There’s been no shortage of talk regarding an Apple-branded TV set this year, as the entire television industry awaits the company’s entry into the market. Everyone wants to see if it can do for TVs, what it’s done for phones and tablets.

Well AppleInsider is adding more fuel to the fire today, as it’s reporting that Apple is in talks to purchase Loewe AG, a German TV manufacturer. Apparently, the iPad-maker has put an offer up of $100+ million for the company…

“Apple is said to be negotiating to acquire Loewe AG, a manufacturer and distributor of televisions, audio components and integrated entertainment systems, with a final decision expected to be announced by the end of this week.

Apple is reportedly offering 87.3 million Euros (about $112 million USD), a slight premium over the firm’s last closing share price of 4.519 Euros (giving it a market cap of 58.79 million Euros or $76 million USD). Loewe’s primary shareholders currently include Sharp (28.83 percent) and LaCie (11.17 percent0.”

In edition to TV-making (since 1929), Loewes also produces high-end audio components. It even has an interesting application in the App Store called the Loewe Assist Media app, which “transforms the iPad into a luxury remote.”

It’s worth noting that AppleInsider has a shaky track record in Apple rumors. Most recently, it’s report that Tim Cook was spotted at Valve’s headquarter was immediately debunked by company head Gabe Newell.

However, should this particular story materialize, it would have huge implications. Why else would Apple be acquiring, something it rarely does anyways, a TV manufacturer, unless it was planning on getting into the TV business?

  • Nice article, but you should keep in mind that anyways isn’t a word.

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  • A very good decision from Apple.Seems like they want an exclusive Tv because Loewe is Quality…Should be perfect if they keep their workers.If Apple would do the same like Nokia….That would be a catastrophy…..I think the will grow together…Bit who knows?I would like it.

  • Oh oh oh! I’ve got a question and I’m not wanting an argument. Why does apple buy companies instead of actually trying to make something themselves? Actually, two questions. What happens to those companies when apple isn’t so popular anymore, do they just tell the workers “Um, sorry, you’re not needed anymore because we can’t think of anything to sell/another company makes better parts than you now.”? Sorry guys, I’ve got a third question too. Why won’t apple actually make a product? I’m honestly looking for sensible answers here from people that actually know the answers instead of people that THINK they know apple as a company and instead of people that THINK they know the apple staff that matter about my questions.

    • Whateva….:p

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      This is just dumb. Clearly you don’t know about business.

      • Clearly you can’t read. I’m looking for serious answers, not dumb comments like yours. If you can’t answer my questions, please don’t reply. Thanks.

    • Either Apple does not have the in-house knowledge and resources. Or it needs the patents. With the liquid metal and various mapping company aquisitions it was the first one, but if this rumor holds water, I think Apple just wants the patents. And don’t worry, the company usually gets to keep doing what it’s doing.

  • Anonymous

    I used to have a Loewe 32″ CRT widescreen TV, back in the day before widescreen or HD was mainstream. At the time digital flat panels were new on the scene, and very expensive with terrible picture quality, but the “Loewe Aconda” TV I bought had hands down the best picture quality of any TV I had ever seen. Even to this day, while plasma and LCD panels have made huge leaps forward in quality, they still can’t match the rich colour gamut and pure inky blacks of that CRT.

    When HD panels started to rapidly improve in quality and drop in price, Loewe fell out of favour and a lot of the independent Hi-Fi stores stopped importing them to my country, Australia. Now days their flat panels have image quality on par with top TV brands like Panasonic, but they are harder to find in stores, and twice the price due to their amazing styling and German build quality.

    There’s no doubt that when you buy a Loewe, you’re not just buying it for the superb picture quality, but also the stunning overall build quality and intuitive features. For example my old Aconda was one of the first TVs to build the instruction manual right into the TV in digital format, so you could bring up help and tooltips when accessing any menu feature. Why more TV manafacturers don’t do this I don’t know, as it was very slick and helpful.

    Loewe, while very expensive, do seem like a perfect match for Apple. They are all about style, quality and the overall user experience. However they would need to ramp up production on a grand scale, given they are currently a tiny TV manafacturer by world standards. If anyone can pull this off its Apple!

  • The power of German engineering, I approve!

  • Ok, thanks mate.