A few months ago, a New York man by the name of Frank M. Fazio filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple over its voice assistant, claiming that the company’s Siri TV ads were misleading of its capabilities. A similar suit popped up a few weeks later.

Apple, obviously, doesn’t agree. And it feels that if a customer isn’t happy with Siri — which is still labeled as Beta, mind you — or the iPhone 4S itself, then he or she is more than welcome to return the handset within 30 days for a refund…

The Wall Street Journal shares an excerpt from the company’s recently-filed motion to dismiss the Siri lawsuits:

“They offer only general descriptions of Apple’s advertisements, incomplete summaries of Apple’s website materials, and vage descriptions of their alleged—and highly individualized— disappointment with Siri. Tellingly, although Plaintiffs claim they became dissatisfied with Siri’s performance “soon after” purchasing their iPhones, they made no attempt to avail themselves of Apple’s 30-day return policy or one-year warranty—which remains in effect. Instead, they seek to take an alleged personal grievance about the purported performance of a popular product and turn it into a nationwide class action under California’s consumer protection statutes. The Complaint does not come close to meeting the heavy burden necessary to sustain such claims.”

Admittedly, I have seen Siri act goofy on occasion. But for the most part it’s been very accurate and helpful. And while I understand that it can be frustrating when a product doesn’t perform as advertised, I don’t think these suits hold much water.

Apple makes an excellent point, asking that if the Plaintiffs weren’t happy with Siri, or the iPhone itself, why didn’t they just return the handset? Oh, it wasn’t a big enough deal to return it, but it was a big enough deal to sue? Sure, that makes sense.

What are your thoughts on the Siri lawsuits?

  • Suing a manufacturer because a product doesn’t perform the way you expected it is ridiculous.
    I asked Siri in an Apple Store early on to calculate the length of my penis in miles. It simply said, “Now now now…” which I thought was hilarious. I think Siri does a pretty good job of living up to the adverts and this clown is just looking to get some quick money, which is going to fail.

    • I like your post minus the penis part :o)

  • Funny how people are always looking for ways to sue big companies. I should dedicate my life to that and become a millionaire that way. lol

  • Siri only works as good as your internet connection.

    • mordechai eliyahu

      ya but it wont hurt f they also add the tweaks for siri thats in cydia

  • cruzcontrol1001

    Do you know everything?
    Answer: No dumbass didn’t you read the packaging I’m still in beta

  • Not satisfied my god damn ass! This is just some stupid, lazy person trying to make a quick buck! Nothing else! If Siri was a massive disappointment like this person says it was then why is the iPhone 4S still blowing out the door in RECORD sales numbers!? People need to start working hard, rather than trying to make a quick dollar and waste everyone else’s time! I hope when Apple beats this guy in court they get permission to beat him with rubber dildos in a basement for wasting peoples time!

  • siri cursed at me the other day and i took a picture of what it said i wish i could upload it here so every on can see what it did.

  • If you are disappointed don’t keep it return it..simple..

  • i just posted a the picture of siri cursing at me when i asked a question on my twitter if anyone wants to see it and siri said thanks william and my name is not william

  • And folks that is what is wrong with our current Judicial system!!! It is far too easy to wage a nuisance lawsuit against anyone for “any” reason!

    With virtually zero downside, these scum lawyers do this knowing that Apple must respond, and they are just hoping that Apple will calculate that it is cheaper to “settle” rather than spend the money to fight the lawsuit.

    Sure, Apple has tons of cash, but this happens to many small businesses and mom & pop businesses that have to spend the money to pay off these A-hole Attorneys or many will just close their business!

    We need responsibility within our Judicial system – not all these Ambulance Chasing “scum” attorneys that give the Law and real Professional Attorneys a “bad” reputation. 🙂

    • Kok Hean

      Exactly. Who would buy an iPhone 4S just for Siri?