With the iPhone 5, next iPhone or whatever moniker Apple decides to give the next generation smartphone set to be released later this year, much of the discussion of late has centered around what that release will see brought to the table.

To date, for example, all iPhones have featured a 3.5-inch display while the Android-powered competition has seen huge variation in display sizes and technology over the last 48 months. Could the iPhone 5 see a new form factor, complete with new screen size? While possible, the suggestion now is that the intricacies of the iPhone 5 have yet to be finalized at Apple with less than six months to go until the handset is expected to begin shipping.

The latest claims come from iMore, whose sources appear to be confident that October is still the month we will be lining up outside our local Apple Stores, even if Apple itself doesn’t quite know what the thing we are buying will look like…

According to iMore, the one thing that we can take for granted is indeed that October release date, with a new, smaller dock connector also likely to feature according to the web site. The much-rumored screen size change and new aspect ratio, though, have apparently yet to be finalized by Apple’s engineers although that does not mean the iPhone 5 will not see both changes find their way into the final design.

If there is one thing that we can take away from these latest claims, it is that nobody really knows what is going on at Apple just yet. Yes, some may claim to have sources and yes, some may be more accurate than others. At this point though, and with the expected shipping date drawing ever closer, nobody really knows what is going on inside 1 Infinite Loop.

Which means we’ve got another five months of rumors to go.


  • I don’t really want a new dock connector.. the thing that was really convenient with the other apple products was that they had an universal dock connector plug!

    • Agreed. I’ve got like 5-6 dock connectors and I love it! It would suck to go back to having just 1… Plus I really hope the iPhone keeps the same form factor and overall dimensions. the screen can get pushed to the bezel, but I really don’t want a larger iPhone. And I really don’t see Apple making it any bigger because it would damage the iPad’s sales if it gets too big.

      Really, we only need a few hardware bumps – minor things really:
      1. 4G LTE
      2. 720p front facing camera
      3. 1GB RAM
      4. Much Much Much better battery

      As far as hardware goes, thats it. Everything else is rock solid. I have much more to say about the software tho… it needs a lot of work. I love iOS but without a jailbreak… its a prison.


      • In my eyes number 4. is the most wanted future, who cares about 4G? In my country 4G isn’t even availble …

      • I disagree. 4G is the future, and 3G sucks balls. Oh how spoiled I am… My buddy’s Samsung Galaxy Note gets download speeds of 2 Megabytes not Megabits but BYTE. His download and upload speeds on AT&T’s 4G network in my area is insanely fast! I want that! It is a must for iPhone users in the US and anywhere that supports LTE.

      • I’m calling BS on the megaBYTES per second. That would be 16384Mbps.

      • @Hartsock – thats what the speed test app said

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think anyone REALLY NEEDS a 720p front-facing camera. But yeah, iOS without a jailbreak is pretty much like prison.

      • I agree. Its actually last on my list – IDK why I placed it so high in my comment. But the front facing camera is terrible. It is ridiculous that all Mac’s aren’t equipped with FaceTime HD – and it would be nice to have a flash to go along with the built in webcam, because most of the time its just too dark.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t even think 4G LTE speeds are needed at all. Heck, I’ve used 2G speeds on my iPhone 3GS unlocked for T-Mobile for months and it works fine… Unlimited 2G for $5 a month not a bad deal. If I had the choice I would buy an iPhone without a data plan.

      • No A6 quad core processor on your list? I’m not buying iphone 5 if theres no A6 processor.

      • Nope. There is really no point in having more power. What do we need it for? We don’t do any hard core movie, picture, or code editing – so what do we need more power for? Nothing. the A5 is plenty – but Apple will obviously bump the processor, so thats really a given. But I could care less about that. A better GPU, yeah that would be great. honestly, I’d be happy with the A5x.

    • IF they give us a new connector I believe they will attach a small adapter that will enable us to use older cables etc

  • let me enjoy my 4s

  • My greatest fear is that apple is just gonna use the a5x Processor.
    Yeah I know it doesn’t matter what processor apple uses since all the games are made to run on the iPhone..like the Xbox
    But it’s bragging rights in front of android fanboys. So quad core processor needed not just quad core graphics…
    We need some quad core love!

    • IDK… I’m happy with the 800MHz dual core processor. I’d much rather have more battery than more power under the hood. We really don’t NEED any more power. RAM, 4G, and Battery yes. An HD front facing camera, I’d like that. But more power… no.

      • i like things to boot up faster. so ill take a better processor

      • Who boots their phone up all the time? I may reboot like 1 time in a day. It only takes a couple of minutes. Yes, we will see more power, but I’d much rather have better battery life than more power. Honestly, this is a moot point for me because I’m not due for an upgrade until Jan 2014 anyway. So I’ll be getting the iPhone 6 or whatever they are going to call it.

      • programs dude, programs

      • Oh… ok. That makes more sense. Yeah, a snappier phone would be nice.

    • Quad Core to me is bull or more like a fancy name for the android junkies. If you actually compare the 4S and Samsung S2, 4S never lags with 800MHz compared to Samsung S2’s 1.2 GHz.

      Quality comes before quantity. Way to go Apple.

      Heard of the new voice assistant by Samsung? Totally a rip-off from Siri. Check the UI and you know what I mean.

      • Its all in the software. Remember the HP Touchpad? The hardware was nice, but the OS was slow – i.e., slow tablet.

      • rip off of siri or not, siri needs a major overhaul with many more features and interaction with the acutal phone. The UI is bulky and could use something new. Apple is in serious danger if they do not essential do a complete overhaul of there entire phone because they are loosing ground in the terms of ui. as much as people bash android there user interface is being copied and the ease of use it really good.

      • Siri still feels like a Beta and she is really sluggish. I hardly use her. I do use the voice recognition option in spotlight all the time though.

        Yes! We need tons of customization in iOS. That and turn by turn are the only things that Android really has over iOS. I’ve been using Waze + AssistantLove + Siri for turn by turn and it works great.

        There are just so many little Cydia tweaks that I have installed to make the UI work the way I want it to that it is just ridiculous – most of which are common sense/no brainers. Apple really needs to open up the UI soon or they may see some people switching to Android as these new powerhouse quad core phones hit the market.

  • Oh no roumors again for the next 5 month. I’m already sick of it.

  • The next iPhone reiteration will be out in a few mths. While I love the phone, if apple doesn’t trump up its specs to meet their competitors, then I may consider switching. Though I love the non-plastic feeling only apple has, I really hope apple will be generous with its new hardware. Am so envious of the quality of colors from the super amoled screen from the HTC One X. But, I love my apps, tweaks, and music quality. So please apple, do something to make me wanna dive into the apple world again.

  • António Martis

    Apple will never put a bigger screen on an iPhone, the 3,5 inch is the perfect size and changing it would ruin it. In my opinion there will be another line of iPhones if apple decides on getting a bigger screen. They could also build a smaller iPad for that purpouse.

  • yasin inamdar

    iPhone 5 with some of the features like activator slide-in gesture enable inbuilt 🙂


    Yes… Bigger display at least a 4 inch AMOLED HD plus preferred, A5X processor because it can still be jailbroken 🙂 and a big fat battery so I don’t have to charge it everyday.

  • Larry Macfarlane

    Why call the 6th generation iPhone “iPhone 5”? Not likely

  • To be honest, I like the shape of the first iPhone the most, if the next iPhone got the shape and the size of iPod touch 4G, it will be awesome.