Great news today for folks with a GSM iPhone 4S who are using, or planning to use, GEVEY’s Ultra S product to unlock their handset. It appears the popular SIM interposer is compatible with the new iOS 5.1.1 update.

Apple released the update yesterday, equipped with a handful of bug fixes and improvements. And although its future is still a bit murky for jailbreakers, it looks like it’s ok for unlockers to upgrade…

Online retailer ApplenBerry made the announcement earlier today via its official Twitter account, saying:

“Good news! If you are currently using GEVEY Ultra S GSM to unlock your GSM iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1, you CAN upgrade to iOS 5.1.1”

It’s worth noting that, if you haven’t caught on already, this applies to the GSM model only. Judging from the site’s description of the CDMA model, your iPhone 4S would need to be jailbroken — which isn’t available on 5.1.1 yet.

We also always take care to mention that using a SIM interposer requires you to dial 112, which is illegal in many countries. But nevertheless, the GEVEY Ultra S still looks like a viable unlock option for folks with a GSM iPhone 4S.

If you’re interested, you can find the Ultra S in ApplenBerry’s online store for $39.99.

  • Amine Lahlou

    Is that working for an iPhone 4 ?


  • on its site, its says “No Need to Dial International Emergency Number 112”

  • Can someone teach me about unlocking?LOL

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    for what baseband 4.11.08 and 4.12?

  • Why is it illegal to call 112? Is it because it is an emergency number?

  • Ok I have a question…and I hope somebody can answer it.

    Since apple has patched SAM and I am no longer able to use it as an unlock method, would the gevey ultra s work? Or which one of these gevey unlockers could I use? I’m currently using an iPhone 4S on iOS 5.0.1 with baseband 1.0.14.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Yes the gevey ultra s would still work.

      • Thank you!!! I will now go out and purchase this (:

      • It worked! Just got it in the mail today.

  • iam stuck in one signal bar . what shuld i do to fix this .? thnx

  • hej . my iphone 4 ios 5.1 is stuck in one signal bar what shuld i do to fix this problem .

  • it works on iPhone 4S version 5.1 using simple mobile but only works on TEXT , CALL ” NO INTERNET ” 🙁 we need this features to work GEVEY TEAM

    • ongxadayne

      you need to install APN chang.from ATT to Tmobile for your internet to work.

  • but after upgrading to 5.1.1, i am able to rec’v text… but not able to send out text. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    • Experiencing same problem. If solution found please forward to me

      • I know how to fix that easily but it is a bit hard to explain sp I recommend googling for “service center number gevey fix”

    • Google “service center number gevey fix”

  • Ok, So I’ve put myself in a bit of a jam here. I was a loyal iPhone AT&T customer for quite some time, switched over to Sprint about a week ago on an impulse decision and bought a 4s for myself and a 4 for my girlfriend through them…. Love the phone but now my service blows and I’ll be out 600 bucks in ETF’s from AT&T. I’m still under my 14 day cancellation period with Sprint, and could avoid the termination fees from AT&T by just paying their bill and the $40 dollar reactivation fee… but only if I could unlock my Sprint iPhone’s so I can order replacement sims from AT&T to make the switch back over.From what I’m gathering from these posts there is currently NO WAY to do this? I am currently running 5.1.1. Can ANYONE help me PLEASE?? And if this is not possible, does it look likely that it may be in the next few weeks?

    • Though I haven’t tried it. Applenberry confirmed that their gevey tool unlocks 5.1.1 check their twitter

    • I just got a hold of an iPhone on 5.1.1 and I unlocked it using my Gevey ultra s

      • Tamara Ojeaga

        I have a 4s updated to 5.1.1 I tried the gevey and it worked for a split second, now it’s constantly on searching or it says No service. What can I do? Wats the best way to unlock an AT&T iphone 4s on 5.1.1

      • Did you buy it from applenberry?
        If so they should have sent you a white reset sim and using that you follow the instructions to reset your phone and then put your other sim card in and it should work. I can provide a video to you for further help if you need it. Also what baseband (modem firmware) are you on?

      • Tamara Ojeaga

        I got it on amazon and it had the reset sim I have tried the reset process so many times, it just stays on “searching…,” my modem firmware is 2.0.12. I read somewhere that it automatically searches for 3G abd if there’s no 3g it wont pick up a signal; and there is no manual setting on the 4s that lets you switch the 3G off

      • Tamara Ojeaga

        Posted my reply to myself….

