Confirming its recent status of both the world’s #1 smartphone and cell phone vendor, Samsung reportedly racked up over nine million pre-orders for its Galaxy S III smartphone worldwide. The figure excludes the United States, where an LTE version of the phone is slated to arrive in June.

This compares to first-weekend sales of the iPhone 4S exceeding four million units, twice as many units as the iPhone 4 which sold 1.7 million units during launch weekend.

Samsung’s flagship handset got introduced on May 3, accompanied by a strong marketing push. It will first go on sale on May 29 in Germany with the 32GB model as a Vodafone exclusive for the first month. The device is already available on Amazon contract-free for $799

The figure came in a report by the Korea Economic Daily, sourced from an unidentified Samsung executive who reportedly shared this datum off the record with the paper. The story has since been corroborate by Reuters, which has it that a plant in South Korean is now churning out five million Galaxy S III units a month.

Samsung’s darling sports a 1.4GHz quad-core Samsung-built chip with 1GB RAM, a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and an eight-megapixel back camera with a 1.9-megapixel camera out the front.

It also includes S-Voice, a new software feature akin to Siri which uses the voice recognition engine by Nuance, same like Apple’s digital assistant.

Looks like Samsung’s got a huge hit on its hands.

Its predecessor, the Galaxy S II, was introduced at Mobile World Congress in February 2011, and managed to sell 3 million global pre-orders by the end of April 2011. Nine months later, the S II sold 20 million units worldwide.

It should be noted that the S III is offered for pre-order through more than a hundred carriers around the globe.

For comparison, Apple’s phone is distributed by approximately 50 percent of all carriers worldwide. However, the iPhone 4S initially launched last October on just AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless, in addition to Apple’s retail stores, select Apple Authorized Resellers as well as Target, Best Buy and Walmart outlets.

Apple still has to expand on its carrier relationships.

For example, only China Telecom and China Unicom carry the iPhone in the 1.33 billion people market, though Apple has long been rumored to be close to cutting a landmark iPhone partnership with China Mobile, a state-owned wireless operator ranked as the world’s biggest carrier that commands nearly 668 million subscribers.

Kudos to Samsung, nine million pre-orders in just two weeks is more than impressive number no matter how you look at it, no?

  • I think I might get one. I need a new coaster.

    • Prenz Tandoc

      Nice,now you can throw out your iPhone.

      • Sooo because I’m buying a phone to use it as a coaster I can throw away my phone? Okay..

  • pretty impressive…. I will get one depend on specs. I am happy with my Rezound and iPhone for now…

  • jose castro

    i still think its crap. but cuddos, i might think about buying it maybe use it for when i need to go to the bathroom lol.

  • Samsung have done a good job with the s3

  • Hmm, would be a something, having an IPhone and a Samsung s3… Well, I suppose, you’ll get the “the best of both worlds”? But for me, I would still like my Iphone more, cause android phones is just not the same or better, thats what I think though :/ I mean Okey, in US, every god damn phone is cheap! (yes they are, come to Europe or Asia, and you’ll see the price difference for quality phone…) so, I would purchase both an s3 + iPhone but, In Sweden, the price is just enormous and, the fact that “quality” android phones are almost the same price as an IPhone, is just redicileous :/ Ofcourse, If the price difference is just often, 20/30$, people choose an IPhone, cause they know it’s quality + price difference is affordable if you already are going to spend so much for just 1 phone.

    Sorry for the long post 😀

  • Don’t confuse pre-orders by carriers with pre-orders by people. Apple only reported sold iphones, this samsung hype is marketing crap they never sold those 9 million phones they were ordered by carriers like at&t, verizon, vodafone etc.

    • Anonymous


      -.- *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t even seen the S3 on video, let alone have I used one. But based on my experience with the S2, I’m PRETTY sure it will be a KICKASS phone.

  • Anonymous

    Apple fanboys’ comments crack me up as usual.

    • Blah blah blah…!!
      Apple haters as always crank me up…:p

  • This commercial could have literally been about anything. They showed the phone like maybe 10 seconds out of the whole thing. …stupid.

  • This commercial could have literally been about anything. They showed the phone like maybe 10 seconds out of the whole thing. …stupid.

    • Anonymous

      That proves your lack of marketing knowledge coupled with your unconditional and exclusive love for apple. In this ad, Samsung is selling the “why” and not the “what”; This method was the key to Apple’s success and now Samsung is starting to use the recipe to try and play in the same (lame) courtyard, except they have better products to back the dreams and feelings they sell. It even looks like they are trying to respect their users by considering them humans instead of sheep… Is this the end of Apple’s domination over people’s feelings ? Are people going to start “cheating” on Apple ?

      This is getting interesting 😛 Thanks for the honesty Christian ! Maybe you’re not so bad after all (or just waking up, in which case I’m very happy for you) !

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    • Anonymous

      I don’t speak “Matrix”

      • Anonymous

        That was quite an unhappy Israelite… I don’t really get the link between the SGS3 and wishing the death of a specific ethnic group O_o

  • Getting this phone. Been with iPhone too long and without any major changes in both software or restrictions. They need give the user more freedom if not then quit patching all the jailbreaks. Sorry apple but I’ve had it. It’s over.