ComScore is out with a new report this week regarding US smartphone platform marketshare for the March quarter. And the highly-regarded marketing research firm provides an interesting look at the current smartphone landscape by OS.

Google, as you might have expected, is still in the lead with its Android operating system. Apple’s iOS is in a [comparatively] close second, and RIM and Microsoft come in at a distant third and fourth. Keep reading for a full breakdown…

According to comScore’s MobiLens service, Android currently owns 51.0% of the U.S. smartphone market, up from 47.3% in the December quarter. iOS is also up from the previous quarter, sitting just behind Android with 30.7% of the market.

Then there’s RIM, in a distant third place, with just 12.3% marketshare. The Canadian company has actually dropped 3.7% since the December rankings, as it continues to bleed marketshare. And Microsoft’s platform, Windows Phone 7, comes in dead last at 3.9%.

We talked about this a bit yesterday after seeing RIM unveil its new BlackBerry 10 OS. The smartphone platform market has become a two-horse race between Android and iOS. But who is going to to snag, and more importantly hold on to, that crucial third spot?

Microsoft or RIM?


  • Good luck to who ever sells the most.

  • I hate when people compare android to iOS, i say this because android runs on 10000000 phones, while iOS only has the iPhone. Yeah there is maybe 3 version’s of the iPhone floating around that people still use but come on really? I just think the comparison is unfair.

    • Well effn said

    • iphone ipad ipod thats 3 but still 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 over 3

    • Anonymous

      Comments like that piss me off, who cares if they sell more devices, who is to blame for that? Apple are the ones who decide to sell only a couple of phones and an iPad. The stats might not be totally accurate when you look at the amount of devices on each platform but regardless of whether Apple sell 1 phone or 50 phones, Android still has more market share and it’s nothing to get worked up or bitter over, it’s just a fact.

      • Anonymous

        Calm down, the world is big enough to accommodate both Google and Apple.

    • comparison is about the os not the phone. Apple never give room for more choice. but others do, it its not there mistake. its bcs apple choice to stay alone and for vip class.

  • Anonymous

    ComScore’s numbers are not to be believed. The percentage of smartphones sold that are iPhones are:

    AT&T (78%)
    Verizon (52%)
    Sprint doesn’t announce these numbers but they sold 1.5 million iPhones which likely puts it over half of their total smartphones sold in the quarter.

    That leaves T-Mobile and a small cast of carriers that wouldn’t come close to the amount of subscribers that AT&T has. Add to that people do actually buy phones that aren’t Androids or iPhones and these numbers are clearly junk.

    • Anonymous

      So you’re saying everyone that currently has a phone in the US has bought it ‘new’ in the last 12 months ? Maybe you would’ve had understood these stats if they’d separated the different versions of each OS…
      Only iFreaks, rich geeks and unlucky people buy new phones every year. Also, they usually either give away their old one or sell it… which means someone else ends up using it…

      • Even so, people found their way to an iPhone 🙂 Amen to those which saves and acquires the iPhone for cheaper price! (btw don’t call apple enthusiast for “ifreaks”, some of us uses android sh*t phones too…)

      • Anonymous

        I’m a tech enthusiast. Apple creates tech so that makes me an Apple enthusiast but I’m not an iFreak even if I follow this blog very eagerly (except posts from Christian ‘iFreak’ Zibreg). Unless you lose or break your iPhone you don’t need to buy a new one each year… apart if you’re a rich (enough) geek who buys it just for the heck of it (and also buys Samsung’s, LG’s and whatnot) or a simple moron wasting your money on overpriced crap. Sorry to call that last guy an iFreak… maybe I should call him a iGuyWhoBuysTheStuffFromTheCompanyWithTheBestMarketingMethod.
        Apple doesn’t know how to make awesome products, they know how to create an awesome brand and to generate feelings towards the brand in their potential customers’ brains. They’re not the first ones to do it and will certainly not be the last one to do so. Also, most customers eventually wake up after a while (it’s a bit like religion, disappearing a little bit after each generation (of products) to be replaced by common sense and logic).

      • Anonymous

        Do you read these stats? No one cares about what you had. They care about what you are going to get next. They’re interested in trends.Every stat you see is about NEW subscribers and NEW purchasers of phones.

        This isn’t about current marketshare.

      • Anonymous

        “US smartphone platform marketshare for the March quarter”
        platform marketshare != sales of devices classified by operating system

        You didn’t read the article nor did you understand quietstorms’ comment.
        ADHD much ?

        Freely published stats rarely give us enough information. They don’t make these stats for fun, they sell them and you only hear the “free sample” that doesn’t get you anywhere.

  • After iPhone 5 later this year, those percentages will be flip-flopped. Got to get my camping chairs ready for the massive lines. When have you ever seen people camping out, or get in line for that matter, for any other phone, particularly a Samsung phone? The answer is NEVER :o) !!

    • Anonymous

      They haven’t been “flip-flopped” for the last 5 years but whatever … As for the iPhone 5 as you call it, if they keep going with the same old stale look to iOS i’m sure their numbers will start to dwindle. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone but it annoys the hell out of me that I have to jailbreak my phone to be able to do anything more than change a wallpaper …. If you’re reading this Apple employees, I could change themes on my phone 6 years ago but you still won’t let me do anything but change the wallpaper, it’s time to change it up a bit !!

      • I love the jailbreak features as much as the next guy, but with jailbreaking comes with 3rd party tweaks, apps, and themes that can crash and slow down the iphone. Apple prevents you from doing that for a reason.

        With Apple’s track record on naming iPhones, 3 to 3gs to 4. Now 4 to 4s to inevitably 5. A complete body redesign could create enough buzz and refresh the iPhone brand. My guess, is they’ve got iOS 6 that will launch with it. Hopefully with some robust new features and better Siri integration.

    • Anonymous

      You wish xD

      I’ll just pre-order the SGS3 and get it within the first week it’s out. Who the fuck _needs_ to camp in front of a stupid shop to buy a phone? These people need to get a life and that’s it.

      • Dude calm down. You’ll get it within the first week or first day cuz the demand for those phones suck. You know you got a hot production when it can over-inflate on ebay, Craigslist, and when people camp out overnight for it. I love it when Droid homers troll these sites.

      • Soo true, I mean please, be my guest and order SG3… When iPhone 5 comes out officially, it will have more record breaking sales than what everybody could estimate and everyone will enjoy to buy such a phone! The demand will be perhaps so shocking that this time, maybe Samsung will hire people that stands and shouts “wake up” outside the Apple store… I wouldn’t be surprised though if that happened :/

      • Anonymous

        Chindavon, it’s not my fault most people are either stupid or nolife or both.

        Simche, it’ll have the sales it’ll have but it still won’t be any better functionality-wise than any of the _current_ high-end devices (on the whole, as it might have 1 or 2 exclusive and overly patented features). People should wake up! Not just about apple and their methods but about a lot of things in this world. RIM’s desperate move was cheesy as hell and quite a low but they’re a corporation too and if you looked at all corporations’, governments’ and powerful people’s dirty little secrets you wouldn’t just say “cheesy and low” but “immoral” or even “criminal”. Apple is no exception apart from the fact that they don’t care about any self-imposed rules and limits that make the general population accept or forget about their wrongdoings.

  • Anonymous

    Or we can destroy all the cellular providers and bring down all the wireless spectrum and go back to using payphones. You all are disgusting. It’s a phone and it’s left to personal preference. It’s like fighting over which brand of underwear you should buy; who CARES! Either way they still support/warm your balls. End of story.