      • That’s really strange…you could try going to a spot where you get better signal and it would eliminate the possibility of having low signal where you were trying to set up the gevey.

        I had a white iPhone 4s 5.1.1 with BB 2.0.12 not jailbroken and all i did was put the reset sim in and then i pressed AT&T (because you’re supposed to pick the carrier the phone is LOCKED to) and then in 10 seconds or less youre supposed to eject the sim and remove the reset sim and put your sim in and then pop it back in and it should work.

        How much did you pay for it on amazon? And are you sure it’s a legitimate Gevey? Most common issues with the fake geveys is that they will either work partially or not work at all. I bought one off ebay for 10$ and it didn’t work at all and didn’t even come with a reset sim.

        But with my new gevey it definitely worked on multiple iPhones that I tried it on.

      • Oh also on 5.1.1 the gevey takes longer to pick up signal. I experienced this.
        I am using my black iphone 4s on 5.0.1 with bb 1.0.14 and it picks up the gevey faster than the white iphone 4s on 5.1.1 with bb 2.0.12

      • Tamara Ojeaga

        Ok then. I will try again. I got if for $31 odd dollars.

      • I hope it works for you!
        Let me know if it does(:

      • what steps did you take I am weary of updating I have the 16g iphone 4s CDMA locked to VErizon, running the gevey ultra s sim card on T-mobile. Should I run the risk and go ahead and update? Are the steps easy to follow this is my only phone I don’t want to brick it or anything. I a on 5.0.1(9a406) firmware 1.0.14
        please email me

  • AL DUB


  • I have an iPhone for sprint… can this awesome Ultra S work for it.. ? Need answer asap..

    • Yes it should work I just bought mine from their website and I unlocked my iPhone 4s from AT&T with iOS 5.0.1 BB 1.0.14 and I’m running tmobile. Buy only from the applenberry website!

      • Tamara Ojeaga

        Hi. So I got a new sim and now it keeps fading in and out of my network.

      • you got a new sim card? What carrier are you trying to use?
        I just updated my black iPhone 4s to 5.1.1 and I didn’t jailbreak it and put my gevey ultra s in and it picked up tmobile in a matter of seconds. Then I jailbroke it and it picked it up again in a matter of seconds. I don’t drop signal….

      • what were the steps you took if you don’t mind explaining them

      • What you do is you go to an area where you know for a fact you get great signal and you remove the sim and put the gevey with the reset sim, choose the carrier you’re locked to, remove the gevey and reset sim and within ten seconds replace the reset sim with the sim you want to use and put it with the gevey and put it back in and it should say no service at first then it will say it is unlocked and you press accept and then it says no service but then it starts to search and if you have good signal then you’ll be set but if you don’t then it might go from searching to no service then back to the unlock success screen until it finally picks up signal.

      • Tamara Ojeaga

        Airtel. I’m not in the States. To be honest i used the phone for about. 2weeks without issues, but it was unlocked with a gevey ultra, not ultra S. I was on 5.0.1. However I subscribed for data and then that’s when all the trouble started

  • Tarek Assaf

    I purchased I-phone 4s (5.0.1) from 7 months ago , in that time there was not jailbreak for 5.0.1 and my I-phone was unlocked ( the seller said is unlock factory) , now I upgraded to 5.1.1 as it is locked now , Can any one advise me How the seller was unlock the iphone 5.0.1 without jailbreak , or there is a problem??
    Sorry for bad english

    • You should buy the Gevey Ultra S for iPhone 4S and it will unlock it. Just be sure to check out if your Modem Firmware is compatible. I recommend this little tool! I have it on my iPhone 4S and I dont regret it one bit.

  • i hope it works

    • It works man, trust me I’m using it as I type this. Worth every penny.

      • Hy, do you know if the Gevey Ultra S will work on an iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1 JBroken with BB 2.0.12?


      • Yes it does!! I tried it on a spare white iPhone 4s I updated it to 5.1.1 for the new jailbreak and it had 2.0.12 so yes it does!

      • Cheers!

        That’s Great news, and it dosen’t matter on which network the iPhone is locked right?
        The 2.0.12 says Modem firware so i guess its the same as BBand right?

        Thanks again

      • I don’t think so because the gevey asks you which one is locked to and I also tried to unlock my cousins iPhone 4s on Verizon and it also worked (:

        No problem man. I recommend buying it only from applenberry website but the eBay user applendroid (I think his name is) is also legit.

      • Ernesto Villela

        Did you use a reset sim to make it work? my problem is i get two bars of signal for a couple of seconds and the it starts searching again.

