The Dev Team has just released a major update to its popular RedSn0w software, bringing the jailbreak utility to version 0.9.11b1. The update includes a new feature that will allow users to downgrade the firmware on their A5 devices.

We touched on this a bit earlier in the week, but now that the software is out we have quite a bit more information. Keep reading for more details regarding the new downgrading feature…

From the Dev Team’s blog:

  • You cannot downgrade without the personalized SHSH blobs for your device at that lower firmware. You need to have fetched those blobs while the signing window was open, using either Cydia’s built-in TSS@Home feature, or with TinyUmbrella. The new Restore screen of redsn0w lets you choose either remote blobs or local ones (for the earlier firmware). If you don’t know where TinyUmbrella put your blobs, TinyUmbrella has a button that will show you (copy them out of that folder and feed them to redsn0w).
  • The A5 downgrade method actually updates to the latests firmware before downgrading to the earlier one. This process updates your baseband to whatever is newest. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD IF YOU RELY ON UNOFFICIAL UNLOCKS of your iPhone 4S. Those who used the temporary SAM technique to unlock their iPhones to specific SIMs shouldn’t be affected by this baseband update.
  • This method can be fixed by Apple with a firmware update. It’s a (pleasant) mystery why they haven’t fixed it yet, because reverse-engineering of the restore ramdisk indicates they do know about it. It’s possibly too niche to bother to fix right now.
  • The least-tested devices with this method are the iPad2,3 and iPad 3,2 (because we don’t have those models). If you do and feel like experimenting, please let us know how it turns out in the comment section below!
  • This update involves a bunch of new redsn0w code. We recommend sticking to the previous 0.9.10b8b unless you’re specifically using this new feature, until all the bugs are worked out! (Note: If redsn0w gets stuck at the “Waiting for device” stage for more than 30 seconds, you’ve hit a pesky GUI bug…that will be fixed in an upcoming version!)

For you knowledgeable and adventurous types, the new version of RedSn0w is available on our Downloads page. If you’d rather wait for a tutorial, Jeff should be along anytime now with a complete walk-through on how to downgrade your A5 device.

Hats off to the Dev Team. Great work guys.

Now, who’s excited?

  • Just waiting for a tutorial /noob.

  • Don’t work, says: “iPhone 4S isen’t supported”…

    • the A5 downgrade feature is at Extras->Even More->Restore

  • 100% works on my device.. SHSH Blobs required for this downgrade process…

  • the A5 downgrade feature is at Extras->Even More->Restore

    • i’ve tried, says: Restoring for this IPSW, isn’t currently avaiable”:(

      • u have save ur SHSH blobs??

      • r u have run as administrator in redsn0w?? what r u use? windows or mac?

      • Found the Problem, should use (9A405) instead of (9A406):)

      • use 5.0.1 (9A506)

      • iPhone4S 5.0.1 “9A406” was accidentally left out of the Keys.plist file…until the next redsn0w, see if you have 5.0.1 “9A405” blobs

  • without saving SHSH Blobs.. u can’t downgrade to lower firmware..

    • But the main question is:

      If Cydia does have the 5.0.1 shsh saved and it is showing it on main Cydia screen for my Jailbreaked iPhone 4s, is it enough?

      • “You need to have fetched those blobs while the signing window was open, using either Cydia’s built-in TSS@Home feature, or with TinyUmbrella.”

      • Better u use TinyUmbrella… kile Ron Melkhior says..

    • I am currently on 5.0.1 ip4s. Jailbroken. Can i still save my shsh blobs now?

    • I am currently on 5.0.1 ip4s. Jailbroken. Can i still save my shsh blobs now?

      • No… curently now apple was stop signing 5.0.1… hope Cydia have store/save ur SHSH blobs..

  • Just asking, can I still upgrade to 5.1?

    • No. untill 5.1 untethered from pod2g realease.. 🙂

      • As in, they’ve already stoped signing 5.1 firmware. How am I going to update?

      • now away for u.. unless u save ur blobs before apple stop signing.. like 5.1 or above…

      • Damn. I didn’t, now I’m stuck on 5.0.1 forever:( unless I download 5.1 and update to it when i want to jailbreak

      • Hope Next TinyUmbrella update for saving SHSH Blobs… dont worry bro.. like pod2g says… Next on the list: stabilizing the payload, then trying 5.1.1

      • I didn’t save mine either other than letting cydia make my life easier, I opened up tinyumbrella and updated it to the latest version, selected my 4s on the left hand side then under advanced tab selected request shsh from cydia and clicked on save shsh blobs on the top of tinyumbrella and it listed that my blobs are saved for ios 5.0.1(both versions) and iOS 5.1 so give that a try and hopefully it will work for you

  • Awesome news and great progress! Still, with the latest news I think I’ll wait for the 5.1/5.1.1 jailbreak. Doesn’t make much sense to me to downgrade, jailbreak then update jailbreak later.

    • Anonymous

      Understandable but the next jailbreak could be a month or two off

  • Thank you guys, downloading the 5.1.1 firmware for the downgrade of my iPhone 4S.

  • Im gonna wait for the tutorial. Ty

  • Would it work if I have the bloobs saved from another iphone 4s?

