We may still be a good five months away from Apple’s expected iPhone 5/Next iPhone announcement, but Samsung has already shown its hand with the Galaxy S III.

Building on the already hugely popular Galaxy S II handset, the third generation of the Galaxy S line will feature some interesting software additions alongside a reasonable speed bump and rather large screen. All in, it’s an impressive-looking update for a company that has already shown that it is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with Apple when it comes to kicking out huge sales numbers and satisfied customers.

But shy of taking the Roman numeral approach to naming conventions and calling the next iPhone the iPhone V, what will Apple do to take the fight to Samsung now that the Koreans have firmly placed their stake in the ground? What must Apple do in order to compete with a handset that has seen almost as much excitement and expectation as any Apple product? The truth is that it might not actually need to…

A quick look at the Galaxy S III’s specifications show that Samsung means business. A quad-core 1.4GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 720p Super AMOLED screen are not to be sniffed at, and at 4.8-inches big that screen promises to be rather imposing, especially beside an iPhone 4S. Android fans will love it, and that’s obviously what Samsung was aiming for.

Throw in some software additions such as a Siri-like digital assistant called S-Voice, and things appear to be coming together for Samsung. But is it competition for the next iPhone?

I would wager that no, it is not. At least, not entirely.

The GS3’s – that’s what I’ll call it for now – specifications are truly impressive, and as far as the Android spec-race goes, this is sure to be right up there with the best of them for a while yet. The thing is, that’s never really been Apple’s style, and as an extension of that, it’s not really the style of Apple’s customers, either.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that the next iPhone does not feature a quad-core CPU, or that Apple decides to stick with the tried and tested 3.5-inch screen rather than twist and opt for something much more gargantuan. What happens then?

Will iPhone owners, or more importantly, prospective iPhone owners decide to jump ship and instead stump up the cash for a GS3? Some might, no doubt, but some may come the other way, too.

See, many iPhone owners simply won’t notice those specs, and the less tech-savvy won’t be interested in that Super AMOLED display. They’ll note that it’s bigger, yes, but is it too big? I know it would be for me, though I do have the hands of a large three-year-old.

What I am trying to get at, after almost five-hundred words of gibberish, is that whilst the GS3 is undoubtedly an interesting piece of kit, it’s probably not going to steal iPhone buyers from Apple, and that is surely what Samsung needs to do. If not, then Samsung will be left to scrap it out with the likes of HTC and Motorola to try and get as many existing Android owners to choose one cookie-cutter handset over another.

In that battle, nobody wins.

Except Apple.

  • THE “NEW IPHONE” will beat the shit out of galaxy s3

  • sn0wbaLL

    im def switching, im tired of the small display and the dumbed down OS

  • I don’t want anything bigger than a 4inch screen but not an elongated phone and I’m hoping for a higher MP camera too. If apple pull that off then I’m getting it. If not, I might be looking around for a different phone but not that MASSIVE thing.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone IV is actually iPhone 4. VI

  • Anonymous

    You are right, I am a specs man, I look at the specs, but to be honest.. I will buy the next iPhone whatever it features. That is just because I love Apple so much. Ill buy anything they make.

    • Lol

    • Anonymous

      Which is why this article is utterly irrelevant. Apple uses unethical methods to enslave people to their crappy blocked products whilst Samsung simply goes for “creating the best thing out there” year after year, obliterating any iphone into oblivion.
      The only thing the next iphone will have going for it might be a few parts made of liquidmetal and regardless of it being as crappy, ugly and overpriced as it will will inevitably be, ifanboys (or victims, as I like to call them) will sleep on the sidewalk to get their fix.

      • Anonymous

        What are you talking about ????!!! Samsung always copied Apple during these years and with an ARMY of smartphones just sell as much as Apple with one iPhone….Samsung = Plastic, then Android is uncomfortable…I think you are a victim of Samsung…..you never had an iPhone that’s way…. I understand your stress!

      • Anonymous

        I have an iPhone and an iPod Touch 4G, I know first hand how crappy and limited they are… I’ve never owned a Samsung smartphone but I sure will as soon as the SGS3 comes out. Hell, the SGS2 already kills any iPhone without a doubt.
        Also mate, plastic doesn’t shatter as easily as glass does…
        Keep your shackles if you want but I’m switching over to freedom and unlimited storage.

