Clock Widget is a simple Android inspired widget that’s great to use if you like to hide the clock in your status bar like yours truly.

I see this as being more or less of a way to show off the potential of Dashboard X, as it was created by the developer of Dashboard X himself.

Check out our video walkthrough for more info…

Clock Widget is actually the first Dashboard X widget to find its way on Cydia; it was promptly followed up by Dashtweet, which was released a short while ago.

This is a widget that’s not going to knock your socks off, but it does give us a sneak peak of what we might come to expect in the future.

Clock Widget is a free download from Cydia’s ModMyi repo, but it does require a $1.99 Dashboard X in order to install it.

What do you think?

  • I wanna see the Google search bar from android on this. With working search suggestions

  • Jeff, Whats the name of the Tweak that helps you move the ICons as you like…Help.

    • GridLock by chpwn

      • I bought GridLock shortly after getting Dashboard X but every other respring resets my icon arrangement it’s so annoying…

      • This might answer your query
        Install Bug Fix: Duplicate Icons
        Bug Fix: Stuck Pages
        from cydia you should be fine

  • I think this tweak has great potential
    It would be nice if we could place these widgets on the lockscreen…
    Think about widgets like “ncspeeddial”
    “appscentre”…etc….On the lock screen….

    • ever thought about intelliscreen x? or bulletin?

      • I love the iOS lockscreen and clock no widget can ever replace that clock. So I tend to not use tweaks that show me the notification centre on lockscreen.
        Secondly I would like the ability to place my widgets anywhere on my lock screen( on top of slide to unlock)
        But MOST importantly, Intelliscreenx drains your battery. Just enabling the notification centre on the lockscreen uses upto 20% more CPU
        That’s some serious battery drain….
        (for me battery life is pretty important. I use my phone quite a lot and I need it to last for a whole day ie at least 8 hours usage)
        And think about this for the iPad.
        Widgets that one can be placed anywhere on the iPad’s lockscreen.(something like the dashboard on Mac).
        it’s your choice, I prefer not to use Intelliscreenx or bulletin. To each his own..:)

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  • Anonymous

    The clock is pretty lame I have to say but then i’m looking for an HTC style flip clock widget to be made for this so I don’t ever have to use the ram hoggers that are DreamBoard and Winterboard.

    • Anonymous

      You can use the one for perpagehtml

  • Anonymous

    What happened to WeeTranslate?
    I’d love a google translate widget.

  • That’s a great widget but I think for the interaction part he should’ve had it connect to for iOS.

  • I dont get it… beside that it looks good why would you need a clock that is only for homescreen, when you have the clock up there on the status bar…

    • Anonymous

      Have both then. If you like it, get it. If not, then don’t. Stop asking yourself so many questions.

    • i agree, this is stupid. you loose for icons for a larger clock. no need. but i love the idea of widgets….but ummm, i can’t think of any widgets i want. :-s maybe an rss but i have that in NC…umm. i don’t know

      • Dashboard X is amazing and the widgets are amazing but I just dont find Clock Widget useful at all πŸ˜›

      • Some people like to keep thier status bar empty in this case Jeff(no offense)
        so they have to go to the lock screen to stay updated with the time during traveling
        so this is the solution

  • Favorite tweak aside intelliscreenx kudos to the maker of both of these wonderful jailbreak tweaks, this is why jail breaking is amazing

  • Anonymous

    I’d like Dashboard X more if it would stop crashing to safe mode πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    i have been experiencing countless resprings to safemode since installing dashboard x… πŸ™ also, several nc widgets like weefacebook dont work with dashboard x. but most importantly, does anyone know where i can find the wallpaper that is in the screenshot for the clock widget in cydia???

    • It’s the standard one on the iPhone and iPad in setting

  • Guys, does the clock falls back on you? Every time I lock my device it looks that the clock is not working (or refreshing when I unlock)

  • CAn you make a weather widget?

    • impossible

    • There’s one in dashboard x already because it’s already in NC. It just doesn’t update like every other widget you use with dashboard x.

  • Hi I tried installing dashboard x but I keep going into safire I have no idea why? Can you help?

  • Meant to say safemode

  • harsh jain

    Time is not proper
    There is some problem