Logitech makes some really nice accessories. Their latest thing, the Solar Keyboard Folio, is a wireless light-powered keyboard for your iPad which also doubles as a cool protective case.

It’s definitely an interesting add-on in that it takes cues from Logitech’s range of solar-powered desktop keyboards.

The Folio converts light to power using on-boad solar cell, charging the built-in Bluetooth keyboard in any light, whether indoors or outdoors…

A press release describes the accessory as “a smart partner for your iPad” that doesn’t add bulk to the device.

It works in portrait or landscape and supports both the new iPad and iPad 2.

Just like Apple’s own magnets-based Smart Cover, the Folio also wakes up your iPad automatically when you open it and goes on standby when you close it.

Logitech claims the keyboard lasts for up to two years if you use it for up to two hours per day on average.

You can pre-order the Solar Keyboard Folio at the Logitech online store, priced at $129.99. It’s going to become available in the United States and Europe later this month, Logitech said.

This thing definitely looks like a must-have iPad companion for those who need both extra power on the go and stylish protection for their device.

Do you like it?

  • I like it but again … that damn price!

  • This accessories for the ipad are crazy cool! But it seems for me too hard to understand, why i should replace an ipad with an macbook pro? I´ll get a macbook pro as a present later this summer, and knowing fully, that I´ll only work on it… Maybe I should consider an Ipad instead? But in the end, these quality made cases with keyboard for ipad, is only purchase-able outside Sweden, so I can´t get that awsome keyboard anyway… Here they sell cheaply half-considered cases that have minimalistic function and just in my opinion, belongs in the trash… It´s a pity though, cause I would probably try out this or some other case (I especially like the one that almost turns your ipad to an macbook pro), since i myself have been using the ipad 2 sometimes in school, taking notes and doing a presentation with Keynote (Which people are shocked sometimes to see, cause it´s very different way of using a tablet, especially the Ipad). Christian Ziberg, I love the case! But i unfortuantly can´t buy it or even something close-like, but keep up with the posting of these cool cases and other accesories, toghether with the rest of the IDB team! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding! 130 dollars for a keyboard that lasts two years -how ’bout no.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing but a useless gimmick. The reason being that Bluetooth keyboards use minimal power. I only have to charge the keyboard in my Zaggfolio case once a month (if that) via USB for 10 minutes.

    Given the iPad will always run out of batteries well before the keyboard, what’s the point? And how often do you sit in the sun needing to type on your iPad?

    If you’re going to spend this much on a keyboard, you’re better off getting a full keyboard/case (Logitech and Zagg both make some great keyboards, cases and folios).