      • Anonymous

        Have you ever tried to jailbreak your iPhone??? You wouldn’t talk in that way….I’m sure

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t be here if I had not jailbroken both of my iDevices. It brings them to a somewhat bearable level but even a jailbroken iOS can not compete with ICS on a functionality pov. iDevices are low/mid-range devices (both on the hardware and software aspects) sold at high-end prices. Even last year’s mid-high-range HTC and Samsung phones beat the 4S…

  • samsung forgot lte. that could be an advantage for the new iphone if the lte chip also talks to european frequencies…

    besides i don’t know if the “constantly user observation”-feature will hit the market.

  • Well what I look for, and so should most customers is the QUALITY of features In a device and so far I like the user friendly iPhone due to the fact they live up to what they say… It’s probably the biggest reason why they never shoot back when failing competitors bash them. And seriously if your looking to by a phone for a 4 inch screen and just for that you should think about investing in a tablet or a labtop or some reading glasses it’s really not needed

    • Kok Hean

      I like how the iOS devices can have more than less impressive specifications than their Android competitors and still run smoothly.

    • Anonymous

      If an iphone is enough for your needs, no wonder you don’t think a bigger screen would be useful. I think an iphone with a bigger screen would be even more frustrating than their crappy products currently are.

  • Anonymous

    If the New iPhone doesnt have a bigger screen then I’m losing the love for iPhone. Enoughs enough its time for a bigger screen, not huge but bigger. Those specs are impressive and start to highlight how ripped off we are to a degree with inferior front facing cameras and screens that are smaller than some of the cheapest android handsets

    • Anonymous

      People are finally waking up and seeing how much they’re being ripped off ^^ Maybe RIM’s latest campaign wasn’t so useless after all xD

  • I’ll always stick with apple and have plan to buy the new iPhone
    Proud 4S owner.

    • Anonymous

      Not much there to be proud…

  • Unless the iPhone gets bigger I’ll probably switch as well. I send and receive email, play games and watch videos too often to continue using such a small screen.

    • Anonymous

      You should’ve switched a long time ago…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the iPhone needs a bigger screen, we’ve got the iPad for that..

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I nominate you for the “dumbest argument ever” category.

      • Anonymous

        Dude, seriously? Dumbest argument “ever”? Ever? Wow, you’re stupid. Lol

      • Anonymous

        First of all, a nomination doesn’t mean you’ll win.
        You have to admit that your argument was pretty stupid. They’re talking about a smaller iPad coming up… Apple themselves in their retardation figured out that there is a market for devices between netbooks without keyboards and tiny toy-phones.
        If you only use your phone as a phone (as most iPhone owners do), you might be cool with a tiny screen because it means you only carry what you need. Other people actually want to use their smartphones’ capabilities and want normal-sized screens to do that. In the even larger screens category the Galaxy Note has also been pretty successful. Denying that there is a market for normal-sized smartphones does qualify you for this category.

        (also, have you ever heard of “figure of speech” ? Apparently not…)

  • “a handset that has seen almost as much excitement and expectation as any Apple product?”

    Oh I’m sorry did I miss the lines wrapped around the world when this phone was released. I’m sorry this phone doesn’t have 1 quarter the hype that the iPod nano got when it was released. Sad thing is even if Apple doesn’t deliever the specs to top this phone it will still out sell it.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right : it’s very sad that apple still succeeds despite being rotten to the bone.

  • Okay first of all apple have to improve the battery in my eyes so at least 24hrs plus to get there new iphone 5 on top of the chain battery as we know is always a let down on such a great product and already added tweaks as default plus at the least quad core speed 1gb ram plus. Like all the other phones on the market to stay ahead of the game improve the front facing camera to start with as its always been a issue with apple and maybe 10mp camera on the back. And if possible reduce the phones depth so the hole iphone is as think as the bezel itself if this isn’t seen soon by apple they will get left behind sorry to say but android are showing the way right now.