  • Hey, I recently updated to iOS 5.1.1. My unlock was working perfectly fine with the Gevey ultra sim on iOS 5.0.1. But now, every time I put in the Gevey sim with my Tmobile sim, my iPhone takes me to an activation screen. And as soon as I eject it, the screen disappears and the phone seems normal. The same thing happens when i put in the white reset sim. I only updated because applenberry themselves said it was okay. I really need some help!

    • Why don’t you just activate it using an AT&T sim card and once it’s activated you put the white reset sim in and unlock it?
      Also what iPhone do you have? And what carrier is it locked to? Because if it’s an iPhone 4S on Verizon you’re going to need to jailbreak it.

      • Its a black iphonen4s locked to at&t. i already activated using an at&t sim, twice. I used the white reset sim and now the phone doesnt go to the activation screen when i put in my tmobile car. Instead, its stuck on “searching” for signal and the congratulations, Gevey unlocked ur iphone message appears randomly every 10 mins, even with airplane mode on.Ive went to diffrent places for signal and I even left the phone on over night and nothing seems to work. 

      • Kevin Willis

        Exact same thing is happening to me right now.. This is upsetting! Anyone with a fix for this, please come forward.

      • use this eBay link to unlock your phone permantely. I did this with my phone and no longer have to use the gevey and my iMessage works with my number now too! Best 8$ I ever spent. Be sure to read all thIe instructions first though. After that, the unlock takes like 12 hours to finalize but you’ll be asleep most that time hopefully. And then voila no more issues!

    • hey i have a tmobile sim with the iphone 4s and my text msg is not working .what should i do

  • i used gevey ultra without the S on my iphone 4S (baseband 2.0.12) and it seems to work fine. Not sure why as they said Gevey SIM Ultra will only work with iphone 4 and not with the iphone 4s.

    Btw, I have an AT&T locked iphone 4s.

    I called At&T to unlock my phone,and according to the CSR he will only process the unlock if I will fax to them the original receipt. I got an e-mail after 12 hours that my ticket (issue ticket) was already resolved. FYI, I didn’t fax the original receipt because I don’t have it anymore. 🙁

    Right now, I removed gevey sim from the simcard tray and just insert a non-AT&T sim card and it seems to work fine. I got voice+data service working perfectly. Could that mean they already unlocked my phone?

    • If you can use a different sim without the gevey then yeah your phone seems to be IMEI unlocked.

  • Emy

    Hello, will the IPhone 4S opened by a Gevey IOS 5 will still get to work if opened by this Gevey Ultra S? i really need the help. my phone has no signal and whenever i take the sim out and put it on again it says “no sim card” then I/ll turn it off then on again but still no signal. Please help.

    • Go ahead and buy the Gevey Ultra S, it will unlock your phone. Make sure to buy from applenberry directly.

  • SHAHZAD malik

    Dear All seniors and expertes Hi, i have an iPhone 4 which was unlocked and working successfully with Gevey Sim Ultra, but recently i upgraded to iOS 5.1.1 and after the upgrade my iPhone is totally useless,The Phone now doesn’t work with any SIM card  stuck connect itune and The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported”  and also when i connect the  pc iTunes phone cannot be activated need to be  same  at&t sim carrier but i have not living out side of USA.  Even i cannot use to my mobile  like a only iPod  or app. Please any of u expert help me to out from this problem at least to use only ipod or app . Thanks 

    • SHAHZAD malik

      My iphone gsm (build 9b208

      • Can you provide a little more detail?
        Like what kind of gevey are you using and where did you buy it? Also is the signal where you live more than 3 bars?

  • i have a white iphone 4s locked to sprint on 5.1.1 bb 2.0.12 and i but the gevey ultra s and when i pput in the reset it doesnt give me the drop down list of carriers it just goes straight to screen that says something about it being sucessfully unlocked and gives me the code for furiousmod.. i click accept then it searches for a bit then takes me back to activation screen and says sim not supported… now if i eject sim and reinstert from this screen then it leaves activation and i get tmobile in the top corner for 15 seconds with no bars then its gone and searching again then back to activation.. ive reset restored and rebooted 10000 times and reinstalled furiousmod

    • got exactly the same mate – 4s 16gb on vodaphone uk 5.1.1 fw 2.0.12. insert gevey sim (didnt get the blank reset sim with it??) also get no ‘unlock’ screen nor drop down menu etc. put in gevey sim then searching then get a signal for about 10 seconds then reboots and goes to activation screen, then says incorrect sim etc. Tried and retried but not working. I even thought I had one of the ebay imitation gevey ultra s sims but have googled this and it seems we are not alone -probably an apple update thing with the baseband at their end. Gonna ring vodaphone and see if they will unlock it now.grrr !

