Now that a method exists for downgrading A5 devices, a greater number of folks will be looking for an easy solution to jailbreak their devices.

While the Absinthe jailbreak tool still works, RedSn0w may be more desirable to you due to its all encompassing nature.

For that reason we’ve put together a handy guide that shows you how to jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 using RedSn0w 0.9.11b1…

Note: You must be on iOS 5.0.1 to use this tutorial. You can downgrade to iOS 5.0.1 if you have your SHSH blobs saved for iOS 5.0.1. See our iOS 5.0.1 downgrade tutorial for more details.

Step 1: Connect your A5 device to your computer and run RedSn0w 0.9.11b1.

Step 2: Click jailbreak, and you will see an info window appear.

Step 3: On your iPhone you will notice a new profile window. Tap Install > Install Now > Next (no password) > Done.

Step 4: You will see another info window via RedSn0w.

Step 5: Enable the VPN option in Settings and the jailbreak will be triggered.

Step 6: You may notice VPN errors, these can be ignored. The device will reboot, and once it reboots you will notice Cydia on your Home screen.

That’s it! There’s no DFU mode involved or anything like that, so this is one of the easiest jailbreaks to accomplish. It works pretty much the same as the Absinthe jailbreak, but I found RedSn0w’s Corona implementation a little more reliable than Absinthe. This was performed on a Windows machine, but it works exactly the same on a Mac.

Has it worked for you? What have you found? For more in-depth information on RedSn0w, be sure to check out our full dedicated RedSn0w page.

  • please tell me that this does work with iphone4(a4 devices);-)
    thanx jeff

  • I don’t understand… Is it that just now you can Jailbreak with redsnow? Couldn’t you do it before?
    I already jailbroken with Absinthe. And how it is different? Why is it more desirable?

    • the A5 couldnt jailbreak it before, using redsn0w but now you can they implemented the A5 devices now, as well as downgrade

  • Corey Andrews

    Will this work on A4 devices?

    • It is most likely will do. pod2g said that if it worked on A5, than it should work on A4, just wait for confirmation about this if you want to jailbreak any A4 device you own ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Sina

      From iPhone Dev Blog:

      This update involves a bunch of new redsn0w code. We recommend sticking to the previous version 0.9.10b8b unless youโ€™re specifically using this new feature, until all the bugs are worked out!

      Hope it helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mordechai eliyahu

    shit i thought this was a jailbrake for iphone 4s 5.1

    • Me too!
      *i notice this post on idbs homepage*
      “FACK YEAAA, here we go ISX, and I’m gonna get tons of Siri tweaks for my 4S now, plus I’ll use Winterboard now that it isn’t shat, OMG NEW JB FTW I can’t wait!!”
      *the article loads, I start reading..*
      “WHAT THE F**K!”

      • mordechai eliyahu

        lol i said the same thing. and im not using my iphone until there is a jailbreak to it bec personally i think its useless id rather use my htc evo

    • Don’t expect it to be 100% reliable/compatable upon release or out soon for that matter. In my opinion its worth downgrading and staying on 5.0.1. Apps that run only on 5.1 or higher can run on 5.0.1 if you look up how to do it. Hope this helps!

      • mordechai eliyahu

        i got my iphone on 5.1 so i cant downgrade ๐Ÿ™

      • Me too:/. Me and you=SOL

    • Downgrade iPhone 4S

      Maybe its out!

  • Stevie May

    has anyone else lost their 3G network?

  • What is the difference beetween absinthe and redsnow ?

    • Steps of Injecting the same exploit / the GUI / developers releases

  • Since the downgrade and re-jailbreak this afternoon I’m no longer able to sync with iTunes on my 4s, anyone else having the same problem? I’ve reset the lockdown folder and removed all of my backups from iTunes, tried syncing over wifi and on USB, re-installed iTunes and rebooted my phone more times this afternoon than since I had it in October and still nothing, is it just me?!
    Using mac mini osx lion, latest version of iTunes and official sync cables if that makes any difference

  • t lee

    after enabling the VPN, i’m getting the VPN error message and it will not finish installing.

    • redo the jailbreak process w/ redsn0w again.

      • t lee

        i’ve already tried that three times. I’ve even restarted my computer and i phone just to make sure.

    • use Absinthe v0.4 worked for me with same hardware and etc.

  • My Ipad 2 5.0.1 won’t reboot after turning on vpn i tried many times to do it and erased all data also

  • iPhone 4S -> Downgraded from 5.1 to 5.0.1 successfully.
    Anyone getting the following error when trying to jailbreak 5.0.1 at the end of redsn0w’s step 2?

    Jailbreak failed
    Service wouldn’t start (3570)

    If it makes a difference at all, I did an iTunes backup at 5.1 and changed the info.plist to allow for restoring that backup to my newly downgraded 5.0.1 before attempting the jailbreak with redsn0w.

    • Oh and I’ve tried it on Mac OS 10.7.4 and 10.6.8.

    • Hello Tyler Hauser,

      Can you show me how to change the info.plist file please? I am currently not able to restore from backup after downgrading from 5.1 to 5.0.1. Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Figured it out. Turns out restoring my backup first was what caused it.

    • use Absinthe v0.4 and do not restore from backup “start anew!”

      • Thank ya. I was able to restore my 4S to 5.1.1, downgrade to 5.0.1, jailbreak with redsn0w and then restore my backup from 5.0.1. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • can you explain me how to restore my information into 5.0.1? because after I downgraded successfully, a message on iTunes appeared saying that the software was too old for the backup file.
        Do I have to jailbreak and then restore my backup file?

  • I had problems today when I tried with RedSn0w. I originally used the command line version to jailbreak back when it first came out. Absinthe works like a charm for me though!

  • Redsn0w says unsupported ipsw (5.0.1 on my iPhone 4S)

    • Metroview

      I had the same message. Get the 9A405 version of 5.0.1. 9A406 gives that error.

  • After using this method, iMessage and FaceTime does not work. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Metroview

      Nope. All is fine here on my 4S downgraded from 5.1.1

  • if i jailbreak i think i will lose factory unlock in my iphone 4s

  • Anonymous

    The main question for already done it with this redsn0w for iPad2 , will it need an Internet connection for installing cydia and jail breaking process? Since the iPad 2 not necessary.

  • On my Ipad 2 with 5.0.1, I get “A Configuration error occured” when i try to connect through VPN to trigger the Jailbreak!

  • Naeem Raza

    nice tut buddy can u help me i am new to Iphone
    i have iphone 3Gs with firmware 4.1 i want it to upgrade can u plz tell me .how can i upgrade my iphone software a video tut will be helpful plz help me.