Folks in the market for a high-quality iPhone dock might want to look into the ODOC Kickstarter project. The ODOC is an elegantly-designed dock for your iPhone or iPod touch that’s packed full of features.

The accessory’s main selling point is its patent-pending ball-bearing mechanism that can lock your device into five different viewing angles, allowing you to use it in different positions while it charges…

Among the dock’s other features are an extra-wide pocket for holding iPhones (or iPod touches) with or without cases, and a shielded audio output for stereo connection. It also has elastomeric feet to hold it in place, and weighs nearly three pounds, so you can remove your iPhone from the dock with one hand.

The ODOC comes in iPhone-white, matte-black, and a clear over matte-aluminum finish. Pledges start at $79, which will score you an ODOC along with a 3 foot USB A to A cable and free domestic shipping.

The Kickstarter project is currently at $28,448 of its $70,000 goal with 229 backers. If you’re interested in the ODOC, you might want to throw in your pledge before time runs out. There’s just a little over a month left.

What do you think of the ODOC?

  • great!

  • Anonymous

    I’m backing this one…

  • Dan

    This would be useful for iPad, not so much for iPhone imo

  • 109$?! …for a stand?! no way man.. i thought the idea was cool.. i was willing to pay like 40-50$ but not 109$! ill save me money for the Pebble.. thanks.

    • Anonymous

      $40? That’s what it costs to make it!

      • yeh its a cool idea.. dont get me wrong.. but its too expensive for my blood.. im just wondering how a watch .. the pebble that has all these mechanical parts.. bluetooth , eink lcd display.. etc cost 125.. almost the same as the stand.. i guess the materials are really good? or they jacked up the price too much.. but i can see ppl are still eager to back it..

      • Anonymous

        The Pebble actually has very little in the way of mechanical parts. And the few parts that make the watch, unlike ODOC, do not require special finishing like machining, bead-blasting, clear-alodine coating and powder coating. Most of Pebble’s features are contained in a highly integrated printed circuit assembly that has a low cost when made at a high volume. And Pebble’s assembly is very minimal. ODOC is more than a stand – it is a very attractive docking station that makes the iPhone much more comfortable to use while it charges.

      • Hmmmm, yeah. I do feel my experience, while the iPhone is charging, lacks a certein pezzaz only 109$ worth of dock can solve. But for now I guess I’ll have to overcome the cumbersum ordeal or pulling out the charging cable manually.

      • Dan

        well a stand is a stand, and it costs almost as much as the iPhone itself (on a contract). It may well be a good idea, but maybe they should of rethought the production costs.

      • Anonymous

        I suppose the same could be said for a chair. You can buy a folding chair for $10. Or you can buy a Herman Miller Aeron chair for $700. Which would you rather have?

        BTW – ODOC is a charging dock, not a stand…

  • i can make one of these in stainless steel inox if you like.i am a professional welder in Germany.I will present you one you will love…i made already a pc complete in aluminium with light effects and watercooling and coolerpad (welded).Hope you will like it.If you want some pictures of the pc mod then send me a mail.

  • i like this dock very much…but to expensive for a clockholder.The most time the iphone is is in my pocket and therefore a smal casemod with additional battery would be perfect.Not to big and also thick like the phone itself.i am satisfied with my normal iphone charger.Some of you are experimenting with sleep cycles and so i think the dock next to my bed should be small like the original one because when i plug out then i can easily throw the cable on the floor heheh.(Sad but true).(No damage if you habe a fat carpet….