According to a new report from 9to5Mac, developers are starting to see iOS 6 code strings in their app logs, signaling that Apple is currently testing the software’s compatibility with App Store applications.

This would seem to confirm earlier reports that the company is set to unveil the latest iteration of its mobile operating system during a keynote presentation at its WWDC event next month…

Last year, Apple managed to add more than 200 new features to iOS 5, giving folks literally hundreds of reasons to upgrade. And all eyes are on the iPad-makers this summer to see what they’ve managed to cook up this time around.

Other than a revamped Maps application, little else is known about what’s on the menu for iOS 6. Folks are clamoring for features like third-party widget support and a redesigned home screen, but it’s unclear if those will make the cut.

  • Anonymous

    I just really hope my battery won’t drain more quickly after an upgrade to iOS 6 like it did with iOS 5. For the features, I am sure Apple can think of loads of new stuff. Like an new YouTube app, perhaps.

    • Vid Logar

      yes youtube app sucks

  • This is great news!

  • רון טל

    This Is Fake!If You Zoom it a lot of times you can see that the version is 4.0!

    • also kind of looks like a 6 though too….

    • Vid Logar


    • Its ios 3 and 4

  • Perhaps some sort of an eWallet integration?

    Also, I just was very painfully going through my list of apps in my iTunes on my Windows PC – I would just LOVE it if there was better search, delete, sort, favoriting and “LOCK” features for these Apps.

    I have over 500 apps from tons of Apps found as “Free” here on iDB and also other places.

    Most I have no interest in anymore and would love to EASILY just permanently delete them.

    However, I also have some that are absoulte FAVORITES or ESSENTIALS (i.e. TDAmeritrade or other Bank Apps) that I want to “LOCK” so that I don’t accidentally “uncheck” that App.

    Recently I had inadvertly “unchecked” one of these Apps and it was such a pain reinstalling it and having to reload all my personal data in to the App to make it run again!

    So, here is hoping that some Apple Design Engineers also are troubled by this lowsy iTunes App management system, and will make some upgrades with iOS 6.x 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean goodbye 1st gen iPads?

    • Vid Logar

      probably not iphone 4. would be unsupported and this would be a huge fail! IOs 6 will support it iOS 7 maybe 8 not!

  • Benjamin Gordon

    Surely if this was a spoof at least they would go to the length to photoshop the version on the screenshot!

  • Actually, someone might fake their SystemVersion.plist when theyre jailbroken. They couldve faked their iOS version to 6 if they wanted to. I’ve faked mine to 6. XD