It was a silly story to begin with, but it appears that Apple has changed the answer that Siri responds with when you inquire about the “best smartphone ever”.

Previously, Siri referred you to a Wolfram Alpha result where none other than the Nokia Lumia 900 — a direct iPhone 4S competitor — claimed the top spot.

Needless to say, Apple has now put an end to those shenanigans…

It’s good to see that Apple has a nice sense of humor about all of this. It’s also nice to see that they updated Siri with more, ahem, accurate responses.

What do you think?


  • M Last

    that exactly should be :)))

  • I like the “You’re Kidding, right?” hehehe 😀
    It is right ; the best smart phone ever is the one you’re holding all-day-long !!!

  • Falk M.

    Tehehe… 😛
    “The advantage of Siri having a cloud-based backend” oh meh! XD

  • She was answering “what’s the best phone?” like this from the start, guess they needed to add this phrase as well to the list of triggers for that response or something 😛

  • lolxxx ……

  • but when you rephrase the question “Wolfram Alpha what’s the best smartphone ever?” you still get Nokia as number 1 =DDDDDDD

  • Kalpesh Chauhan

    Hmmmm, so apple modified the result for this question? i guess that is ok? if apple can modify answers then what makes me want to trust siri with any response i get from it?

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Controlling info is power. Those Nazis! 😛

  • okay, sect took out the truth

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I seen that

  • Anonymous


  • I think its funny and all and I do agree it is silly but why did they change it in the first place? To show they too are silly? Leave the information alone. Stop using Siri in

  • Ouch! Siri was reprimanded for telling the truth. If you want lots of customer reviews, go to Amazon. Nokia Lumia 900 has overwhelming customer satisfaction there.

  • how fucking gay are you and this article

  • this type of control can lead to bigger problems, if they hard code results then there is no point of using siri

  • kabexa

    Fuck you all apple yankees motafuckas.