        Remove sim then reboot the phone, then insert any sim card together with gevey, go to Settings-Phone-Sim Application. Then choose the network your phone is locked to (for example: UK Three). Then reboot the phone, Check that Data Roaming is ON and just wait. It should unlock within a minute or two.

      • harry sidhu

        Hii… I have the same problem and i have same iphone 4s 5.1.1 bb 2.0.12 on Bell Canada. I could not find the “Sim Application” in Settings>Phone. All it shows is My Number, Sim Pin and TTY.

      • Where didyou buy your gevey?

      • There’s no such thing as sim application.

      • All geveys come with the white reset sim. Where did you get yours? It could be fake because I’ve bought the fake one and real one.

    • Where did you buy your gevey?

  • bailey

    My iphone is unlocked and is running on tmobile.. however i hate the internet speeds so even though im on tmobile, if i were to do this would i be able to run off at&t?

    • You’re stuck with Edge if you unlock an iPhone to use tmobile.. :/

  • Hey sror bro i need to know few things first i have iphone 4s
    bb 2.0.12
    I need to know that will gevey ultra s work for for me and which one i should bye the ultra s or th ultra s cdma because i dont. To which carrier my iphone is locked to thanks in advance

    • Go to setting then general then about then scroll down till you see carrier and whichever one it says is the one you are locked to.
      I recommend the gevey ultra S gsm and CDMA (:

      • Bro sror3d it means that gevey ultra s cdma will unlock both gsm and cdma right . I dont know my carrier but my friend told me a website in which I entered my imei and they showed me that the carrier is t-mobile do the website tell the truth ? Answer all ok thanks in advance 😉

      • Dang sorry I didn’t reply. You should be able to unlock with the gevey ultra s to tmpbile

  • Sror3d , it means that i can unlock both cdma and gsm with the help of ultra s gsm and cdma btw in iphone there is nothing written on my carrier it only says carrier 12.0 but i have checked online i wrote there my iphone imei and it told me the carrier is t mobile deu 😉

  • Bro sror3d it means that gevey ultra s cdma will unlock both gsm and cdma right . I dont know my carrier but my friend told me a website in which I entered my imei and they showed me that the carrier is t-mobile do the website tell the truth ? Answer all ok thanks in advance 😉

  • Does this work with network 3 uk ?

  • I use the gevey sim to unlock my att iphone 4s, it worked and all that, but I wanted to reset all the settings, but it froze and i restarted it, when i turned it back on all it says it searching? Can anyone help me about this please?!!

    • You need to do the unlock proccess again with the white reset sim it came with.

  • this cant unlock Sweden tele2 ?

  • meeerk

    I’ve got the iPhone 4 and have the gevey ultra s sim. I’ve unlocked it from MTS to use a Rogers sim, my calling, texting is working but not my data. Do you guys have any solutions on how I can fixed this problem?

    • Go to settings > general > network > turn cellular data on. Did that help?

  • HI, I have the 4s at&t. I inserted the Ultra S sim, with a Ukrainian carrier called LIFE:) and i can call with my phone send txts, but the internet data will not work. I went to the settings and turned on my data, still doesn’t work. Every time i go out on safari it tells me “Could not activate cellular data network”.
    PLease tell me you can help???

  • i have iphone 4s sprint us on gevey unlock but it cannot send sms whenever i send sms it shows message sending failed is there any procedure to send sms

    • Yes there is a fix I have to do it all the time just to send SMS.
      It’s a little complicated to write it all here but go google “IPhone 4S Gevey Service Center Address fix”

  • hey i have a iphone 4s and i got my unlocked reccently i can call text everything is working except everytime my phone dies and i charge it and it comes back on it searches for my carrier (Rogers) and takes a while when it find it a message pops up says “congrats you unlocked your phone with Gevey” which then shows a accept button. is there a way for me not to get this message evry single time and for it not to take so long to find my carrier.

    • No there isn’t and that’s not even a problem..
      There are bigger problems and I’m sure people would love to be in your spot when it comes to functionality of the gevey unlock.

