Our friends over at MacRumors did it again. Remember a recent iLoungue report describing a taller iPhone rocking a four-inch display that Apple may or may not have been prototyping for some time?

Tapping proven design talent of Federico Ciccarese, the publication published a pair of gorgeous-looking renditions depicting such a device sitting next to an everyday 3.5-inch iPhone 4S.

I wasn’t sure about a larger iPhone, but have definitely changed my mind having seen this image. Also, if you use a WebGL-based browser such as Safari on OS X or Google’s Chrome, you can play with an interactive 3D model of the mockup…

Blowing up a 3.5-inch display on the iPhone 4S to four inches in diagonal while maintaining the same width would add approximately 11 mm, or 0.45 inch, to the height of the display.

And what do you think the extra space could be used for?

According to MacRumors:

As had been proposed in earlier speculation, a taller display could allow Apple to add one more row of icons to the iPhone’s home screen, moving to five rows per page plus the row of pinned icons in the dock at the bottom of the screen.

Here, another shot:

iLounge called for a 10mm taller iPhone body compared to the iPhone 4S, which measures in at 115.2 mm.

If you can’t get enough of this mockup, why not rotate an interactive 3D model around using a WebGL-based browser such as Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari on OS X?

WebGL is disabled by default in Safari on OS X so you’ll have to enable it first by navigating to Preferences -> Advanced -> Show Develop in menu bar and then choose the “Enable WebGL” option under the Develop menu.

What did you think of this artist’s rendition?

  • whats with the odd silver back bit?

    • the silver back would look better if the top edge were in line with the antenna gaps like it is on the bottom. Still looks better without the silver at all though.

  • Anonymous

    A bigger device is a no no for me and I really aren’t liking 5 rows and a dock, i’ve never seen the point of having a wallpaper when you’re just going to cover it completely with icons, most of which differ in size which also really annoys me about 3rd party apps lol

  • I don’t like the back-side design !!! what do u think??

    • M Last

      back plate really ugly 🙂

  • Anonymous


    • i bet, if apple makes this exactly the same, you will say “SEXY!”

  • All they do is take the same iPhone and make it taller. Honestly, no matter how much you praise it, it looks crap.
    Apple is probably gonna make a design that looks WAY BETTER than these crappy mock ups.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t want a bigger iPhone either, but that one^ I don’t really mind..

  • OMG…i want the same iphone size but with 4 inch screen>>>that will be my favouritOMG…i want the same iphone size but with 4 inch screen>>>that will be my favourit

  • This would be horrible for iOS development. Every single app in the App Store would need to be re-worked to conform to these dimensions. It isn’t even just about doubling resolution like with the Retina adoption, it would mean adjusting the entire app. Highly unlikely IMO.

    • Exactly what I was thinking, i don’t think a lot of people have considered this. It was annoying enough during the transition of Retina quality seeing low quality apps running on a phone worth 400+ dollars that had a higher resolution. If they make the screen dimensions larger people will probably have misplaced layouts everywhere…

  • A tad bit wider and lengthening the screen (getting rid or or minimizing the home button–using multi-tasking gestures for activating the switcher and exiting apps) would be more likely to get me to upgrade from the 4S. I don’t really need a taller phone, just a taller screen. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ugly…I’ll pass

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t they just shrink the home button and reduce the real estate at the top of the screen around the speaker

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the grey strip on the back, reminds me of an HTC Phone, and I don’t want to be reminded of HTC Garbage when I look at my beautiful iPhone

  • Does anyone else think an iPhone with the same body material as the Macbooks and in silver would look absolutely beautiful? Could be a nice move away from the black/white standard…

  • Wouldn’t adding another row of icons kind of defeat the purpose of having a bigger screen, since the whole reason people want a bigger screen is because they want things to be BIGGER? Not more of the same…. seems rather silly. I am in the minority, or is this why people want a bigger screen?

  • Raschmin Steinbrecher

    i want iphone with 800×1200 at 4.2inch display


    Not another thin square phone with round corners I hope…

  • If they go with that small dock connector they better make adapters for all the clocks, radios, and other accessories that adapted the standard ipod connector. Otherwise this design isn’t that bad but I still prefer the tear drop one that kept being pushed around for the 4S release.

  • tome03330

    this looks like shit, no way I would buy this

  • Érico Gonçalves

    try again…