Despite the fact that Apple hasn’t given any indication that it’s working on a TV set, and a glaring lack of any concrete evidence, the Apple-branded television is one of the most highly anticipated products of 2012. It seems like everyone thinks it’s coming.

Everyone except JP Morgan’s Mark Moskowitz, that is. In a note to investors this morning, the analyst said that he doesn’t believe that economic conditions are right for Apple to release a TV set this year. And he doesn’t think we’ll see one until at least 2014…

AppleInsider reports:

“According to the analyst, the TV industry is experiencing “strained” economics, despite the fact that several television makers offer “suitable solutions. “We are not sure that the Apple premium could prevail in the TV market, unless there is a radical change of the user interface, integration of the TV programming and data content, and use of gesture or voice control,” he said.”

Admittedly, Moskowitz has a point. Putting together an innovative TV set by itself is a tall order, never mind trying to secure content deals with the ruthless executives of Hollywood. Add in the aforementioned weak economy, and you have a couple of solid reasons for why we won’t see an Apple television this year.

The analyst does believe, however, that we will eventually see a full-fledged TV set from the Cupertino company. But until then, he thinks that we’ll continue to see steady refreshes of the popular set top box with additional content and features.

Here’s your chance to be the pundit. Is Moskowitz right, or will we see an Apple television within the next 12 months?

  • In the last 30 years Computers and many other Devices became very connected to the Internet but for me the TV’s still looks like stone age. The sad part is, that it seems that Apple has plenty time since the other Industries are still in sleep mode and are just waiting for Apple to wake them up. Otherwise they only implement some minor things like Netflix, Hulu. Consumers will feel great once Apple launch something which have both worlds in one then they will feel the pain to have ignored it so long.

    • Dan

      My computer is my TV now. I have a 50” screen hung on the wall in my living room, connects to my pc by wi-fi. I download all my shows directly to the pc then stream it to the tv. I’ve cut the cable a long time ago and I love it. I’d say I’m far from being in the stone age, just work around it 🙂

      But I agree it would be nice if you wouldn’t need the PC intermediary

      • Hmm not quite what a stone man know how to handle lol But you’re right probably what we should do for now. I use the new Apple TV box to stream Netflix at 1080P over WiFi or you can use XBMC / PLEX + PC and so on. There are also solutions such as as installing an Online Streaming Software. I would just like to know which solution can stream good quality at 1080P and if your ISP will truncate excess traffic if everybody start to use it? So what do you use?

      • Dan

        I live in Canada so I’m with distributel cable internet. It’s 12mbs per second and unlimited bandwidth.Good thing too, I easily download 500 gigs a month, lol. I stream my content through a Dlink powerline adapter. Ethernet cable from my ASUS media box to the adapter in the living room, and Ethernet cable from my PC to the adapter in my compter room. Could also be done by wi-fi, but the way my house is made, I lose too much signal for HD streaming. Works well for me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    thinking my 42 ınc plazma with apple retina tech at 300+ ppi… just thinking no need to be 3d stuff just 300+ ppi and it will be… you name it…..