  • Mersim Hasanbašić

    everyone knows that samsung is making the better phones but still idiots buy iphones 🙂
    you have to try both of them and you will fast realize that android is awesome 🙂
    i have both but android is way better

    • Wow, everyone knows something that is completely subjective. I had a samsung running android, it was good, a little buggy but there were some things I really liked. I have an iPhone now (must be an idiot) and I LOVE it, love how easily things work, love how smooth the OS is. I thought about jailbreaking but I didn’t love the experience on my old iPhone 3G so I haven’t yet. I tried both and realized that I prefer iPhone. I wouldn’t presume to speak for anybody else.

      • This is whaat i keep telling android users it’s about the os and how smooth it works and the reaction time is sooo much better on a iPhone. Also about the neat design i don’t want no big ass computer if i can have a nice laptop, who can do the same and also looks better. (My opinion)

  • Will it be compatible with my apple tv? Ok then… I’ll stick with the iPhone

    • AirPlay FTW. Remote App FTW.

    • Anonymous

      And that’s why apple should get sued. Unfair business practices : taking advantage of a monopoly situation created through enslaving its customers with the use of unethical practices.

      Remember Micro$oft getting sued for providing WMP and IE with windows ? Apple is doing things thousands of times worse…

  • Samsung did the only thing they can do, they released their flagship smartphone between iPhone refresh cycles. Unfortunately for Samsung their latest flagship smartphone, while performing well, requires double the CPU cores at 175% clock speed, double the GPU cores and double the RAM of iPhone 4S.

    Additionally, Samsung blatantly copied Apple again:

    AirPlay err… S Beam
    iCloud… oops… S Cloud
    iTunes Match… umm… Music Hub
    Siri… oh… S Voice

    Apple has outstanding customer retention, 89% versus nearest competitor with 39% for smartphones.

    Apple has the best customer service in every market in which they compete.

    Apple has above average reliability with less than 2% return rate on products that are constantly derided by competitors while competitor products reported 16% return rates.

    Apple provides free or very inexpensive software upgrades regularly that enhance existing products significantly while competitors don’t offer upgrades or offer inconsistent but expensive upgrades.

    Apple iPhone 4S is competitive performance-wise with competitor products that have 150% greater CPU clock speeds and 200% more RAM.

    Apple products are highly secure as evidenced by only two significantly successful malware threats in the last ten years (MacDefender and Flashback).

    Apple has the market leading ecosystem with:
    28 million (mostly) DRM-free songs worldwide (many encoded as 256 kbit/s AAC)
    1,000,000+ podcasts (USA)
    40,000+ music videos (USA)
    3,000+ TV shows (USA)
    20,000+ audiobooks (USA)
    2,500+ movies (USA)
    725,700 App Store Apps with more than 25 billion downloads

    Apple has more than 70% of the digital music downloads and nearly 70% of digital movie downloads, Apple iTunes is the premiere digital media store.

    Apple iTunes in the Cloud provides free, unlimited perpetual storage and access on-demand to the entire catalog of purchased movies, music and TV shows.

    Apple iCloud provides free mail, calendars and contacts.

    Apple iCloud provides 5 GB free storage which enables bookmarks, calendars, contacts, data & document, email, notes, to-do lists synchronization across devices and platforms.

    Apple isn’t threatened at all but Apple is likely perturbed and should be. Consumers should be disgusted by the poor customer service and blatant copying of features.

    • That’s called a monopoly. And you may guess once what happens next (already happened on stuff Apple claims to be “pornography”)? Exactly.. Censorship.

      Welcome to the brave new (Apple) world where everything is bright white. And if you don’t agree you get exterminated.

      • Anonymous

        Can’t wait for a ballsy judge to put apple in its rightful place : the garbage (or compost, let’s stay green)

  • Anonymous

    Androids have always been the more spec heavy devices but back in the day their quality and os wasn’t all that great. Now that their quality and os has caught up with their specs, they are starting to build up a fan base. The thing that personally never attracted me to Android was it always felt like they were making gimmick phones to try to compete with the iPhone. Big screen this and processor that. add the fact that I’m so heavily invested into the iOS ecosystem that it’ll take more than specs to sway me.

  • Dude, beacause people like you then all Iphone users are called “Sheeps”!

    • Eric Morgan

      It’s iPhone douche bag.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a pleonasm, saying “iPhone” actually implies that there is a douchebag holding it. 🙂

    • Actually that would be sheep. The plural for sheep is sheep. Sheeps is not a word.

