Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of playing a game and you accidentally invoke Notification Center?

I’ve found that in particular, games that require a lot of random swipes suffer the most from this issue.

Thankfully, a new jailbreak tweak has been created to put an end to this nonsense, and it’s appropriately titled DisableNC Switch

DisableNC Switch is a simple tweak that places a toggle switch in Settings app. Enabling the tweak will prevent Notification Center from loading whenever it detects you’re in a full screen app.

It’s a very basic tweak, but proves to be instrumental when you’re trying to nab the high score in a full screen game.

If this sounds like music to your ears, take a stroll over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo where you can download it for free.

What are your thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never had a problem with NC until I got Paper on my iPad. Any time i use my stylus neat the top of the screen it comes down 🙁 Too bad my iPad still isn’t jailbroken………..

  • Wait? Aren’t all iOS apps full screen? Does it just disable NC when you’re in an app? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of it?

    How much time do you spend just chilling on the home screen?

  • Only Apps without statusbar are affected by that tweak. So only games in most cases.

  • Anonymous

    Thank god for this…. I always get this problem when I’m playing Bejweled, cannot believe Apple didn’t address this issue officially. Just another reason why jailbreaking is necessary.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Finally!! Fruit Ninja was getting annoying with the NC coming down all the time

  • Gilherme Aleixo

    Sorry for the stupid question but can I download it on 5.1? I’m kind of having few problems.