The new iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak tool will likely be called Absinthe 2.0

By , May 20, 2012

With the iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak right around the corner, work has apparently started on packaging the exploits into a tool that your average iOS device owner can utilize.

Tools like GreenPois0n and RedSn0w take 99% of the guess work out of the jailbreaks, making it so that almost anyone can take advantage of the benefits that jailbreaking brings to the table.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the highly anticipated 5.1.1 jailbreak will follow the same pattern. Judging from a conversation I had with an iOS hacker close to pod2g, it appears that the latest jailbreak tool in the pipeline will retain the Absinthe name.

In other words, I’d say it’s totally reasonable to expect an Absinthe 2.0 iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak sometime within the next few days…

As you can see from his tweet above, iOS hacker @xvolks is currently knee deep in the testing process with Absinthe 2.0 — the tool that will apparently accomplish the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak.

This bodes well for ease of use, as the original Absinthe tool produced by the Chronic Dev Team was about as simple as simple gets. I’m not saying that the process will be the same as it was with the original Absinthe, I’m just saying that we can expect the Chronic Dev Team to do like they always do, and ship a product that is simple and straightforward.

Of course none of this is 100% in stone until we see a release within the next few days. But I think this is a good indication as to what you can expect.

Are you getting anxious?

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  • port87

    ahh someone stole my iphone, had to get it replaced.. now im on a 4S with the most updated software on it.. HURRY UP ALREADY!

  • The Strawberry Drulx


    • Irving González

      i like your sincerity.. LOL

  • waaaaat

    can’t wait for the release. my iphone fortunately had to restore and updated to the latest version. dayummm

  • John Angelo Moraitis

    Called at&t and got unlocked. Soon to be jail broken. oh ya!

  • Alface Raven

    Im waiting for this new jb

  • Spencer Lowe

    Called Sprint, iPhone is now unlocked and I’m waiting for the new jailbreak!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh boy, its getting hot under my feet!

  • ᗩsad ᔕhahab (Wild ᗩ)

    I wanna jailbreak my new iPad!!!!!

  • Luke Christodoulou

    A lot of people with A5 devices are probably anxious. Me, not so much. I’m only looking forward to deleting things from photo stream.

    • Ivan polanco

      You can already delete photos from photostream without jailbreak…

      • Luke Christodoulou

        Not on 5.0.1. Were the triple fullstops supposed to signify that it should have been obvious to me or something?

  • Arif Latoundji_OvO

    Is it true that some website propose some applications for the unlock and the jailbreak
    untethered of the iphone 4 and 4s…who has tested it?

  • Ronald Weaver

    Pod2g is the man. Who all thinks we should have a link right here so we could donate to his research? I am gonna give him twenty bucks. I whish somebody will come out with a jailbreak for apple tv3 tho. I’m grateful tp have my new ipad and ip4s updated and jailbroken tho!

    • Ottawa Gamerz

      if he had a site and said for say 50 it would buy a life time jailbreak would u pay i would but even at 30 is good he would make 1000 or more fast keep up the good work

  • Damian W

    awesome, I will definitely donate


    After working on my device I can believe that

  • Ottawa Gamerz

    if it wasn’t easy people would bitch and moan … now when its 2 easy people will screw it up and still bitch and complain so its time 4 the new break! thx pod 4 making it with his free time

  • jacob wolin

    I can’t wait, I’m getting really excited

  • Matt ッ

    I wouldn’t call your tweets a conversation, more of a mistake. You didn’t know who xvolks was?

  • levon9621

    if it works with iphone 4 ios5.1??

  • ᎥᎷղɑ

    The most pleasant news for today