  • iphone 4s can downgrade?

  • Update #1: We accidentally left out one of the two flavors (“9A406”) of 5.0.1 for iPhone4S. It’ll be in the next update, but in the meantime check if Cydia or TU saved your blobs for the other 5.0.1 for iPhone4S (“9A405”).

  • tim

    KUDOS to the dev team. in the words of a user from the dev team blog, ‘thankyou [dev team] for all that you do for us mere mortals’. if only they accepted donations, if only

  • 5.0.1b is 9A406

  • The downgrade for the iPhone 4S works good. I’m using now iPhone 4S 5.0.1 with pod2g jailbreak. Using absinthe 0.3 . 10/10

  • Copy From dhlizard : Remember, to utilize this new method of restoring to older firmware on these newer devices, it is imperative you start saving your hash files for all your iDevices for every firmware version Apple releases.

    And remember, using this method requires you to download both the current IPSW (5.1.1) for your device and the IPSW for the firmware you are restoring your device to.

    The new tool is in Extras-Even More-Restore
    Once you have both IPSW’s downloaded to your desktop and have verified your hash files are complete, just follow the prompts. It is very simple.

  • It’ll be easy if tutorial are posted….coz there’re few steps needed to downgrade and jailbreak!

  • My only one question is: do I have to edit my host file on Mac to downgrade or it’s not necessary?

    • Fred

      When you use Redsn0w, it automatically edits the host file. But here’s a tip if you ever need to use iTunes you restore your phone. It won’t let you, it’ll tell you that it can’t connect to the update server, and that’s because Redsn0w changed the host file. So you must use tiny umbrella and go to advanced tab and uncheck the option that refers to host file.

  • is easy and it works 100% firts is going be saying hacked 5.1.1 and them you done

  • Anonymous

    is saving your blobs the something as fetching them?

    • Fred

      No, saving them it saving them, fetching them is going to the server and getting them (for them to be fetched they must have been saved already)

  • nihas nebas

    Hey i had jailbroken my iPhone 4s 5.0.1 earlier and then updated to 5.1 then 5.1.1. When i tried this downgrade it worked

  • Since i bought my 4s i stopped “supporting” my friends 4, now he wants me to downgrade it from 5.1 to 5.0.1… Can i use the new tool or is it only for the 4s,ipad2…..His blobs are saved on cydia and has no iFaith blobs! Thanks.

  • Did work for IPHONE 4

    • Anonymous

      i am getting a downgrade error 1

  • it does work with the saved blobs for 5.0.1 , but you have also to download ios 5.1.1

  • Kamil Czerny

    I must have ios 5.1.1 to downgrade ??

    • Fred

      Nope! You can be on iOS 5.1.1 or iOS 5.1 and it will still work! 🙂

  • Me me me~~
    so excited…finally can revert back to 5.0.1 for jailbreak…lol

  • Anonymous

    i got a downgrade error 1…pls help…i am using an iPhone 4..and i have the blobs saved in cydia….

    • This is only for A5 devices(iPad3,1, iPad 2,1, iPhone 5,1 or 4S) for this use pwned DFU

  • OK i have iphone 4s , in dfu mode but as soon as i want to put the IPSW it says “Restoring for this ipsw isn’t currently available” , can someone please help me

    • Fred

      That’s because you’re using 0.9.11b1 and beta 1 doesn’t support the 9A406 version of 5.0.1. The 5.0.1 IPSW you downloaded is 9A406, but 0.9.11b1 only supports 9A405. Redsn0w has been updated, so go download the new version and then you can do it.

  • I dun have 5.0.1 shsh blobs , so what should I do ? Is there any way to do it ? Somebody please advice me.

    • Fred

      No, the SHSH blobs are unique to your device so you can’t do anything. Just wait, the 5.1.1 jailbreak should be released soon.

  • tutorial http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=8HlwtyB-uOk

  • Edwin Rodriguez

    is it possible to downgrade my iPad using someone else’s iPad shsh blob? the other iPad is already jailbroken , mine its running iOS 5.1, i need to downgrade it

    • Fred

      No, the SHSH blobs are unique to the device that they came from.

  • rees.5

    Great work, Team! Thank you so much for your hard work! Without you guys we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our devices to its full potential! Keep it up!

  • Same problem

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone noticed that once you downgrade to iOS 5.0.1 that the scrolling lags? I have an iPhone 4S and it lags after the jailbreak. I’ve used the corona jailbreak and also the one that came with Redsn0w but they both make it lags. And after a while, the touch screen completely stops working and I have to restart it (but the touch screen does work for slide to power odd)

  • Can I use it for Upgrade too? 4,3,5 to 5,0,1?

  • i downgraded tried to downgrade the second time and bam! i had an error itune error -1 help !
    anyone able to help me?

    this occurs only when they are trying to update the base band “updating baseband”

    sigh…. : (

  • How about a step-by-step tutorial for newbies pleas

  • SKM

    I’m getting error “Stitching for this ipsw isn’t currently available” on my ipad 2.2 when I’am trying to stich 5.1.1 shsh blob with 5.1.1 ipsw.