With so many tweaks available that allow you to rearrange your Home screen in various ways, it’s almost inevitable that you end up with a Home screen that looks nothing like the original Home screen that you started with.

Fortunately there’s a really easy way to reset your app icon layout on your Home screen.

A good lot of you are probably already aware that such an option exists, but it’s a nice reminder since recent tweaks like Dashboard X can result in drastically altered Home screens that can be time consuming to rearrange by hand.

Take a look at our video walkthrough for more information…

To reset your Home screen layout to default, simply do the following: go to Settings > General > Reset > and tap Reset Home Screen Layout.

You will receive a prompt asking you to confirm. Once you confirm, the app icon layout will switch back to the stock layout. This technique works on all iOS devices.

Like I said, most of you will probabaly be aware of this, but be sure to leave me a note in the comments if this was helpful for you.

  • I already knew how to do this but oddly a lot of people don’t.

  • Or just connect to iTunes and hit restore…

    No don’t only joking…… Use the above way ..

  • i would mention that it doesnt reset any jailbreak stuff. (IE: it doesnt break jailbreaks) for people who might have been scared to hit a Stock Apple Reset button. lol.

  • It Also organizes apps A-Z order.

  • I, for one, had no idea you could do this. And I have wanted to in the past and have been jailbreaking for a long time..

  • I’ve been using this since iOS 2.0, I love having my apps in alphabetical order so they are much easier to find especially for those people that have like 8 pages of apps. I guess it’s good to remind people especially those that just joined the iOS gang.

  • OMG now my phone keeps crashing and looping! >:( WTH!

    It will not exit out Safe MODE!!!

  • I seriously didn’t know about this and I was simply curious now today…I finally know how to, thanks mate

  • Anonymous

    Noticed a spelling mistake. It should be “app” instead of “qpp” in the second paragraph ^_^

  • Jeff,
    Thanks, but this trick is useless in my opinion.

    Provide us instead with a trick that does the exact opposite, that is, rearrange the icons exactly the way you saved ’em at an instant X,
    (so that u don’t lose your o’ so precious own Folder organization & doesn’t take you 2 days to rearrange your icons back, when your phone crashes & goes into safe mode, which happenned to me quite a few times).

    • Kok Hean

      If you have Springtomize 2, use Time Machine.

      • Thanks a lot for providin an option.
        I never looked into springtomize as I was a little afraid of too heavy tweaks like winterboard ( and thought Springtomize felt in that category) as it was not always well thought of from what I read here and there.

        Do you confirm “time machine” records specific “gridlock” & “FolderEnhancer” customization ?
        If yes, I will definitely look further into it, just for this feature, as I probably won’t use the other multiple customization options that it provides…

      • Kok Hean

        GridLock and FolderEnhancer rely on a package called IconSupport, which is supposed to help retain your home screen layout. Since Springtomize 2 doesn’t have this dependency, it probably uses something else. I don’t have these purchased, but I’ll install them using other alternatives and let you know.

      • Kok Hean

        Update: it doesn’t work for Gridlock.

    • can some one hlep me with my comment above? I did it and now Im stuck in safe mode i right not I cant do nothing but update?

      • Swipe the status bar ..then hit respring

      • Swipe the status bar ..then hit respring

      • t keeps respringing to do the same thing

      • Sorry just read above…
        In safe mode go in to Cydia and uninstall what you just installed

      • When your in safe mode that is..

      • no apps work it just keep restringing

      • Joshua Rawlings

        Google “infinite iPhone loop”

      • Ok .. This will restore your device .. You will lose your jailbreak if you have one ?
        Connect to USB and start iTunes .. Hold down home button ( keep it down )
        It will take some time but your iPhone will go in to recover mode .. And iTunes will recognise your device .. ..restore..
        You will loose your jailbreak ..
        Depending on what device this is and if you have SHSH’s saved your can downgrade back to 5.0.1 and re jailbreak ..

      • Thanks! I went a head and up dated I heard the 5.1.1 jail break was near completion anyways. Will be out jail break till then! It’s all good.

  • I was pretty sure that all people know this already…

  • prosperity

    Good one – I just spent half an hour trying to go back to the original the hard way.

  • Faye

    Thanks a lot!