  • Simply, try a SG2 for 1 day and you will note the big difference, you wonpt want to have an iphone again unless it has bigger screen and lighter, I am telling you, I have had Iphone 2g,3gs,4 and 4S and have 1 week with a SG2 and I can believe how superior the SG2 is in all aspects, I am not saying Iphone is not good, I am telling you that it is like a ferrari vs an Audi A4

    • I own both of those devices. An iPhone 4s and a Galaxy SII. I switch to the GS2 whenever I want to try out a new update or a new rom or give it another go. There are some things that I do prefer about android, however, they are greatly outweighed by the negatives. No matter how hard I try to stick with it I end up back on my iPhone before i know it. Longest i was able to make it was 2 weeks, couldn’t take the lagging / crashing / issues anymore. Maybe someday, but for now the iPhone has my vote.

  • I think that the 4S was Apple’s last release of a phone that we’ll ever see. Goodbye, Apple 🙁

  • Even with ICS Android is still clumsy, and Samsung galaxy S3 still uses android! which does not make it perfect!

    If you don’t understand what I mean by android being clumsy then you probably never will! There are many things that are simply not good enought. An example is simply scrolling web pages or even photos, not as silky smooth or natural as on the iPhone. If you still don’t see the difference then you probably never will!

    There are people that are after excellent products and other people that settle for good products. Samsung builds very good products but apple products are excellent! Samsung Galaxy S3 is a good phone but not as excellent as the iPhone 4s.

    Not Samsung to blame entirely! They control half the product! The rest is controlled by Google’s android!

    • Anonymous

      Oh, you have the galaxy s3 already? Wow, its surprising how you can say a phone is good or not as good as another phone when it hasnt even been released yet.

      • Read my reply again! What I find wrong on the unreleased s3 is not the new hardware but Android.

  • I have been struggling with this question ever since I learned that UBUNTU is working on a dev deal with Android to make your “desktop” also your smart phone.

    This new Samsung Galaxy SIII would certainly do the job of lifting the load of UBUNTU.

    So, even though I’m an Apple iPhone 4 owner, I really love UBUNTU and have thought, will I switch over to an Android if the marriage between UBUNTU and Android happens?

    I can’t say for sure, because one really cleaver “hook” that has rooted itself deep within me now is all the iPhone Apps that I have either purchased or downloaded when they were “free”.

    I also have my iPad2 – those apps, many are dual apps and shared between the two. Very convenient.

    I did try an Android Tablet before I ended up purchasing the iPad2 – that is when I first was confronted with this problem of sharing apps and compatibility.

    So, really, the true questions is can a platform get you hooked in using their Apps?

    I believe that the real “land grab” by Apple and Android is get people hooked on the Apps, then they won’t want to switch.

    • Anonymous

      Very good point there, I’ve been thinking that for a few months. This is another aspect the ballsy judge that will prosecute apple for their unfair and unethical business practices will need to use against them.

  • Anonymous

    To anyone who says the iPhone screen is big enough – try this –
    -Browse to this site, and try and post a comment – fricken hard to do isn’t it, the comment field when typing a long post has to be scrolled around the screen, the PostAs button and its login to google screen has to be scrolled around.

    I truely believe anyone who says the screen is big enough (and mentions iPads) is just trying to make themselves feel better about owning an iPhone or beign stuck on a 2 year contract. FWIW – I have a iPhone 4S

    • Anonymous

      It’s fine for viewing stuff… not practical to to anything else with (like creating content). iDevices are for those without opposable thumbs or the desire to use them. Thinking of it… these devices must be very popular among creationists. xD

    • Anonymous

      It’s fine for viewing stuff… not practical to to anything else with (like creating content). iDevices are for those without opposable thumbs or the desire to use them. Thinking of it… these devices must be very popular among creationists. xD

  • The iPhone specs are always competitive with the high end so I’m not worried about that. But a bigger screen for god’s sake. Anyone who thinks android phones are too big go check out the htc one S (4.3″). Smooth curves in a thinner body that isn’t much wider than the 4/4S. Feels much nicer in hand than my boxy 4 (beautiful yet totally unergonomic). I always preferred a compact device but smartphones are no longer the giant bricks they used to be and we are all using them for more media/games/etc… more than ever. I don’t expect apple will disappoint with at least 5 months to go.