Every night, as I’m going to bed, I dock my iPhone on a Sony-branded alarm clock and attempt to plug in my iPad to its USB power adapter. I say attempt because in the dark, that’s not exactly an easy task.

Well, TechCrunch points to a new Kickstarter project that is looking to change that. CordLite, the product of Scrap Pile Labs, is an iOS device charging cable that provides illumination in low-light settings…

Looking at the CordLite, you might think it’s just your everyday third-party 30-pin cable. But as soon as you pick it up, you’ll notice the difference. The dock connector has two front-facing LEDs, which are activated by touching any part of its surface.

The project already has around 600 backers, who have pledged nearly $25,000. But it needs to reach $70,000 in the next 37 days to get funded, so the company can start mass-producing the light-up cables for global distribution.

If you’re interested, pledging $25 will get you on the list of folks to receive a CordLite when they start shipping in September. That’s a pretty good deal considering these things will likely hit retail stores by year’s end for closer to $40.

What do you think of the CordLite? Good idea, bad idea?

  • What if apple changes the dock connector this year like is rumored? Will they send one with the new connector instead? Just curious, I would like to have one though

    • Robert Goldberg

      This seems to be a good idea for your car, especially when you’re driving at night and you have to plug your iPhone in because using it as a GPS drained it’s battery. Taking your hands of the wheel while moving is already not very safe, but taking your eyes off the road for more than a couple of seconds to find the right orientation of the connector is just dangerous. However, a new connector for iPhone 5 is a good point. I’d hold off the pledge until that question is answered.

    • Or if Apple just puts an LED on their charging cable.. considering they already did it with MagSafe you can’t really put a patent on if or where they put an LED on their USB cable..

  • too expensive to be successful

  • $40 to solve a 10 second inconvenience…

  • Simple solution if your iDevice is still on.

    Turn on your iDevice screen. Shine on plug. Insert charger. No need to spend money.

  • Anonymous

    Smart, but I agree with others, not worth $40.

  • I put a dot on glue on the side where that indicator on the USB cable so i can feel it, and tell what side it was facing. Putting the usb cable into my ipod touch is the easy part.

  • naheed asif

    i put a 3M DOT on the iphone cable so you know which way up it is and feel for the home button to make sure its the right way up jib done less than 5 seconds

  • naheed asif

    handy as a night light though or if you keep it on as a book light or something !?

  • Anonymous

    Great concept but I don’t think it will be successful. As other’s have stated the price is way too high. Nobody is going to pay that much for such a small inconvenience. I have solved this same problem simply by scraping a line into the top side of my charger so I can feel which end is supposed to be up towards the ceiling.

    Also, this light makes the connector much larger(like the old chargers). I really like the smaller profile cables Apple has released over the past couple years and feel like this is taking the design back in time instead of advancing it.

    If they could somehow get the circuitry and LEDs to fit into the smaller connector that ships with the new iDevices and cut the price down to $15 I might be interested.

  • Anonymous

    This post reminds me of the hunrdeds of pitch men tv ads with the flustered housewife because she can’t crack an egg, put towles on a shelf or dust her blinds. So frustrating!!!! Here is Ronco to solve all her problems. Like there was ever really a “problem” to begin with.

    As others have suggested solve Steve’s ignorance with a drop of glue or something. But if you buy into all the “as seen on tv” products, by all means they will take your money, but beware, soon they can double your order and you can get two amazing cords for $40.

    ORDER NOW!!!!!

  • I have a glow in the dark blue wrap for my iPhone 4s so I don’t have this problem 😀

  • Or you could turn this thing on called a LIGHT

  • This is really cool

  • Abdullah Alhaddad

    good! provided the phone is jailbroken! 😛

    • Anonymous


  • Michael Cabrera


  • donato bearint

    Its probably not a good idea to wait until September, because by that time we will probably see a new iphone and there is mention of a new plug. Good product, very bad timing.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, WHO BUYS THIS SHIT?

    Short of articles much, Cody?

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    I have this problem all the time. your looking for the right connector but you just can’t find the right one. so need one of these.