Still trying to figure out what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Well you could always opt for the traditional bouquet of flowers. But a recent survey shows that it’s not blossoms moms are after β€” it’s iPads.

Techbargains, a bargain-hunting site that points users to the best deals on consumer electronics, recently polled a number of female users on what they’d most like to receive for the upcoming holiday…

According to the results, 91% of moms would rather get an iPad than flowers (shocking) for Mother’s Day. Overall, 51% of the moms said they’d like to receive a tablet. And of those, 64% want an iPad.

Check out the rest of the results in TechBargain’s infographic:

For those looking to get their mom an iPad for Mother’s Day, you can save quite a bit of money by going with an entry-level iPad 2. Apple sells them for $399, but you can find them even cheaper than that at online third-party resellers.

Do you plan on getting your mom an iPad for Mother’s Day?


  • Yeah, there’s really no surprise here. It’s a $399 tablet vs. a $20 bouquet of flowers. You don’t have to write an article explaining the obvious.

    • sooo 20 bouquets of flowers vs 1 iPad?

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, that’s like saying a man would rather get a big screen TV than a steak dinner for Father’s day.

    • Dan

      lol beat me to it, was going to say the same thing

      • Haha, but what if someone buys his/hers mom a first generation iPad? Cheap + if you download an app that resembles real flower bouquet, you’ve pretty much made her day πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Damn, in other words, mother’s are becoming more selfish and don’t just appreciate the love their children and husband shower them with on their “special” day.

  • Dietrich Von Bacon

    Sorry Mom,

    If i wasn’t allowed the He man action figure for my 8th birthday, you aren’t allowed the ipad.

  • Anonymous

    Update: 100% of people would prefer an iPad over flowers.

  • Moms are becoming more “tech nerds”, though it’s cute kinda when your parents treat technology in different way πŸ™‚ iwonder, if an iPad would make them addictive? Meh, I think it would be cool/cute anyway haha πŸ™‚

  • I much regather have a iPad then flower wait flowers on retina iPad =win booth of best worlds

  • Usama Ahmad

    Well my mom already got an ipad on her wedding anniversary from my dad, and a laptop on her birthday. sooo now what?