Well it looks like after months of fighting with the Australian government, and several other organizations, Apple has finally broken down and removed the ‘4G’ branding from its tablet.

9to5Mac made the discovery just a few moments ago, pointing out that the one time named ‘iPad Wi-FI + 4G’ tablet model has been renamed to ‘iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular’ in Apple’s online store

The move should appease the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) and some of the other folks who believed that the “iPad Wi-Fi + 4G” was misleading to customers.

As you know, while the iPad is certainly capable of 4G data speeds on LTE networks here in the US and Canada, the tablet’s wireless data speeds are generally restricted to 3G in other countries.

The name change hasn’t happened everywhere yet, but it can be seen in several countries such as the UK, Australia, the U.S., Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

It’ll be interesting to see how this affects Apple’s product naming and branding in the future. For example, if its next iPhone has LTE technology, how will it advertise that feature outside of North America?

What do you think?

  • jUST NAMES .. and it doesn’t matter .. it stills an iPad containing an A5 and a Wifi receiver and a 4G cellular data … what do u think???

    • Anonymous

      I have to correct u there, its not A5 its A5X.
      Didnt mean to annoy you there.

  • M Last

    because of these stupid Australian people

    • But it’s not “because of these stupid Australian people”. Apparently people in other countries have been complaining too. What nationality are you?

    • Don’t feed the trolls hey.

      Interestingly how Apple didn’t quiet get it right again. Australia does not use the word cellular, we use mobile. Thoughtlessness? Antagonism? Or business model? Either way for us Aussies it’s wrong.

      • No matter what you may prefer to call it, it’s still cellular technology, smart one.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not Apple’s fault if your country won’t support LTE and if LTE devs chose to have different frequencies..

    • M Last

      if some countries don’t have 4G yet, it doesn’t make sense apple has to change the name
      now are some countries they still don’t have even 3G

      • tim

        we have 4G, but a different frequency to the one that the iPad supports. also, I think this is a good, settle/ruling/whatever reason apple changed the name. although, now the ‘cellular’ name, to me, sounds as if it only supports 2G/ edge speeds. why not iPad wifi + 3G like previous models?

      • Really? I didn’t know the world revolves around apple!

    • It’s not a several counties fault if one company wants to sell something in their country and not name it correctly leading the customer to false pretenses.

    • LTE Devs don’t choose anything. The Government decides which frequencies are allowed. And these Frequencies are already set since years (long before the first LTE Smartphones), Apple should have thought of that.

  • Maybe apple should just stick to naming their iPieces with numbers instead.