MuscleNerd.

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  • Lady Mrarkon

    Redsn0w all the way!

    • MuscleNerd

      The current plan for redsn0w is this (again, subject to last minute refinement…sorry!)

      * As with absinthe-1.0, there’s a way to jailbreak without DFU mode
      – This requires a full backup/restore
      – If you have a lot of media on your device, this can take a very long time and can lead to later complications
      * redsn0w will provide two paths for A4 and earlier devices
      – limera1n injection, orthogonal to amount of media you have
      – backup/restore injection, dependent on how much media you have
      * A5+ devices have no choice: it’s only backup/restore path, and time is dependent on amount of media you have

      • Anonymous

        Do a full restore first without restoring backing up. It’ll be snappy! ;D

      • August Cabling

        Backup… Upgrade… Jb… Restore from backup… No worries! Absinthe all the way!

      • Hazwan Haron

        redsn0w support for the A5 Device (iPhone4s) can i clean restore from Apple..?

      • Mihael Vucetic

        What about us that need to keep old BB that works with Gevey Pro…
        I understand that new JB for 5.1.1. will automatically restore to 5.1.1 so then it will update BB to the newest BB, and Gevey Pro will not work… Is that right?

      • Lady Mrarkon

        I’m already unjailbroken on 5.1.1., so all I have to do is backup and then use it with Absinthe, right?

      • Ali

        Does it mean that the jailbreak will update my iphone? Cuz I dont want my baseband to be upgraded…

      • Ali

        Does it mean that the jailbreak will update my iphone? Cuz I dont want my baseband to be upgraded…

      • Lady Mrarkon

        You can preserve your baseband somehow, I just forget how. :s

      • Ali Akram

        You can preserve your baseband using shsh blob files and then update

      • “mak” “me new in orkut”

        dude..did gevey pro works

    • Laszlo Gaspar

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • Amad

    Absinthe has to be the best with no dfu mode. 5 mins and jobs done. Theres no chance for dumb people to fuck this up.

    • Niclas Ullbrand

      If you have little free space you could have a problem.

      Tip: Restore without backup OR restore, backup your music and the apps over 1gb. Then delete the backed up media and jailbreak. Then put back the backed up media.

  • naheed asif

    absinthe one click jailbreak a no brainer in my eyes

  • naheed asif

    just going on to paypal to pledge my donation great work guys

  • Bence Szabo

    I usueally use Redsn0w, but in this case I’d like to try Absinthe 2.0

  • Jesse Fowler

    Will there be any problems for a phone that was previously Jailbroken with Pwnagetool?

  • Foued Sétifien

    Absinthe is the best, much easier, no bugs (in my opinion !)

  • tim

    these dudes are deadest LEGENDS! even though I’d love an untether for my iPad 3, it’s a shame they’re not holding out for iOS 6. hope these guys get mega bucks from donations, good thing they’re accepting them now

  • Anonymous

    absinthe ftw

  • Anonymous

    Everyone DONATE :)

  • Anonymous

    Everyone DONATE :)

  • Anonymous

    Everyone DONATE :)

  • ic0n1c

    Will my SAM unlock still work when I jailbreak my iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 with any of these tools?

  • Admir

    If everyone would pay just one dollar….

  • Dan

    when it’s out, I’ll definitely donate

  • Darthqu3

    i’d say a donation is definitely in order. Once the product arrives 😀

  • Omar Assaad

    Thanks guys, very nice work!!! 😀 And for those who use custom ipsw jailbreak? Will the jailbreak be available in sn0wbreeze or pwangetool?

    • behnam bassir

      you can already use redsnow, has all the functions of sn0wbreez

  • Paul Flahan

    I personally prefer RedSn0w but I will be using which comes out first to make a YouTube video on it like Jeff does. Jeff you’re the best!

  • Tyler Ladner

    That’s great, but I hope it’s not like last time and Windows users had to wait forever.

  • Anonymous

    I would try the Absinthe tool, since I have an A4 device and have never used it.

    But I always try them all….but I’m gonna try Absinthe first then the CLI tool…then redsn0w…since I know how redsn0w

  • Kaleb Southerland

    Redsn0w it’s faster and more stable

  • hellome

    question. what does he mean by the apple tv 3 “currently has no path for jailbreaking”. does that mean no one is trying? or it just can not be done ?

    • Anonymous

      The Apple TV 3 has been reported to be very hard to jailbreak. People are trying, but it may take a while or even be impossible.

  • Wasim Dahdouli

    Redsn0w=WIN/MAC cli then Absinthe (takes time to fix something good like Absinthe).
    Thank you pod2g and all you devs. behind the scene of the JB community.

  • David Kim

    I like greenpois0n

  • Nhoj Snillor

    Not everyone believes in your destructive anti-market “intellectual property” bullshit. Property is relevant where there is conflict over the use of a scarce resource. Open your minds, faggots.

    • Nhoj Snillor

      Where there isn’t property, donations apply, which people clearly don’t require brainwashing to respect. I will proudly donate for this jailbreak after it works on my device, but I won’t be caught dead investing in a resource the use of doesn’t deprive anyone of the original.

  • Ali

    Does it mean that the jailbreak will update my iphone? Cuz I dont want my baseband to be upgraded…

  • Ali

    Does it mean that the jailbreak will update my iphone? Cuz I dont want my baseband to be upgraded…

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    IOS 6 beta is better.

    • Ali Akram

      i don’t know but but when will release ios

  • behnam bassir

    either redsn0w or sn0wbreez, I dnt use windows nor mac. ( linux all the way ) but so far I only used these two softwares just because they preserve my baseband, I have iphone 4 with its first baseband.
    unlocked reliably and on ios 5.1.1 jailbroken, Just cant wait to have it untethered.

    btw you can use windows .exe files on linux, and I just overclocked my iphone4 to 1ghz !!! it gets really hot, looses battery in 6hrs but hey it rocks my mobile needs indeed

  • Ali

    What about IOS 5.1 jailbreak? I rely on unlock so cnt upgrade my phone so I have to stay on 5.1!:( When will 5.1 jailbreak release?

  • anonarchist


  • “mak” “me new in orkut”

    hey did gevey pro works on 5.1.1