      • to sror3d i have 10 hours plus and have watched every youtube vid out there so yea it would be nice to have a boot up less than 20 min of struggling and yes im sure there is a fix

    • im in the same boat somone please help

  • Using an iPhone 4s iOS 5.1.1, firmware 2.0.12

    I followed the steps in unlocking using the Gevey sim and the final step is to wait for the confirmation message, click accept and wait for the sim to get signal and that never happened. The gevey message/window keeps popping up to tell me that it has successfully installed and asks me to click accept but never does my phone ever actually find the new network I want.


    • Did you buy your gevey from the applenberry website?

  • So if someone unlocked there phone with this gevey card am i able to use the same card. For my 4s

    • Please explain.

      • Nvm all taken care of.But now my text wont work. When i click on my msg icon it doesnt even open up. . Please help. .

  • We recently canceled our contract with sprint and want to activate our iPhone 4s white & black to another carrier. How can we unlock our phones with put expenses. Please help anyone you can Emil me

    • *out

    • There used to be a software unlock that was free but apple patched it so now the only way to unlock your phone is to buy the Gevey or pay more to get it unlocked somewhere else. Sorry if that wasn’t the news you were expecting..

  • My text is not working. . when i hit my msg icon i cant get into my msges.

  • Iysha Munir

    Will it unlock my iPhone 4 locked on Swedish network? =(

  • i have a iphone 4s verizon i unlocked it to t mobile my iphone turned off and now it says ‘sim not valid’ but in the corner it still says tmobile what do i dooo?

    • Use the white reset sim to unlock the phone again.

  • quick question… why doesnt my data work? it only works thro wi fii?

    • Go to settings > network > turn cellular data on

  • Hi guys. I have an iPhone 4s unlocked with GEVEY ULTRA S. Everything works fine except data (no 3G or EDGE – I don’t even have the option to turn ON the 3G under Settings). Can you guys help?

    • Download T-Mobile MMS Fix in cydia if you are using tmobile.

    • How do u unlock iPhone 4s 5.1.1 version can u plz tell me n how much is the cost of of gevey ultra s simcard

  • Hi Sror3d… I recently bought the Gevey ultra sim fron ApplenBerry, my problem is it failed to work on my network(Airtel), It works well with other networks(MTN,Orange) but failed on Airtel…Tried several sim cards but still failed. What could be the problem.

    • Hello,
      Did you use the white reset sim that came with your gevey? And what iPhone are you trying to unlock and what firmware is it. Also, what gevey is it?

      • yes I used the white sim and followed the instructions very well. when I try with other networks it’s fine. problems are only on one network Airtel and thats what I use. Iphone is 4s, firmware is 5.1.1 and bought gevey ultra s for iphone 4s from applenberry.

      • it only displays the network for 15 seconds then shows sim failure and indicates invalid sim

      • I know this might sound really unhelpful but since you did buy it directly from applenberry I suggest you contact them about it since they do reply quickly. The reason I can’t really help you is because I do not use airtel so I do not know how to unlock an iPhone 4s for them :/ I’m sorry..

  • Naima Khan

    Hey guys, could someone tell me if i take my iphone 4s to Pakistan which is unlocked using the gevey sim, will it work? Its a sprint iphone 4s but i have tmobile so i unlocked using gevey sim, will it work in pakistna?

    • If there is t-mobile coverage there then I’m sure it would pick up service and work just fine.

  • Dor

    I have a AT&T 4s with a simple mobile chip but it says no service help plz

  • does this work on a sprint iphone 4s ios 5.1.1

    • im battling print 4s 5.1.1 finally got it successfully unlocked but every time i reboot i have to sneak by activation screen and sometimes takes a while to get tmobile back as carrier. very unstable

  • Greetings all, I bought an
    iPhone 4s from Macedonia recently, came back and tried to pop my Optus sim in and wouldn’t work, later I realized it was locked to t-mobile MK, I bought a gevey ultra s, my iPhone started working although mms + data doesn’t work, help please!!

  • does anyone know how to unlock iphone on Swedish Network?

  • Problem:

    I am using a Gevey Ultra S.

    I recently got a contract for my iPhone 4S with a 1gb data plan but my data services doesn’t seem to be working. Making calls / texts works fine.
    When I used top-ups, my internet was working.

    Network: UK O2
    Model: iPhone 4S – 5.1.1

    I had programmed the gevey card to trick the network into thinking its a UK phone but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to be working now.

    Any ideas/help would really be appreciated.


  • UPDATE: Te Gevey Ultra S for iOS 7 WORKS Perfectly on iOS 7.0.4 iPhone 4S. Tested today with iPhone 4S GSM Telenor Sweden iOS 7.0.4.