We told you not long ago that German TV maker Loewe was potentially the subject of an audacious takeover bid by iPhone and iPad maker, Apple. The rumor made a modicum of sense considering talk of an Apple Television being in the works just won’t go away.

Now though, such a takeover appears to be out of the question, with the Germans themselves saying that no such takeover talks are in process after contacting German site, Heise.

Rumors of a $113 million buyout have been quashed after Loewe’s official stance was recorded as there being ‘absolutely nothing to it.’

The original report had suggested that Loewe had been recommended to take the $113 million by a financial advice firm, and that a decision was not far away. Now, it would appear, that decision was never on the cards.

Interestingly, one of Loewe’s largest shareholders is the same Sharp that is expected to be the manufacturer of the fabled Apple television, as and when it does finally put in an appearance.

Is someone, somewhere, putting two and two together and getting five?

We think so. What about you?


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  • Anonymous

    Has there been any hard evidence of an apple television set?? It seems that all the speculation/rumors stem from the one quote in Steve Jobs bio.

    • Falk M.

      Well, I just think they keep it under wraps like back in the good old days when product launches by Apple were surprising and not like “uh huh, I’ve seen that… Also I know the internals, benchmarks and build costs…”
      Think iPhone 2G, damn, everyone WANTED the iPhone, nobody KNEW for certain it would come that day and how it’d look like.

      I think an Apple TV set is way too obvious to be even worth it being tagged “rumor” only.

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