How to donate to the people behind the iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak

By , May 21, 2012

Let’s be real. The folks behind such projects as the upcoming iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak put in some major work, and aren’t compensated beyond what they receive in donations.

In the various posts that we’ve created on the subject of the upcoming jailbreak, we’ve seen a host of generous comments asking where and how to donate.

MuscleNerd recently revealed some additional information about the upcoming iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak, and with it, he included a link that appreciative people could use to donate.

The link was in the prior post, but it kind of got buried along with the other information. For that reason we thought a dedicated post was warranted highlighting the opportunity to donate to the team as a means to compensate for their time and effort.

To donate, simply visit the following PayPal link.

This link has been setup to support those involved directly with the iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak, which obviously includes pod2g, and members of both the Chronic Dev Team and the iPhone Dev Team. If you’d prefer to use the link directly from MuscleNerd’s post, you can view his tweet here.

Obviously donations aren’t compulsory, but if you feel that their hard work should be compensated, then feel free to let them know how much you appreciate their work over the past months.

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  • Jason Lowry

    Done. Can’t wait for the release.

  • Angelo

    Like last time.
    Like everyone should.

  • Anonymous

    Donated 30 dollars :)

  • tim

    i really think that these guys should offer a tethered jb for free, then sell the untethered one. even for a dollar. they’d get so much more money, money that they deserve. I hope I’ll donate when it’s released, follow me!

    • Mauricio Lima

      I think so. They should sell the untether for a dollar.

      • Chuck Emoth

        Yes I find they should

    • Matt ッ

      Unfortunately people will only pirate the software. :(

    • Michael Vhan Patrick

      latinoamerican people dont have a way to pay u_u , youre left behind a lot of people that dont have credit card , but I will tell my friends that use jailbreak tool to donate ( they have credit card ) im 17 years old so i dont own a credit card

      • Sebastian Lord

        I’m latinamerican and i have credit card. What wrong with you child???

      • Brandon Rodriguez

        What the heck, I’m hispanic, I’m 15, and I have a credit card!!

      • Sebastian Lord

        Mom’s credit card xD

  • TP Folair

    I feel good about throwing $10 at ’em. Thinking I’ll give more later, too!

  • TP Folair

    I feel good about throwing $10 at ’em. Thinking I’ll give more later, too!

  • Madhusudan Bansal

    I won’t call it donation. it a token of thanks to the great work…

    • Chuck Emoth

      Yes their hard work should not go unrewarded

  • Sebastian Lord

    Done! Thank You guys!

  • A_Money

    Just donated $20 bucks! That’s all I really had to spare.

  • Tyler Ladner

    I wish I could.

  • Junior Lopez

    Donated! Thanks guys!

  • Luis A. Bermúdez

    Dammit paypal!!! I only got cash :(

  • Niclas Ullbrand

    Do you want a IOS 6 jailbreak? The more donated now, the more effort will be put down on a JB for 6.x!

  • Sean Richards

    Done! Had to say my thankyou

  • Anonymous

    i wish there was a way to donate from within Cydia. Like buying an app.

  • Junior Lopez

    Donated.. Thanks!

  • port87

    Done. Donation well deserved.

  • Metroview

    Luckily this week is paycheck week so like before i’ll throw them another $50 this Friday. BTW, they need to get a donation counter to we can see how much of the community has donated. Something tells me the majority just take and run :(

  • Carlos M. Farías

    Done. Go to You all my 100 bucks. Really You all deserve it!


  • Ring Awng

    In the past I’ve never donated. But this time for sure I’ll donate for the JB team . ….

  • take

    ya guys are the only reason thats keeping my 3GS alive :)
    thank you

    • Jacky Tran

      i donate 1,000usd, for thank you

  • Cameron Thekillertruth Clark

    Donated 10 Bucks not much but i looking forward to this update, does anyone know where the link to download is? sorry im new and this will be my first jailbreak

  • Ronald Weaver

    I donated 10 bucks but i was hoping it went to pod2g. the receipt said saurik. So im ganna go straight to his blog and do another 10.

  • Xhelal

    its fail becuase i read some text on pod2g page on twitter he told its FAIL so everything he says he lie to us

  • Victor Pera

    Sent 20 dollars. I really appriciate what these guys have done for us (especially for my new bootrom iphone 3GS :P). Jailbreak works great, I’m really satisfied! :)